It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 9)


IT WAS ALL A LIE…………..Episode 9

She is all mine
Mine forever
I am elated to see her near me
My love sitting in my ebrace
I am sorry for wat i did
But her forgiveness is all that matters
And i know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Twinj were sitting in each others embrace. They both had cute smiles on their face.
Twinkle i am sorry I fooled u said kunj.
Shhh said twinkle while placing ger finger on kunjs lips.
Kunj plz dont talk abt all these things. Let’s enjoy the moment. I craved to be with you kunj Plzzzz said twinkl.
Ok sweetheart said kunj.
Kunj i must say u r a very good actor. I mean u fooled me easily for so many days said twinkle.
I know said kunj giving her a wink.
Kunj do u remember tomorrow’s date asked twinkle.
Offcourse i do how can i forget it jaan said kunj.
They both went into flashback

Twinkle finally was back to normal.
It was morning and twinkle was sleeping on her comfy bed. Twinkle was seeing a very beautiful dream. Her dream was she was sitting in a big room and was surrounded by jelies. She loved jelies alot but suddenly her dream break due to the loud sound of her alarm and and she fell on the floor.
Leela came running to her room and saw twinkle lying on the floor and her one hand was on her butt. Twinkle how did u land on the floor asked leela worridely.
Maa i was in a room and earit jelies but dont how i landed here sadi twinkle rubbing her eyes from one hand and her butt from the other.
Ok putta eat ur jelies afterwards now go and get ready said leela with a giggle.
Ok maa said twinkle in a childesh way.
Then after getting ready twinkle went down to have breakfast.

Good morning kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj said twinkle with a laugh.
Oh maa look at your daughter she is high in the morning said kunj with a annoying face.
Hahaa i know puttar leave her said leela.
Twinkle gave a wat ever wala look and sat next to kunj.
Kunj puttar u have some important work today ryt said leela with a cheesy smile.
Ofcourse maa replied kunj.
Wat work tell me also said twinkle.
Mind ur own business u empty head. U just always need to interfere in my things. Dont peep in my privacy. Said kunj with a harsh tone.
Twinkle had tears in her eyes and she ran to her room.
Kunj felt bad but it was his and leelas plan.
Koi baat nahi puttar she will be fine in the evening said leela.

I hope so ma said kunj.
In the evening leela was sitt in twinkles room.
Twinkle puttar dont cry plzzz puttar said leela.
Maa plz let me cry na. Wat kunj thinks of himslef. I will not talk to him said twinkle while sobbing.
Kunj came in twinkles room. He had one packet in him room and was smiling endlessly. He sat next to twinkle and kept his head on her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist.
Maa someone is looking so cute will crying said kunj.
Haan puttar i know ur siyaappa queen is looking so cute while crying said leela giggling.
Ya ma i know my siyaappa queen looks super cute while crying and i feel like kissing her said kunj while pulling twinkles nose.
Twinkle gave kunj death glares. Get losssssstttttttttt said twinkle on top of her voice.
No i wont said kunj.
Twinkle see wat I bought for u, ur favourite jelies. Said kunj.
I dont want to eat them said twinkle.
Cmmon u cant ignore them. Ok fine ill eat them by myslef said kunj innocently.
No ill eat them said twinkle and snatched them from kunj and started eating them. All this while kunj was admiring her and leela was clicking their pictures.
Twinkle i have one more surprise for you said kunj.

Really wat kunj asked twinkle.
Kunj handed her the packet. Twinkle opened it and saw a beautiful red colour backless gown in it.
She was so elated to see it.
Thank thank uuuuu kunj. This is lovely but i am not talking to you because u made me cry said twinkle.
I am sorry twinkle said kunj holding his ears.
Now twinkle go amd get ready said leela.
Ok maa bht wr r we going asked twinkle.
Surprise hai puttar acha ab jaldi jaa and wear this gown said leela.
Ok maa said twinkle and rushed to washroom.
After about 10 minutes she came out of the washroom and went infront of the dressing table. She did a high pony tail and applied eyes liner on her eyes and cherry red colour lipstick on her lips. Then she wore a black colour cloth choker. She wore matching black colour stilloetoes and was looking breathtaking. She looked stylish but elegant.
She went down and saw kunj continuously staring at her.
Kunj wore a black colour tuxedo with a red bow. He looked dapper in his attire.
Twinkle came and stood in front kunj.
Kunj shall we move asked twinkle.
Y not said kunj.
Ma u r not ready till now go and get ready said twinkle.
Puttar ill come afterwards u both go said leela.
Y maa asked twinkle.
I have some work my bacha said leela.
Ok maa said twinkle.
Then twinj left in der car. They reached infront of a big farmhouse. Kunj got down from his car and then opened gate for twinkle. Twinkle stepped out and kunj immediately blind fold her.
Twinkle didnt utter anything because she trusted kunj completely.
Then they both reached pool side. It was decorated with white and red colour heart shaped balloons. There was a tabel and two chairs were kept in the middle. The place was breath taking. Their were pics of twinj all around. Twinj was written in the middle of the pool with floating candles.

Twinkle open ur blind fold wispered kunj.
Twinkle immediately opened it and was shocked to see the venue. She cupped her face in excitement. She saw kunj sitting on his kneews and with a ring in his hands.
Twinkle will u be my siyaappa queen forever and ever. Will u irritate me. Will u show me yr tantrums for life time. Will u eat jelies like a kid with me. Will u give a chance to me to be urs completely. Will u be my beloved.
I saw u
I fell in love with u
I saw u smiling
I also smilled
I saw u crying
I also cried

Will u accept this looser twinkle asked kunj with a smile and tears in his eyes.
Yes i do said twinkle with smile and tears in her eyes.
Kunj immediately stood up and made her wear the ring. Twinkle was crying all this while because of happiness. Then they both hugged each other tightly.
I love u Kunj said twinkle.
I love u too said kunj.
Then they both touched der forheads.
Kunj dats not fair na in morning u made me cry and in evening u made me smile. Said twinkle.
Twinkle my mom used to say if we cry alot then we laugh alot. So dats y said kunj.
Twinkle just smiled and hugged me.
Leela also came der.

Twinkle puttar le kunj ko bhi ring pehna said leela.
Maa u knew all this asked twinkle.
Yup puttar said leela smiling.
Twinkle made kunj wear the ring then they both cutted a beautiful carved cake with two love birds on it.
Twinj puttar this farmhouse is a gift from my side to u both. Said leela.
Twinj gave her a questioning look.

Kunj i told u to bring twinkle over here because i wanted to gift u both this farmhouse and name of this farmhouse is twinj said leela smiling.
Twinj smilled and trio shared a hug. Then they clicked lots of selfies and pics and cherished the moment.
Flashback ends*

Now also twinj used to wear their engagement rings. They were apart from one year but they never felt to move on. They waited for each other to come back.
Twinj came out of flashback and slept in each others embrace with a cute smile and satisfaction on their faces to be with each other. They were each other’s pillars, support system, guide , mother and father. If one fell another will pick him up. They were each others reason to live.

I hope the episode is longer.
Plz do comment. Ur comments r only my support system.
Criticism is most wlcmd.
Next 2-3 episodes I’ll show romance.
My ff consist of 15 episodes. I cant make it longer bcz of story line.
Loved u❤️

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