It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 7)


Hi everyone. Sorry for being late and not replying u all. Actually i am lil bit busy. Sorryyyyy
I am happy that u all r liking it. If der is any silent reader of my ff then plz comment.
Shikha i am happy that u pon pointed my mistake. Nd ders no reason to get angry on u. If u want sm changes let me know. Ill try to bring them.

IT WAS All A LIE………. Episode 7

I know i am a lier
I know i am hurting her
I know the amount of pain she will suffer
I know she trusts me,
But i am her trust breaker.
I only want her
But i only know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Next day twinkle had some important meeting in the hospital so she went to the hospital leaving home alone with raghu kaka as twinkle was going to come home late.
Raghu kaka was in his 50s and was not a strong man. He had a lean figure who cannot even handle himself if someone pushes him.
Raghu kaka was cleaning the dinning table wen smone hit him hard on his head and he immediately fell on the floor. That man is reaveled and is non other kunj.
Kunj then laid raghu kaka on the sofa. Then he went to his room to take his phone.
Twinkle didnt knew about kunj having any phone. Kunj had hidden it in twinkle cupboard only. He observed each and every part of her cupboard and knew which things wr kept wr.
While searching for his phone the photoframe fell. Kunj picked it up and went to bed and was continuously staring the photo frame. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. He went into flashback.

Flashback *
Trio started sharing amazing bond. Leela used to treat kunj as his own son. They shared amazing mother son bond , der bond even made twinkle jealous sometimes. Kunj used to stay at taneja house only. He hated going to sarna mansion. His reason for living was in taneja mansion so how can he go back to his house.
One day twinkle met with a serious accident. She had fractured her left hand and had bandages on her head and legs.

Kunj wasnt able to see twinkle like that. So he started scolding her.
Twinki u r made. U dont know how to cross the road so y did u cross the road. Now see ur state. Empty head. Maa was also at home so if der was some urgent work so u would have told me or took the car but no. U just dont have to listen to anyone. Always using ur tiny brain. Wats ur problem. U ever thought wat would have happened to maa and me if something serious would have took place. U mad women shouted kunj on the top of his voice.
I am sorry na said twinkle with tears in her eyes.
Kunj cant control more so he quickly went and hugged her. It was a bone crushing hug. Twinkle was feeling so relaxed in his embrace.
Twinki plz dont do this next time. I cannot live without u plz twinki said kunj.
Kunj puttar let twinkle rest. Said leela.
Then leela and kunj went downstairs.

Leela was preparing soup for twinkle and kunj was standing beside her.
Kunj do u love twinkle asked leela.
Ummm said kunj.
Kunj answer me. I have seen the way u care for her. I have seen the pain in ur eyes if something happens to her. Said leela.
Yes maa i love twinki. I want to spend my whole life with her. Said kunj.
Leela just smiled and hugged him tightly.
Jamai ji u love my daughter alot na said leela with a giggle.
Maa cmmon i am ur son and even after my and twinkis marriage we three will live together said kunj.

Shaadi??? Who said that i am going to make my daughter marry u said leela while laughing.
Maa cmmon u wont get a good son and jamai like me said kunj and made a cute sa pout.
Umm I’ll think said leela.
Maaa said kunj.
Leela made a pout and did an action of thinking.
Ma i have a great offer for u make twinkle me and marry tomorrow morning and then after 9 months u will become naani. Wat say said kunj.
Badmaash said leela.
Pagle twinkle is urs but wen u will propose her said leela.
Maa dont know. Let twinkle get back to normal health then I’ll propose her. Said kunj.
Ok said leela.
After that kunj used to take care of twinkle. He used to lookaftee twinkle day amd nyt and was so stubborn that he didnt let leela touch twinkle. Leela used to pray only one thing and that is to make twinj happy and together forever. She knew kunj was the best for her daughter. She knew only kunj can love her like she did after her death.
Suddenly kunj came back to his normal world wen he heard his phone ringing.
Flashback ends*

Kunj picked his call and just gave one reply yes and then cutted his call.
Then he again looked towards the photoframe.
I promise maa ill take the revenge. They snatched u and twinki from me. I got back twinki but ur gone forever. I know u r seeing me and twinki and r happy to see us together. I know i am lying to twinkle but wat can i do i had to. I dnt want to put her in danger. I promise ill take my revenge said kunj while crying.

After some tym kunj came back to normal and he kept the photoframe in the cupboard and went downstairs. Der he saw raghu kaka regaining consciousness. So he started acting.
Raghu kaka sorry sorry my ball hit u sorry said kunj holding his ears.
It’s okay said raghu kaka and went to his room.
Kunj then sat on the sofa and waited for twinkle to come back.
Twinkle came back home around 8 at night. Kunj quickly went towards twinkle and hugged her.
I missed u said kunj.
I missed u too said twinkle.

Then they both had thier dinner and twinkle told kunj about the meeting and other doctors. He was listening to his lady love with all his interest.
Then after chit chatting for about one hour both went to sleep.

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  1. Wait….kunj is perfectly fine?? He is acting!! Good god..yaar tussi great ho?
    Amazing? matlab kuch aur hai….means bahut kuch baaki hai?!!! Chiku awesome yaar!!! Post the nexttttt onesssssss sooooonn?

    1. Chiku

      Hahaaa every body wanted to know so here it is. Yeh toh trailer hai picture abhi baaki hai?

  2. Meeta

    I read all in one go.
    You are going good.

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear?

