Lies bring them closer – Ishqbaaz ff Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Shivaay POV
As I stormed downstairs, my heart squeezed. It hurt so much.
How could she do it? Did she really feel nothing? Was she so stone-hearted that she could play me so easily?
But Shivaay, she was crying so much. Maybe she…….No, you gave her a lot of chances but she chose to keep silent.
When I reached the hall, Prinku was not there. Mom was cursing the two sisters. Badima had her head in her hands.
Tia strutted up to me and put her hand through my arm.
“Shivaay Baby, did she confess? I am so sorry, I had to break it to you like this. I promise I will be a good mother to that child.”

I slowly pulled my hand out of her grip.
“Tia, don’t worry about that.”
I looked at Mina and Jia, the maids who were standing silently in the corner.
“Mina, go with Anika, she will stay in the guesthouse till my child is born. Help her. And Jia, take this sister to the guest room, bring her to me tomorrow. She is after all Shivani’s mother.”
Mom gasped. “Child? What she is pregnant? Oh so, the sisters had everything planned.” She said mockingly.
“Mom, not now. Please help Badima to her room.” I glared. Mom glanced at me and nodded and left with Badima.

Tia was standing dumbstruck. “Tia, please take rest. We will talk tomorrow.”
I walked to my room. As I was closing my room, I saw her walk towards the door. I saw her shoulders shake. I wanted to go after her but my brain held me back. Mina helped her out of the house.

I lay down on the bed.
Thousands of questions hounded me. Why did she have to do that? Was it all a game for her? Did she not love me?
Somewhere between finding new questions and getting no answers, I fell asleep.

“Aarya! I am home.”
I dropped all my bags on the sofa. There was no noise in the house.
“Most likely she is sleeping.” I muttered. Anika Bhabhi would scurry around the house in the afternoon. But this Maharani would have an afternoon nap and would only wake up when I got home. I looked into the kitchen. I sighed contentedly, no cooking trials today. God bless her.
I opened the door of her bedroom. There was no one inside.
“Aarya?” I shouted.
I opened the bathroom door, there was no one. I rushed to my room. She was most likely there. I cautiously opened the door. But there was no one there.
I went back to the kitchen and checked the door. That was where she had left the goddamn letter last time.
There was nothing there. I rushed to Ria’s house.
Ria and Bill were seated on the porch.
“Ria, have you seen Aarya?”
Ria got up suddenly. “Didn’t she come home? She did say she was shopping but……. she should have reached by now. She left in the morning.”
She picked her phone and dialled their driver. “Hi Kyle. Is Miss. Aarya still shopping? What do you mean she went missing? What?………Give the phone to George.”
After listening to what George said, she paled. When she kept her phone she looked up at me.
“Om, apparently she left with some woman.”
Again? She had run away again?
Then my phone started buzzing. The caller id showed {Saumya}
I picked it. “Om Bhaiya, you have to come home. Anika di…….”
What? Tia…..I am going to kill you.
“Okay Saumya. I am coming.”

Shivaay POV
The girl who destroyed my brother’s life was still sleeping. I wanted to take a bucket of ice water and pour it but when I had gone towards her room, something had stopped me.
So instead I had gone to my study to look at some files.
Then I heard a knock on my door.
“Come in.”
Tia and Mr. Kapoor walked in. Tia had a shy smile.
“Yes Mr. Kapoor?”
Mr. Kapoor took a seat and Tia stood near her father.
“Shivaay, I am so sorry about the girl.” His expression said something very different.
I nodded. “Mr. Kapoor, I would rather not talk about it.” I looked back at my papers.
Mr. Kapoor cleared his throat. “Shivaay Beta, I know that this is a bad time but we need to start thinking about you and my Tia.”
My eyes snapped up. Tia gave me a small smile.
Suddenly, my door slammed open.
“Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I expected much more than this.” She walked in. Her eyes ablaze. She was dressed in the same attire as yesterday. But her hair had been tied into a ponytail.
“Annie!” I stated smugly.
She stormed into the room and up to the desk.
Then her gaze fell on the shocked spectators. Her eyes showed a mirage of emotions. Her gaze became pointed.
“Oh! I should have realised that you had something to do with this.” She hissed.
I looked at her bewildered. “Annie, I expect you to respect my guests.”
But from her expression, I knew I could expect anything but respect.
She smirked as she sat down on the other chair.
“Well….well…..what do we have here? I should have realised that you would never change, Mr. Raghav…….or is that even your real name?”
Mr. Kapoor got up. “How dare you?” He seemed to have paled a bit. Tia looked annoyed.
“Sit down Raghav….what is your surname now, Daddy dearest?”
Mr. Kapoor sat down shocked. Annie moved close to his face. “Oh….I should have guessed. My dear sister did not reveal it did she?”

Tia stalked forward and pushed Annie away from her father. “How dare you insult my dad like this?”
She grinned widely. “Hi Tia…..or should I say Tia didi. Did you know that Anika and I are your half-sisters?”
I heard a gasp. We all glanced at the door. Saumya was standing there. Saumya eyes were wide in shock. “She told me.” She said.
Even Tia had paused. Then she gave a high-pitch squeak. “Dad, why aren’t you saying anything?”
Mr. Kapoor just got up and left. Tia glared at Annie before leaving.
After the two of them left, Annie shifted her stone cold gaze to me.
“Now Mr. Oberoi……..what can I say about you?”
I looked at her grimly. “Annie…..I know you want money. That is why you were after my brother.”
Annie scowled. “Money…..really? Although it would be kind of great.”
Then she snarled and climbed on to the table.
“How could you just throw my sister out? Didn’t you say you loved her? Is this how you love someone?” She yelled.
She picked up the glass of water on the table and dunked it on me.
As I wiped my face, I snapped.“She betrayed me.”
She glared. “Did you ask her why she did it?”
I shook my head. “I hate her.”
She snarled. “For what? For looking after your niece?”
There was a rapt knock on the door. Anika’s sister moved swiftly off the table. Mina opened the door and rushed in.

“Shivaay Saheb…….Anika didi is not at home. The house…..the house is a mess.”
I got up.
“It is all because of you.” Annie shouted. She quickly took out a phone and made some call.
“You promised!” She shouted into the phone. She scowled at me.
“We have to save her. I need to apologise. I will give you Shivani’s custody if you help me save my sister.” Her eyes were pleading but apart from that nothing betrayed that she was begging for help.
I picked up the phone on my desk. “Khanna, find Anika…….what a black car?…….She is the mother of my child.”
I watched Anika’s sister’s eyes go wide. “Di is pregnant?”
I smirked. “Like you didn’t know. Is this also part of your plan… run away with my child?”
She hissed. “Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, get this into that pea-sized brain of yours that my sister is in big trouble because of me and you. Now take out your car.”
She strutted past me. I felt my anger rise. I would have to deal with her after getting that Runaway girl.
As we walked to the car, I heard a loud gasp and silence. Anika’s sister and I turned around. Anika was standing at the door. Her dress had splatters of blood and she looked haggard. Her eyes looked wide with anguish and fatigue.
Author’s note: Here is a quick update because I was free and had the chapter ready. Please review

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