It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 6)


IT WAS All A LIE…….. Episode 6

I hated to see tears in her eyes
I only want to see her contented.
I really can die for her smile
The most beautiful smile i know……..
The most beautiful soul i know,
The most innocent heart i ever met.
Only person i can fell for everyday was she
I only know one thing
She is my beloved ,
I love her and will always do……..

Twinkle was arranging her cupboard wen she saw the same photoframe. She had tears in her eyes. she was smiling and crying both at the same tym.
She went into flashback
Flashback *
(Continued from previous flashback)

After that twinkle and kunj went to der respective ways. They didnt know each other properly but felt some kind of connection with each other.
Next day twinkle was going to her college but on the way she met kunj.
Hey twinkle said kunj.
Hey said twinkle.
Wr r u going twinki….ohh srry srry twinkle said kunj.
College and by the way u can call me twinki said twinkle.
Thanks said kunj
No srry and thank you in friendship said twinkle with a big fat smile.
Kunj also smilled seeing twinkle smilling.
By the way twinkle at wat tym ur college will start asked kunj.
Umm by 11:30 said twinkle.
Ohh its only 10 so will u like to go for a coffee with me said kunj.
Ya sure and dont be so formal kunj said twinkle.
Ok said kunj.
Then they both headed towards cafe shop.

They both placed ordered of der favourite coffee.
So twinkle whom do u have in ur family asked kunj.
Only my mom said twinkle.
Ohh said kunj.
Wat about u asked twinkle.
Ma, papa, bebe, and dadu (bebes husband) said kunj.
Woohoo kunj u have a big family said twinkle.
Ya i do but……said kunj.
But wat kunj u r so lucky u have a big family and everyone loves u said twinkle.
Twinki its gd to hv a big family but that doesn’t mean that everyone loves u said kunj with tears forming in his eyes.
Kunj u r crying said twinkle.
No just lyk that only said kunj.
Did i said smthing wrong kunj said twinkle.
No twinki said kunj.
Paka na said twinkle.
Haan baba said kunj.
Der coffee arrived and they both chit chatted for a while and then twinkle went to her college. Kunj was feeling very happy talking with twinkle. In the evening twinkle wen returned to her home she saw kunj over der.
Kunj u said twinkle.
Areee twinkle puttar u know him said leela.
Ya ma i do he is my friend said twinkle.
I must say kunj is a very nice guy he helped me today. Actually my car stopped working and i was not feeling well and i was feeling dizzy. Kunj saw me and helped me said leela.
Ohh maa i told u many tyms to take ur medicines properly. If kunj wasnt have been der wat would have happened to u haan twinkle said raising her voice.
Srry puttar said leela.
Then twinkle went and hugged her ma tightly.
Now I should take a leave said kunj.
Nooooo not at all said leela.
U will have dinner then u will go said leela
But said Kunj.
Kunj u r gonna have dinner did u get that said twinkle
Twinkle and leela insisted alot and finally kunj agreed.
Twinkle and leela with help of raghu kaka laid the dining table.
Kunj had tears in his eyes seeing his favourite food.
Kunj puttar u r crying said leela.
No said kunj.
Den wat is this in your eyes said leela.
Umm woh said kunj.
Tell me said leela.
Accidentally u made my favourite food and no one does this at home. So i became emotional dats it said kunj.
Aww puttar wen ever u want to eat ur favourite food tell me i ll make it for u said leela.
Ok said kunj with a big fat smile.
Leela started feeding kunj with der own hands and trio shared some priceless moment.
Suddenly twinkle was disturbed by loud noice and she came out of falshback.
Flashback ends

She became scared and first came in her mind was of kunj.
She went down shouting kunjs name.
Kunj wr r u kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj said twinkle.
Twinkle was searching kunj every wr.
Kunj wr r u kunjjj said twinkle while crying.

Kunj came running towards twinkle.
Twinki wat happened said kunj.
Kunj were wr u said twinkle.
Over here said kunj.
No u wrnt said twinkle.
I was said kunj.
Nooooo said twinkle.
Dnt lie kunj said twinkle.
No i am not said kunj.
Den how did u get this wound said twinkle.
Wwwwooooooooo said kunj.
Wat happened kunj y r u not telling said twinkle.
Twinki actually na woh i was playing cricket with my friends na so ball went far away so i had gone to take the ball bcz i am elder than my frnds na. So while searching the ball i got hurt. I am not lying twinki kunj promise and wen i came back my frnds told me that one motorbike skid and it made very lound sound. Then they told me they saw u searching me and was crying so i came to my twinki said kunj.
Paka na kunj u r not lying na said twinkle.
Haan twinki i am not said kunj.
Acha kunj lets go in said twinkle.
They both went inside and twinkle was dressing kunjs wound.
Twinki aaraam se it hurts aaaaouchhhhhhh said kunj.
Kunj i am doing it gently only said twinkle.
Twinkle was busy dressing kunjs wounds and kunj was just staring at her and he had tears in his eyes.
Twinki u wont leave me na forever said kunj.
Ya kunj ill not leave u ever said twinkle.
Paka na asked kunj.
Paka said twinkle.
Kunj gave her a big fat smilled and hugged her tightly.
U r the best twinki said kunj.
And u r the worst said twinkle.
Kunj made a pout listening to this and a sad wala expression. So to make him smile twinkle gave a peek on kunjs both the cheeks. Kunj just passed a smile and gave her a bone crushing hug.
Twinki lets play carrom said kunj.
Ok said twinkle.
Twinkle and kunj started playing carrom. Their game went till evening. Everytime twinkle was on the verge of winning but kunj did cheating or some other things to distract twinkle and he end up winning every time.
Twinki i am hungry said kunj.
Me too said twinkle.
Let’s prepare sandwich said kunj.
Ok said twinkle.
Then they both prepared sandwiches with a smiley on them. They both had der cute sandwiches in dinner and then they both went to der room and felt asleep. Twinj used to sleep in one room because kunj always said that he is scared of darkness and if bhoot comes and eat him.
So twinkle used to sleep with him. She was more than happy to be around kunj.
The only person she love was alive. So it was the most amazing feeling to be around him, to hug him, to kiss him, to laugh with him, to cry with him and to fyt with him.

Sorry guys i was not able to comment. ??????
Plz do comment. Criticism is most wlcm. If u dont like smthing plz let me know. If u want smthing specific then also let me know ??
Acha guys the pic in my ff dp is the photoframe twinkle was seeing.

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  1. Sameera

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  2. Amazing yaar….loved it??. ..pls post next one asap….and one more thing that kunj is so cute…eagerly waiting to know is kunj acting or not and if not then how did he end up in asylum….rest loved the epi

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    aweeee Kunj have a big family but seems like nobody cares for him
    but twinki h naaa
    and you know what m so glad that you are not angry with me for saying all that
    and this time I easily understood everything
    and yaa no pblm you can easily continue like this
    now its easily understandable
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    It was more than Awesome
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    Loved the episode
    Flashback shows that Kunj’s family does not Love him much but Loved their flashback scenes and the present one’s too
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