It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 5)


IT WAS ALL A LIE……. Episode 5

It’s perfect
It’s amazing
I craved for her
I wanted her,
I prayed for her and i got her.
I know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Next day twinkle was working in the kitchen and kunj was sitting in the hall and was playing games on video games. Twinkiiiiiiiiiiii bhukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shouted kunj.
Kunj wait for few minutes said twinkle.
After few minutes twinkle laid the dinning table and asked kunj to cm and have breakfast.
Ohh I forgot my phone kunj ill kust get it from the room said twinkle.
Ok twinki said kunj.
Twinkle went to her room.
Suddenly after twinkles exit landline started ringing. Kunj immediately went and picked the landline.
His expressions were changed after listening to person om the other side. He was having expressions which could confuse anyone. That same innocense but with some different texture and feeling in his eyes.
Twinkle came from behind and shouted kunj.
Kunj wat wr u doing der. I told u to finish ur breakfast na said twinkle.
Srry twinkle said kunj.
Kunj whos phone is der asked twinkle.
I dont know said kunj.
Then he quickly went to the dinning table and started eating his breakfast.
Twinkle also joined him.

After sometym kunj started asking twinkle again and again wr we will goooooooooooooo. Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kunj said twinkle pressing her teeths.
Kunj made a pout and sad expression.
Hmmm let me think. Said twinkle.
After thinking for sm tym twinkle said lets go to gurdwara.
Ok but wat is gurdwara said kunj.
Its a place for worship said twinkle.
Ok said kunj.
Lets gooooooooo said kunj.

They both went to gurdwara. Kunj was very excited to go to gurdwara. He was very happy from inside.
Twinkle was very happy and went into a flashback.
(It is continued from last flashback only)

After leaving home twinkle first went to gurdwara to worship.
Der she was busy struggling with her sandle. She wasnt able to take it out bcz its strap got stuck.
She was trying hard but nothing was happening. This made her frustuated.
Suddenly two hands came near her for help. Those hands took out the strap carefully as it can hurt her.
Twinkle slowly looked upwards and saw that man staring towards her. She was lost in his deep brown eyes. They both shared an i lock.
Suddenly they both wr disturbed and broke der ilock.
They both stood from ground.

Hi i am kunj sarna.
I am twinkle taneja and thanks for help said twinkle.
Kunj smilled and said ur wlcm.
Soo lets go inside said kunj.
Ummm ya said twinkle.
They both went inside and recitited der prayers.
Flashback ends*

Twinki were wr u lost said kunj.
No wr said twinkle.
They reached to grudwara.

Twinkle was taking out her sandles but the strap was struck.
Kunj helped her in removing her sandle but all this rym kunj disnt made any icontact with twinkle.
Twinkle sensed smthing wiered eith kunjs behaviour but brushed her thoughts next second.
They both went inside and recited der prayers.

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  1. Joonakanksha

    Awesome…eagerly wanted to know whose call was that

  2. ohhhh what is wring with that phone callllllll I wanna knowwwwww
    but buddy I want to tell you something please please don’t take it as a offense or anything bad I really loved this story a lot a lot but I had a small problem while reading actually naa you writes about who said any line at the end so sometimes it confuses me
    like ” wr we will goooooooooooooo. Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Kunj said twinkle pressing her teeths”in this line I understood who told this with difficulty
    so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can you write it at the starting of line
    like “Kunj:I want to talk to you”
    just an idea ……its your story you can do anything you want
    I just wanted to clear my confusion nothing else
    soooooo soooorrryyy if I hurt you

    1. Chiku

      Shikha i am really sorry for that mistake. I did nt saw that i am really sorry. I am happy that u pointed my mistake. I promise from next tym ill make sure that u dnt have amy problem while reading.
      If u dont mind if I continue this style bcz i am writing this for my long term purpose also. Hope u dont mind. ? But plz due to this dont stop reading my ff. Bcz ur comments mean a lot to me

    2. Chiku

      Ill try my best that u wont get confused fr sure??

