Lies bring them closer – Ishqbaaz ff Chapter 24

Shivaay POV
We had left Aarya in my room as we rushed to Rudra’s room.
As we walked towards Rudra’s room, I saw Saumya come running towards us.
“Shivaay Bhaiya…Om Bhaiya……the doctor wants to talk to you before you meet Rudra.”
We nodded and we both walked towards the doctor standing outside the room.
“Doctor, is Rudra okay?”
Doctor Rajveer nodded. “Yes Shivaay. He is on the path of recovery. But he is still unstable. Be careful not to give him sudden shocks.”
Om nodded while my gaze went to Shivani who was toddling towards me.
“Papa!” She giggled and held my legs. I knew she wanted to be carried.
I smiled and lifted her up. We walked into Rudra’s room. He looked ordinary but a bit tired.
“Bhaiya!” He shouted with a wide grin. His eyes immediately widened as his gaze went to my arms.
He frowned. I felt Om tense next to me.
“Bhaiya! When did you have a child? Were you trying to replace me?”
I smiled and shook my head. “Shivi… your chote papa.”
Shivi giggled and reached out for him. “Chote”

Rudra had a wide grin. “She is so cute.”
He took her into his arms. Shivani started playing with his hair. After a few moments of playing with her, he looked up.
“Bhaiya….where is her mother… Bhabhi?”
I grimaced. I knew bringing her would bring up this question.
“Her mother died in an accident.”
Rudra’s eyes widened. “Lady Baba died?”
Om grinned. “No duffer. Tia did not become our Bhabhi.”
Rudra leaned back. “Thank god.”
He tickled Shivani’s nose. “You are one lucky girl. Lady Baba is one crazy woman.”
Shivani sniffled. “Lady Baba!” She repeated.
Rudra tickled her. “Just like Chotepapa.”
Om smacked his arm.
“Bhaiya!” he whined. Shivani frowned at Om.
“Omi!” She whined. She looked so cute pouting at Om.

Suddenly, Badima came into the room. “Shivaay…..Om….let Rudra take rest now. Both of you go out.”
Then she looked pointedly at me. “She is going somewhere.”
Anika? Where was she going now? Mina told me that she had gone to the temple before with Mohan.
“Yes Badima.” I muttered.
Om picked Shivani off the bed while Rudra whined to Badima that he was okay.
I rushed down the stairs and into the garden. A non-oberoi car was near the gate. Anika was walking towards it.
“Anika!” I shouted. She just glanced back and then turned to whoever was in the car and smiled. She sat in the front seat and the car drove off.
“Makanlal……whose car is that?”
Our guard looked like deer caught in the headlights. “Woh Shivaay Sir, I don’t know. It was some man.”
I glared at him. “Why did you let Anika go in the car?”
His eyes widened. “Woh Sir, Memsahib said that it was her friend.”
I clenched my fist. Which friend? It was her first time in India. “Okay fine.” I snapped.
When I walked into the house, Om and Aarya were standing near the door.
“Did you meet her?” She questioned.
I shook my head. “She left in some black car.” I took out my phone to call Khanna.
Aarya looked worried. What the hell was she doing outside the room?
“And what are you doing here?” I snapped. Om looked annoyed.
“She is a human, Shivaay. Why ar you behaving like this?”
I looked at Om. “What if Rudra comes outside?”
Om grimaced. “Don’t worry. Mom will be with him till he is well enough to come out of the room on his own.”
His phone started ringing. “Yes Sheena……oh okay…..yeah sure……what they want a whole studio room for her…………who is it?…….oh…..okay……..Bye”
When he put down the phone, Aarya and I looked at him.
“Anika is at the studio. Apparently, her new friend is super rich. He has rented a whole studio room for her.”
My fist clenched. Who was this man who is showering her with such expensive gifts? She is mine.
I left the two of them in the living room and went to her house. I was going to ask her who the hell she was with?

