It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 8)


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IT WAS ALL A LIE… Episode 8

I love her to the fulllest
She is my reason to live
My world , my everything
My reason to smile
The only one i know will always be my side
I am hurting her,
But i only one thing
She is my beloved ,
I love her and will always do….

Next day twinkle was working in the kitchen as raghu kaka didnt come bcz of his ill health. Kunj came from behind and hugged her tightly. Twinkle felt very peaceful to be in his arms. She felt like heaven. It was very soothing for her to be in arms of her love but one thought struck in her mind. She didnt felt that childeshness in kunjs hug. The hug was full of love and passion.
Twinkle immediately turned and looked straight in kunjs eyes.
Twinkle and kunj both had tears in their eyes. Kunj immediately started his acting because he didnt wanted twinkle to know the truth.

Twinki twinki wat r u cooking tell tell said kunj.
Twinkle was continuously looking in kunjs eyes. Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes.
Twinkle ran to her her room and closed the door. Kunj also ran behind her and was continuously banging the door.
Twinki open the door plzzz twinki said kunj.

On the other side twinkle was sobbing badly. She wasn’t able to understand anything. She didnt know wat to do. Her heart was saying that kunj is fooling her and her mind was declining all these things. She then smhow got up and went near her closer and opened it. She was searching fr the photoframe but instead of finding her photoframe she found kunjs phone. She was continuously perplexed to see a phone in her closet. She checked that phone and was completely boggled after knowing that it was kunjs phone. Tesrs were gushing out continuously from her eyes.
On the other hand kunj was also crying. He had fead that he might loose her forever. He knew he was doing wrong by hiding truth from her lady love.

In the evening kunj was siting in the hall and was continuously looking at the main door. Twinkle was not at home. She went smwhere without kunjs notice. She didnt even took her phone. Kunj was worried for her.
Suddenly kunj got a call on landline. He picked it up and was shocked to hear the other person on the phone. Kunj then immediately rushed towards his car.
He was driving his car rashly and tears were continuously gushing out from his eyes. (Aae dil hai mushkil was playing in background).

It was night and kunj reached to an isolated farm house after 2 hours of driving. He immediately went inside and was continuously shouting twinkles name.
Twinkle were r u twinkle plz come in front of me Plzzzz twinkle plzzzz i am sorry said shouted kunj.
He heard some footsteps behind him. He immediately turned around and saw twinkle standing in front of him.
Twinkle said kunj.
Twinkle had a gun in her hand which was pointing towards her head.
Flashback *
Kunj got a call and the caller was non other than twinkle. Twinkle asked kunj to immediately come to twinj farmhouse. Twinj farmhouse was gifted by leela to twinj. There farmhouse was on the outskirts of the city and nobody used to visit it.
Flashback ends*

Kunj u lied to me. Y did u do this. U know how much I suffered to see u in that condition. Y did u do this to me. Yyyyyyyyyyy. Answer me or else ill shoot myself shouted twinkle on the top of her voice.
Twink plz out the gun down ill explain u everything said kunj.
Noooo just answer me first shouted twinkle.
Twinkle i am sorry i know i hurted u i am sorry but I’ll explain u everything. Promise. Plz dont do anything with ur own self. I love u twinke plz tey to understand i cant live without u Plzzz twinkle cried out kunj.
Twinkle was crying seeing his state. She then immediately threw the gun from her hand and was continuously looking at kunj. Kunj had mixed emotions running in his mind. He immediately ran to twinkle and gave her a bone crushing hug.
Tw_in_kle said Kunj.

Kunj was further stopped by saying anything as twinkle smashed her lips on his. Kunj was numb for sometime but then gave in. It was a kiss full of passion,love , anger and mostly the pain of losing and gaining each other. They kissed for about 10 minutes but had to break the kiss because of lack of oxygen.
Kunj immediately cupped twinkles face.
Twinkle i am sorry. I know i lied to u but i didnt had any other option. I’ll explain u everything i promise. Said kunj.

Kunj right now i dont want any explanation from u. I am just happy that u r normal said twinkle.
They both hugged each other tightly. It was the best feeling for both of them to be in each others embrace. Then they both went parted and went inside the farmhouse as they were standing in the garden.

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  1. Sameera

    Awww yaar so amazing loved it yaar
    Loved it to the core marvellous

  2. Ayu

    Aww chiku!!! Sooo sweet!!! Loved it soooooo much❤️❤️❤️
    It was full of love n passion!! Absolutely awesome!!!

  3. Jiya_Ani

    Awwww…amazingly cute my chiku miku…muaaaahahaaaaaa???????..
    Acha post asap okay..
    Love you

  4. Kritika14

    So sweet but the reason? Leaving me hanging like that! don’t do that dude … anyway, it was fab. But just write the reason soon … Love you ?

  5. SidMin

    Chiku Loved it
    The episode was awesome Twinkle came to know about Kunj By his touch (Hw…. So sweet) The Line “Her heart was saying that kunj is fooling her and her mind was declining all these things.” Just Loved it
    And Twinj kissed for 10 Min OMG Loved it 🙂
    Love you hope your mood gets better soon and stays like that too 🙂

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey chiku ……epi was Awsome….but dear ur end part seems like it was last epi …….Plzz tell me ..r u ending ur ff or there is something more which u gonna expose in next epi ,……..maybe I can be wrong …..plz post next one soon ……..really wanna know what was the need of kunj to act like this ……….???
    Love u ?dear..?

  7. Shatakshi

    This is called an epic episode
    Chiku….frankly ball ur episodes are Amazing
    But really I loved it shoo much
    Love u❤❤

  8. Awesome epi.. the suspense is killing me now.. hope it’s revealed soon.. do cont soon ?

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode… Really enjoyed it a lot….so emotional…..loved it to the core….

  10. Fan

    Hey chiku..the was super!!..i loved it..i am eagerly waiting for the next part..plz post soon

  11. Superb epi.. emotional too..

  12. Hey i am a silent reader ??? n your fan too

  13. Baby

    chehak yr bang bang boom……..
    wowohoooooooooo soooooo cute
    luvd it amazing yr so she came to her kunj is normal yehaaaahhh
    post nxt asap

  14. Hey chiku awwwwwesome episode…loved it to the core…

    Love you ???

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional marvelous epi……loved it…..

  16. Aamu

    it was amzing…kunj is not mad…yeah..
    lovely chiku chikni

  17. Shreya098

    Wow chiku it was amazing….
    Finally it is revealed that he was acting….
    I am curious to know the reason behind all this…
    Continue soon

  18. Ria

    Hey Chiku,
    Sorry for the super late comment. The episode was superb. I loved it. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

  19. It was awesome

  20. Its rlly awesome….

  21. Thanmy

    Sorry for the late comment
    N chikuuuuu this was the best episode for me u wrote is sooooo nicely I just loved it yrrrrr wow !!!!! U scared me for a minute pls cont soon pls pls pls ….

  22. chiku its more than awesome
    I just loved it Yr
    at last twinkle gets to know everything

  23. sry 4 d late cmt bt love d passion of twinj their pain is so well justified n love ur lines…post asap…

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