  3. Awesome.. I think kunj is acting to be mad.. hmm just a guess.. do cont soon ?

  4. Awesome waiting to know whose call was it…i think kunj is acting maybe

  5. Kritika14

    It was just amazing! really loved the episode throughout. Honestly, i have a gut feeling that kunj is pretending to be mad. But whatever it is, whether i am right or wrong, you write soon so i can know. Love you ?

  6. Sameera

    Awww amazing chiku
    Loved it alott

  7. Romaisha

    Kuku!! ??????✌✌ yaar .. Kunj is pretending to be mad?? Hmm.. Aur phone call?? What have u planned yaar lost .. But it was a really superb episode! Can’t wait to continue reading …
    Post soon
    Love u ❤

  8. Really nice chiku!! Amazing!!!

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…awesome episode

  10. Aamu

    oh my god!!! oh my god!!!
    how can i do dis….?.???
    chikuuuuuu i read ur ff now only yaar but dont hav time so thought to cmnt on last……aha how u did dis yaar? means how how n how….i just loved ur storyline……its very interesting……n n n i think kunj is acting only he is not mad …..n d phone call….
    absab me hi bta du(now i only tell evrything?)???
    dat thing u only tell
    do cont….

  11. Ria

    Chikkuuuu, it was amazing na. Well, I’ve a doubt now that Kunj isn’t mad and he’s pretending it all. Esp the poems you give at the beginning. If those are supposed to be in Kunj’s voice then I feel he’s seriously pretending it all. Also, the title suggests that too. Anyways, enjoyed the episode throughout. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

  12. Are wah kya episode hai…. awesome?????☺? i like it?

  13. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Chiku Yaar Amazing
    N u know what today was so fishy in the episode
    I mean I think so that kunj is acting
    He was not making any eye contact with twinkle in guruduara coz he was knowing that his eyes will spill out all his emotions n twinki will get to know about this which he didn’t wanted including that phone part also where his emotions n expressions were different n this is not yet the end of suspense ……..the one more suspense is that who call on twinki house that his voice made kunj in such expressions
    U r really making me to addict with this ff
    Love u dear

  14. SidMin

    Loved it Is Kunj acting or is he really mad ?
    Don’t know and leave it
    Kunj is so cute I mean the way he talks and the way he behaves so cute and waiting for the next episode post it soon 🙂

  15. Awesome chiku

  16. Thanmy

    Chikuuu yaar day by day its getting interesting I’m waiting for past excited for it!!! Its really awesomeeee

  17. Shreya098

    Awesome chiku…
    Enjoyed it

  18. Hey chiku amazing episode…your story is very interesting…I think kunj is not mad he’s just acting it’s just my guess…damn excited for next episode…post next soon…

    Love you ??

  19. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode… Yrr kya likthi hai tu meri janeman….. Tu na mujhe humesha speechless kr deti hai….
    Mujhe toh secret pata hai… Bata doon kya….. Nai rhne de ye mera r tera secret hai kisi ko nai bataungi… Shssshh????….

    Love u janeman…. Tu nai best hai r Teri starting wali poems haayee re kya kahun dil khush kr deti hai…

    Chal finally bye…. Love u ???

  20. Shatakshi

    Omg chiku IT WAS ALL A LIE.????
    I somewhere had a feeling that kunj is acting becoz it suits with ur title
    Just one thing
    Girl u nailed it
    Loved it to the core❤❤

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  22. Baby

    oh my god chehak amazing
    i thnk dat call has smthing suspensful in it eagerly w8ing
    post nxt asap dear cnt w8
    luvd it 2 d core

  23. Angita

    I feel Kunj is acting
    But ??????
    Amazing rocker

  24. Jisha

    Amazing episode dear…loved it…it is getting more n More interesting

  25. Jiya_Ani

    Meri chiku miku..tumne kaha toh Maine padha…toooo gooooddddd yaar..muaaahhhh..zyaada long comment nahi likh sakti.. Bas itna hai tumse kehna..main padhu ya naa padhu..tu aise hihi yaara likhte rehna..I feel Kunj is acting.. Haina haina…

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