once again in my life (Abhigya few shots) Chapter 1


l entered the pub with irritation and anger once I was the most happiest person because I was not a rockstar that time,I didn’t had money,fame but I had happiness but now I have everything rather than happiness.Life has turned to a living he’ll,my friend purab compelled to attend this party so I did.I went and sat in the bar and ordered a cocktail for me. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice so I turned to my right and I was shocked.l got up from my seat I couldn’t believe my own eyes I rubbed my eyes to confirm it was her and yes it was her,but she was not the same no chasma,no chatris she looked like a actress.she was wearing a single piece dress,a black dress that till her knee oh my god she had a perfect shape and she gained weight at perfect places she was wearing a heels but how could this be possible she was simple looking chasmish but now she is looking very hot in these 8 years I never saw any girl like her.

I made girls behind me but now I am scared that I would go behind her my thoughts about her was running suddenly she vanished I started searching and I found her she was talking with purab I slowly walked towards her I don’t know whether she would talk to me but chashmish was one of the important person in my life because she was there with me during those my hard days when I didn’t have any identity but now I am rockstar but I didn’t have the happiness which I got when she was with me. l moved with hesitation and she stood like a statue looking at me.

l heard my friend purab telling “Abhi see our pragz” but my eyes only looked at her I could see the hurt in her eyes the pain I had given to her I couldn’t bear those eyes with pain and she had tears in her eyes someone called purab so he left and we both were still looking into each others eyes the feeling was different “chasmish” I slowly called her and she smiled at me “how are u Abhishek” she asked after 8 long years I am hearing my full name “Abhishek” I smiled at her and said “Not bad,how about you?” I asked her “well it’s good” she replied.”how is tanu?” l asked her and her eyes expressed the the anger for tanu “you still care about the person who left you right” she said and she held my hand and made me sit in the chair and she ordered a cocktail and a mocktail for her

“still you didn’t leave your mocktail” I taunted her “you too didn’t stop cocktails right then why should I ” she replied “your are the same chasmish” I said “oye look at me I am completely changed can’t you see” she said.” I am talking about your character chasmish you the same cute,sweet,annoying chasmish you didn’t change a bit” I said “but you are changed” I know chasmish could easily sense about me. “Yes I am chasmish after you left all my happiness left me” I said looking into her eyes by the time our drinks came “Abhishek your cocktail ” she tried to change the topic but today I have to pour my sorrows to her l. “chasmish shall we go for a drive” I asked “why not we will go” she replied

Pragya’s POV

Abhishek was my everything I loved him more than myself but now everything was changed I couldn’t even think him as my friend but I couldn’t even move on in my life.Our childhood days were the happiest days in our lives I was with him during his hard days I helped him in his every action and I fell in love with him but he fell in love with my sister tanu may be for her appearance when I confessed my feelings he said that I never looked attractive as tanu is for him and he broked my heart for him love happened with appearance so he loved tanu then and I broke all the relations with tanu after her marriage with Nikil betraying Abhishek yes I know Abhishek loved her with her appearance but he respected her he was concerned and cared about her but she married Nikil for his wealth and left Abhishek.After 8 years I am seeing Abhishek l and his sister bulbul were thick friends and we were classmates but I was very good friend of Abhishek too but I was 4 years younger than him and tanu was Abhishek’s college mate may be that would be a reason Abhishek felt her attractive.

Now I am really regretting to see him but Destiny made us both meet now yes I was very angry on him I would never forgive him not for breaking my heart because he stated my love as a infatuation yes I agree I was a studying my 12th grade but how he can tag my love has infatuation then after 2 years his parents came to know about his love initially they felt sad as they expected me as their bahu and they always disliked tanu but later abhi convinced his parents but tanu betrayed him but I loved him even though he loved tanu I broke my relation with tanu because of her betral to Abhishek.after then again I proposed him telling its not infatuation but love but he scolded me terribly and I was broken like a mirror later I went to America for studies and now I am general manager for a leading company now I am 27 and I still couldn’t forget Abhishek so I couldn’t move on my life.

we completed our drink and as Abhishek asked for a drive we went.