  3. so some of the revelation is here
    its superb chiku
    so its Kunj’s lie
    now I want to know what happened in the past
    and don’t be sorry for being late
    you are not so late and be fast next time 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shikha??❤️❤️

  4. Kritika14

    i loved it! So my guess was right. He is just pretending to be mad and actually he ain’t. I just love tis plot of yours. Looking forward to know the reason why kunj is doing this. Write soon x and love you ?

    1. Chiku

      I am glad that u r liking it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????
      Love u tooo

  5. Superb epi.. loved it.. so kunj was acting.. now I am so curious to know what happened in the past.. do cont soon ?

    1. Chiku

      Sabaar ka faal meetha hota hai. Thoda wait??❤️❤️

  6. Romaisha

    ??? Kunj is alright ❤❤❤
    Yay!!!!!! Well ofc Kuku wouldnt make anything happen to him ??
    Yaar this epi was seriously fab!! I read it without any disturbance and it was awesome! Just please post next episodd soon…cant wait to continue reading and im guessing somebody took leela and twinkle awaY from Kunj and leela has died? Hmmm .. Mystery yet to be solved… Kuku post next epi soon nah cant wait ?
    Love you di ❤

    1. Chiku

      Hahaa kya karun i love kunj toh i cant let anything happen to him?❤️❤️???
      Ahaaa mystery unfold hone mien tym hai??❤️❤️

      Luv u??❤️❤️❤️?????

  7. Sameera

    Wow wow chiku ?????
    Amaziing yaar kunj is fine yipee
    Do cont soon ….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sam??

  8. Thanmy

    So yeaaaa my guess was write what an episode I’m eagerly waiting for the past you rocked chikuuuuu loved it yaar pls post next one soon

    1. Chiku

      Thanks thammy???
      Thoda sa wait❤️?

  9. chiku…kuku…u r so swt n so ur ff…m-sil moment was so cute…kunj was lying…n wanna knw d reason bhind it…do post nxt asap…love u…

    1. Chiku

      Awwww❤️❤️❤️Thanks sujina.
      Thodha sa wait.

  10. Jisha

    Superb episode..he was just pretending… loved the plot..

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di?

  11. Nyc episode☺☺ amazing…. aur jaan kr acha lga k kunj pagal nhi hai.???

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shefali?

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…this revelation was the best ….u nailed it….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks rashvi?❤️

  13. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Chiku Loved it yaar ………..
    N kunj ???”make twinkle n me marry tomorrow n after nine months u will become nani “!!!!!??
    Kunj was superb in flashback
    Really eagerly waiting for the next episode
    Come back soon
    Love u ???

    1. Chiku

      Thanks damini??
      Nd dat toh hahaaa i was laughing while reading it?❤️??

  14. Sayeeda

    Chiku janeman….. Just remember when we started to chat in the beginning nd u told me that u write many poems nd u r interested in writing the ff…
    I told u that I trust my Chiku nd u should believe in yourself nd go for it… Post ur story at TU….

    Nd see my faith in u won ???….. What I thought u proved it…
    Ur ff is making me crazy for it… day by day I’m loving ur ff the most… Everytime u come up with new twist nd turns which left me spellbounded ???…..

    Ur episode was on a fire of suspense today…. Amazing… Hats off… Kudos to u for writing a brilliant ff??….

    U know what when u disturb me ( as per u ; u disturb me but for me u don’t do so coz I eagerly look forward to chat with u) ….. How much I love our silly talks nd enjoy them is most important for me…. U r most worth full for me….

    I always say that u r unqiue… Tu anokha piece hai jaan….. Coz u r my janeman…..

    Love u ???

    1. Chiku

      Mein kya kahuuuunnnn
      Aap nahi hote toh kya hota meraaa
      I luv u ❤️❤️
      U always listen to my nonsense talks.
      Loved u
      U r always wid me
      U trust me alot. We never met the also. Itna emotional mat likha karo. Baachi ko rulla diya?????
      I wana meet u.
      Luv uuu

  15. Fan

    Awesome epi chiku!

    1. Chiku

      Thanks fan?

  16. Woww so cute episode.. Especially that ball incident….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sana?

  17. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj is not mad want to know the whole past in short I want you to keep posting soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sidmin?

  18. Aamu

    kya bolu me chiku chikni(hope u dont mind…by dis mad name)
    it was amazing…..i m soo eager to read more….do cont….
    awesome piece of writing

    1. Chiku

      Thanks amu??
      Nd i dont mind its okay?

  19. Baby

    chehak oh god
    yeah kunj was acting only oh god wow he is perfectly f9
    so as i was saying ki mujse kunj ki asiee cndition nhi dekhi jaa rhi muje nhi dekhni pdegi wow luvd it yr osm episode
    sooooo twinj r 1 only osm yr post nxt asap dear
    u pinned it

    1. Chiku

      Thanks baby????
      Hahaa mujhese bhi nahi dekhi jaa rahi thien. Isliye usien theek kar diya❤️

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional epi….loved it

    1. Chiku

      Thanks purnima ?❤️

  21. Ria

    Chiku, sorry for commenting late na. I was real busy the entire day. Anyways, the episode was superb. I legit loved it. But, what revenge is up for Kunj? I really wonder. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks ria?❤️
      Its ok i am happy that u commented no matter if its late?

  22. Ruchi

    Hi Chiku..
    hw r u dear?
    Amazing yr..
    so Kunj was just pretending…
    nice storyline..
    take care..
    try to post soon.. 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks ruchi?❤️
      I am gd dear?

  23. Shatakshi

    It is really a lie….A big lie but a sweet one????

    U are nailing it with every episode chiku
    Love u darling❤❤❤

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shatu??❤️
      Love u too❤️

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