Anika POV
After spending 4 hours at the studio, Shaurya dropped me at the front gate.
“Shaurya…..aren’t you coming?”
Shaurya smiled and shook his head. “Ani…..not now….I don’t think your husband would appreciate seeing his sister’s killer on his land.”
My heart clenched. While I did not appreciate the fact that Shaurya had hit Parvati di. I knew it was an accident.
I nodded. “Okay! Good night SB.” I replied with a cheeky grin.
“Good Night Anika! Be careful.” He shouted as he drove off.
I was going to unlock the door when it swung open. My heart clenched thinking about the kidnapping. I took out my drawing board from my bag ready to hit whoever that came at me.
“Where the hell were you?” A voice shouted as he stepped into the light.
I quickly composed myself. “Don’t worry Mr. Oberoi. Your child is fine.”
He strode towards me and held me by my arms. “Who was he?” He snapped.
Oh so he saw me with Shaurya.
“I don’t think that is your business.” I replied cattily.
His eyes grew darker. “It is when you are mine.”
I pushed him away from me and walked towards the sofa to keep my bag.
“No Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi……It is not. Because I am not yours. After the child is born, you will send me away.”
Shivaay’s face had a strange expression. “Anika…….I am not leaving you…..I am….”
I lifted my hand to stop him. “Well Shivaay…..I am leaving you. If you could not trust me then how can I be sure that you will believe me next time.”
He looked annoyed. “Anika….you lied to me.”
My heart clenched. “I kept the truth from you but I begged you to listen to me. Considering that you said you loved me, you would have listened to my side. Now just because you heard everything from my good for nothing sister, you have come to me. I am tired off being treated like a punching bag. SO LEAVE NOW. I am tired and going to change and sleep.”
He looked disappointed. “Did you have dinner?” He asked.
I gave him the stink eye. “Yes, we had food.”
“Anika, you are pregnant. You had unhygienic food outside.”
I smirked. “Don’t worry Mr. Oberoi. I had healthy food. SB brought it from his house. Now please let yourself out of the door.”
I walked towards my room as I heard the door slam shut. I felt my legs buckle as I fell to the ground and tears started spilling out of my eyes. I held my hands to my stomach.
“I am sorry Baby. That Mama and Papa are not with each other.”
I slowly picked myself from the ground and walked into the room and just lay down onto the bed. The next moment, blackness settled on me.

Aarya POV
“Jiju….today is Di’s appointment. Are you going with her?”
Shivaay was walking down the stairs. He looked up at me and nodded. I felt like laughing at the irony. Just 3 weeks ago, Shivaay and I had fought like cat and dog but now we both were struggling together to get Anika Di to forgive us.
“Did you take the chocolates? Om and Saumya told me Di is craving mint chocolates with salsa sauce.”
Anika only allowed Saumya and Om into the house, after Shivaay stormed into her house. Shivani always tagged along with them. Anika had initially refused to meet Shivani but hearing her bawl outside had led her to open the door.
Shivaay looked green and like he was going to puke. “Yes I did. Shivani is in Rudra’s room, remind Saumya to take her after one hour. He needs rest.”
I rolled my eyes. Ordinary people would have slowly got back to real life. But after all he was a rich brat. Anyways, that meant I could roam around the mansion.
“Aaru Maa” Shivani called as Saumya went down the stairs. Saumya stopped and turned around to look at me. Saumya was not my biggest fan. She still did not know the truth about Shivani. She avoided me like plague spending time with either Rudra or with Anika di.
“Shivi……we are going to take a bath now. You can see Aarya later.” Saumya said to her as she continued walking down.
“Are you coming Aarya with me and Anika to the hospital?” Shivaay asked as he walked towards the door. Saumya looked like she was going to say something. But she kept silent.
“I am not coming to the hospital but I will come to see her.”
I walked with Shivaay to the house when the front door opened and we saw Anika walking towards the gate.
“Where is she going?” He grumbled.
We saw her step into the black chauffeur driven car. She smiled at the chauffeur and gave him a bag most likely one of her baked goodies that she gave Shivani yesterday.
Shivaay already had his phone out.
“Mohan, please bring out the car. We are going to Cradle Hospital.”
Within minutes, a car was in front of us. Shivaay opened the door and held it open.
“Aren’t you getting in?” I asked.
He smirked. “Well, you are coming with me.”
I groaned.

We rushed to the hospital. When we got down and walked into the hospital the staff were staring at us. Shivaay stormed to the reception.
“We are here for Anika Oberoi’s appointment with Dr. Mehta.” He boomed.
The receptionist trembled slightly. “But Sir, Ms. Raichand just went into Dr. Kapoor’s office.”
I saw Shivaay turn red with anger. “Raichand? She is an Oberoi.”
The woman nodded. “Ms. Anika actually had her name corrected from Mrs. Oberoi. She came with Mr. Raichand just a few days back.”
His hand was clenched. He scowled.
“Aarya, you wait here. Get the name changed.”
I nodded. “Haan Jiju.”
I watched as he stomped off.
Di…..I know you are angry with me but why are you hurting him this much?

