Lies bring them closer – Ishqbaaz ff Chapter 28


Anika POV
I felt around the bed for Aaru. Her side was cold. When my eyes opened, I noticed that it was close to mid-afternoon. I slowly got off the bed and went to the bathroom to brush.
When I stepped out of the bathroom, I could hear shouts and yelling from the hall. I quickly walked to the corridor. When I looked down from the balcony, I could see Tia and Aarya seated on a sofa and Shaurya sitting on the opposite side.

“Shaurya……I am her doctor. Try to understand…..she misses him.” Tia was telling him.
Aarya stood up. “My sister misses her husband and nothing in the world can prevent me from bringing my Jiju here.”
“But I can.” I said from the top of the stairs. “I may have forgiven you, Aarya but don’t try to test it. I understand that being your future Jethji you are feeling some pity for him. But remember that when Anika says no. It is a no.”

Tia stood up. “Anika……please try to understand. Your body needs a partner. Yesterday itself…..”
I stopped her. “Di! I can manage. I have managed to look after myself alone this long and now I have an amazing brother. I certainly don’t need a useless husband. A man who claimed to love me but could not even trust me when I begged him.”
Rudra walked in with Om. I immediately stopped talking. I might have issues with their brother but I could not hurt them for that.
“Hi Bhabhis.”
Shaurya had a smirk. I just knew Om was going to have a grovel on the floor.
“Why are you here, Omkara?” He asked.

Rudra chuckled and walked up the stairs. Om glared at him before giving me a small smile.
“Hi Bhabhi. Are you ready to go?”
I glanced at him wryly. “Do I look ready?”
He grinned and sat on the stairs next to me. “Then today, we will just do something from home. But for now, let us see the drama.”
He took something out of his bag.
“Chocolates?” he opened the packet and passed it to me.

Om looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “Um…..Shaurya…..Aarya and I had some plans.”
Shaurya glared. “What plans?”
Aarya walked to Om’s side.
“Is she crazy?” We heard a voice from behind us. Vihaan and Jia were standing there. Jia sat next to me.
“Today your sister and Om are not going anywhere.” Vihaan said sitting next to Rudra.
Jia giggled. “Remember when you came the first time, that too at that time Paro di was there.”
She suddenly went silent and Rudra stiffened next to me.
“I don’t know why I have to discuss my plans with you Shaurya. Om and I are going out. We will be back by 10.” She took Om’s hand.

Jia gasped. Vihaan sent a prayer to god. Shaurya got up swiftly.
“Aarya! Go to your room right now.” Sharuya shouted.
I saw Aaru’s expression change. “Oh shit! Maybe I should go.” I slowly lifted myself then I was held down by two hands: Jia and Rudra.
“No Anika Di! Shaurya Bhaiya is finally meeting his match.” Jia squealed.

“No Bhabhi! O looks so stressed out. It is so much fun.” Rudra protested.
Aarya walked to Shaurya. “Mr. Shaurya Raichand, you should remember one thing that I lived my whole life on my own. My Di is the only one with rights on my life. I am going outside and that is final.”
Tia also looked dumbstruck. Aarya took Om’s hand.
Om gently pushed it off. “Aarya, we cannot go like that. Your elder brother does not want you to.”

Aarya’s face became dark and I knew something very bad was going to happen.
“Elder brother?…….Seriously…..Om? I have one elder sister, that’s it. A twin…..Where were all these people when my sister and I were carted off from one foster home to another. My sister is the only family I have. I am not her that I will accept these people as my own.”
I got up. “Aarya! Go to your room right now. Enough is enough. You have to remember that Shaurya is elder than you. I am sorry Om but she will not be going anywhere today.”
I watched Aarya slowly leave Om’s hand. She glared at Shaurya. “This is all your fault.” She hissed.

Shaurya looked upset. “Anika….It is okay, I was just….”
I interrupted him. “No Shaurya Bhaiya, it is not okay. Aarya needs to listen to authority.”
I followed Aarya to have a talk with her. Whether she likes it or not, this is our family.

Author’s note: I know this is a short chapter. But I felt it was necessary. Next chapter will come on Friday or Saturday.

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