I had a lot of questions in my mind does chasmish loves me even now but how can I ask her so there was complete silence prevailing.I know pragya came with me only for me I know she must be angry 8 years back I said her love is a infatuation but later after I was betrayed by tanu she said the same that she loves me that time i understood she was really in love with me but I scolded her very badly accusing her as a opportunist and taking advantage of my condition and that was the last time l saw her.then I missed chasmish more than tanu because chasmish was the one who supported me in my hard days while tanu was only with my happy days then after 5 years of hardward I became a popular rockstar.recently I heard tanu and Nikil have appiled divorce so I asked about tanu to pragya but she shouted at me this proves that she still loves me.”Chasmish how is sarla aunty and Prakash uncle?”

I asked her “yes they are good how about bulbul,aliya, dad and mom?” she asked “yes everybody are good aliya got married and bulbul is going to get married to purab” I said while driving “what bulbul is engaged with purab but bulbul will always fight with purab na” she laughed “yes but now they both are in love so they are going to married” I said “that’s great how about you Abhishek” she asked I turned silent “I didn’t find anyone” I said
“yes you must have not found anybody attractive like tanu” she said l felt guilty and sad I couldn’t reply anything and suddenly the car stopped. I got down the car and checked the car and the Car was punctured I kicked the tyre and pragya too got down. “what happened Abhishek” she asked “the tyre got punctured and I think I came in a wrong way while talking with you okay I will call someone you go and sit in the car” I said “its okay I will in that bench” she pointed the park and she went and I followed her and say near her.

“then how about you chasmish did you move on in your life?”I taunted her as she did few min ago because I am too egostic as she is. “Abhishek please don’t make me talk” she bursted her anger and yes I want her to talk what’s she has for me. “okay fine atleast tell me how his tanu” I asked her to check whether she is getting jealous “I don’t know Abhishek” she said looking without my face “what do you mean you don’t know she is your sister right?” I said her and she looked at me ” I broke her relationship when she betrayed you” she said and I was amazed I found she still loves me “why are you doing this for me she is your sister and you broke your relation for me” I said with guilt in my eyes. “Abhishek lets leave that I don’t know anything about tanu I even don’t care about her ” she said
“I want to ask you one thing do you still love me?”

I asked and she had tears in my eyes and she stood up and held her wrist and made her face me “just answer me chasmish do you still love me?” I asked her and she held my collar “what answer you are expecting from me Abhishek I don’t know you was the one who tagged my love as a infatuation you was one who said I am taking advantage of your situation then why are you questioning me now” she said with tears and cupped her face “Pragya that time situation was different you were a kid for me and I felt tanu attractive more than u and I didn’t know the real meaning of love and you were my sister’s friend you were very small and everybody would tell it has a infatuation but later when you said you were still in love me I understood you were really in love with me” I said but she stopped me “you found tanu more attractive than me so only you rejected me” she said “chasmish you know I missed you more than tanu after you left and I feel you more attractive than your sister now l want to kiss you now I want hug you now I want feel you” I said and hugged her and it started drizzling I broked the hug and kissed her lips and she clutched my jacket.l carried her to my car.


I kissed her face inch by inch and nuzzled her her back we had a little space in the car only one could lie properly in the seat and we were not concerned about that I removed my jacket and kissed her roughly in her neck it was heavly raining and the climate made it happen.I make lie in the seat and I came in top of her and she kissed my stumble and the hottness and warmth was heaven I zipped her dress and after a war I removed her single piece dress and I was awe seeing her like this I never thought she must be this much hot when we rolled we both fell down and I somehow managed and we both were down the seat. I kissed all over her face and unhooked her bra and kissed her cleavage and sucked her nipple he held my hair and carressed him finally I pushed my manhood inside her femininity and to readuce the pain I kissed her face continuously.


part -2 the reuion and making out

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