Anika POV
Naveen had left me at the steps of the hospital. He had said Shaurya would be picking me up. I was seated in front of the doctor’s table.
When the door slammed open. I immediately got up startled. I felt blackness and nausea descend on me.
“Anika……what the hell are you doing? Anika Raichand?”
I grimaced. I could not see anything clearly. I tried to grip the table but my hand was skidding off the table.
“I am going to become Anika Raichand again. So I…..”
I felt like I was going to puke. I held my hand to my head.
“Shivaay?” I whispered.
The next time I opened my eyes, I saw Tia yelling at Shivaay.
“Are you crazy Shivaay? Your wife is pregnant and you had to yell and scream. I already put her through so much. And you?”
Shivaay just stood there running his hand through his hair.
“Tia?” I croaked.
Tia came to my side. “Anika, what were you thinking? Last week we discussed how your blood pressure was so berserk. Universe is sending signals to you but there is only so much even she can do.”
I smirked. Tia’s face turned red. “Don’t you dare smirk at me. Are you crazy?”
I pouted. “Tia, you only are shouting at me now.”
Tia groaned. I grinned. Shivaay stared at us shocked. Little did he know what had happened just 2 weeks ago.
Flashback POV
“Hello Mrs. Oberoi. This is from Cradle Hospital. Your Doctor, Ms. Mehta had an accident. Your new doctor is Dr. Kapoor and she would like to meet you soon.”
I gasped. “Ma’am, is Dr. Mehta okay?”
The caller sighed. “She is fine but she has twisted her hand and broken a leg.”
“Oh ok. When is the appointment?”
I heard the lady flip through some pages. “Mrs. Oberoi……there is one today after lunch at 3.”
I looked at my schedule in front of me. “I had my first art class at 5.
“Okay sure. That is fine. By the way, it is not Oberoi……It is Ms. Raichand.”

The lady thanked me and promised to have the name changed.
When I arrived in the hospital, a nurse took me to Dr. Kapoor’s office.
“Hello Mrs. Raichand….I am your new…..” Standing in front of me was my half-sister, Ms. Tia Kapoor.
“Anika…..” She whispered. After a few minutes, she gathered herself and looked into my eyes.
“I am sorry. I will have another gynaecologist look into your case.” She was about to call a nurse when I spoke.
“Tia…..” Her hand hovered over the buzzer. “If you have no problem being my doctor, I don’t mind.”
She put her hand down. “Please take a seat.”
We both sat down and for about five minutes, there was a looming silence.
“Anika, I am sorry. I did not know that….that you were my little sister.”
I gave a small smile. “Tia…..I only knew because of Mr. Kapoor.”
She scowled. “There is no more Mr. Kapoor. Raghav was kicked out of our house. Somu and I made arrangements at an old age home but we do not want a man like him in our house. Mama trusted him so much.” Her eyes glistened with tears. I slowly reached out and held her hand.
“Tia….” I whispered gently.
She shook her head and quickly wiped her tears. “I am sorry, I tried to take Shivaay from you. I feel so much like a b*t*h from hell. I mean the boy I was engaged to for the past 10 years…..I did not know what else to do. And Aarya…..she told us the truth.”
I grimaced. “Well, at least she told someone the truth.”
Tia’s eyes shot up but she kept silent. Then a nurse came in and whispered something in Tia’s ears.
Tia gave me a teary smile. “Okay…Anika we better get on with the appointment, apparently my appointments outside are getting a bit restless.
Flashback end

I smiled thinking about the numerous dinners that I had with the Kapoor sisters.
Tia did the check up as Shivaay sat in a corner dazed.
“Okay now Ani. Take care. He will kill you if something happens to the child.”
I giggled. “Haan Tia. SB will butcher both me and you.”
Tia paled. “Say good things Anika. If not universe will make it real and we will be in problem.”
I tapped Shivaay shoulder. “Mr. Oberoi…..I am leaving but if you want to stay with Tia, that is your problem.”
Tia had her back facing us. “ANI!”
I laughed.
Shivaay followed me out.
“Your doctor is Tia?” He asked.
I nodded. “Yeah! Apart from being a bit of a blonde. She is actually a very good doctor. Something no one planned to mention before.”
He wrung his hands.
Suddenly, a voice called out from behind. When we turned around, it was Tia. She was running towards us with a bag.
She came to a screeching stop.
“Ani….this is for you. Somu made some cookies for you. Sumo is waiting for our sleepover tomorrow.”
I smiled and nodded.
Aarya came walking towards us.
I nodded. “Yes, how can I help you?”
She grimaced. “Di, I am sorry.”
I just nodded. Tia walked away from us. I continued walking towards the door. “Anika, I can drop you.” Shivaay said.
“No… is okay. I have a ride.”

Shivaay stormed to my side. “What the hell is wrong with you? You can hug her and be all loving with her and you can’t even talk to us.”
I looked at him smugly. “Well Mr. Oberoi…….she was fighting for what she thought she lost. But now that she knows that in a few months time, it will be hers again…….She decided that she wanted to be her younger sister’s support system. You see sisters usually support each other and share things. So I told her about us and she apologised.”
I looked pointedly at Aarya, whose eyes were watering again with crocodile tears. Shivaay was turning red.
“What do you mean hers again?” He hissed. His hand gripping my arm tightly.
I smirked. “Well, when we divorce, you will be single and she can marry you.” I pushed off his hand.
“Mr. Oberoi, I may not be as rich as you but I am certainly not as poor as you either.”
I saw Shaurya drive in. “Oh, there is my ride.”
I skipped down the stairs carefully of course, I mean I did not want my child to suffer. I opened the car door. Then I turned around to see Shivaay and Aarya standing at the top stairs.

Author’s Note: I wanted to show how she felt about betrayal from her sister and husband as compared to Tia, who had no idea about their relation.

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