My life – Aishwarya Part 1

Hi friends this is Vaishanavi. Janu is little busy with exams after 1 month she will start updating fiction.
I’m here with a new story of Arvi and Aishu. I think most remember them in hope so.
Aishwarya: 23yr girl who obeys her parents without arguing with them. She calls them amma and nana. She belongs to iyengar family. She is brought up with strict nature. For her books are the best friends. She has friends but they never treat her as friend instead they make use of her most of times. She smiles and accepts things because she loves her friends. She is very innocent who believe people without thinking much about them.
Arvind: 25 yr guy who is doing his PhD. He has a sister. She is only girl whom he knows as he studied in boys school college and spent most of his life in hostel. He loves to stay with his parents but education made him stay away from family. Holidays are best days of his life because he spends his time with parents. He wants to open a company with his friends. His mom want him to get married and settle in life.

Story starts….
A girl is praying for results. She is really scared of results. She says please save me God I know I didn’t do my exams well but please God please save me. Small boy see her and laugh say aishu akka come let’s go home. Aishu says please manu wait please.. He hits head with flower basket and say this aishu akka..please God save me from her.. Aishu comes to him and say come let’s go now. Both leave in car.

At home….
Amma is preparing lunch.. murmuring this girl is 23yr old I don’t know when she’ll learn to cook..when I was her age aishu was already in my womb..but this girl what shall I say..if I talk about marriage she starts giving excuses. She hears car horn and say aishu came back..let her have lunch then I’ll speak with her.
Aishu and manu comes inside.. amma call her for lunch.. manu (aishu’s adopted brother. Aishu started working after 10th. Asked her parents to adopt a baby. Her parents did according to her wish because they love her) Amma tells them to sit and have food. Manu says amma aishu kept praying for results she didn’t do what you told her to do.. Amma see aishu and say I have done it manu don’t worry she’ll be married before she join job. Aishu leave from there saying I want more 3 yrs please amma..I want to complete MCA and do job for 1.5 yrs please…I want secure manu’s future first amma. While amma tell her manu is her son she’ll take care of him ask her to worry about marriage then manu. Aishu says please amma.. while climbing steps. Amma smiles seeing manu and say manu your akka’s future in laws are coming on… Manu says Sunday morning at 11.. Amma hugs manu and smiles…

Aishu’s room…
She is sitting with teddybear in her lap and say amma I don’t want to get married and go away from you nana and manu.. She see’s her phone says friends..no1 are you’re friends aishu everyone want you only when they have work. She cries and sleeps off…

Precap: Arvi’s family..

It’s my first story plz tell me your views and let me know whether you like it or not…

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  1. Good one .came up with all nurturing and potential of insideness of a girl.keep posting very good work.story bounded with good values and energetic simplicity

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