It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 2)


IT WAS ALL A LIE…………………..episode 2

The lover, the betrayer was back
She was back
Standing in front of me,
With tears in her eyes
She was my beloved ,
I love her and will always do……….

A cabin is shown with a girl standing near the window facing back towards the door. She had long brown hairs with copper shine, she was wearing jeans with a floral top.
Suddenly someone enters her cabin and calls her out.
Twinkle. She turns around and is revealed to be Dr Twinkle Taneja the famous sichatrist of Amritsar. Her eyes were of hazel colour. She was looking elegant but simple.
Hello jaya mam blurted out twinkle.
Twinkle i have an important work wrk for u. U have been chosen by Dr Mehta to look after one of his sickest patient Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle was shocked to hear kunjs name. Tears started forming in her eyes.
K..u……n…j twinkle said with a stammering voice.
Ya twinkle kunj , hes been living in Dr Mehtas asylum from past one year nd u need to handle his case said jaya.

All kimds of mix emotions were flowing in twinkles mind. She didnt knew wat to do. Her past was coming in front of her. Her lover was there in a mental asylum from last one year nd she didnt ever knew about it. It was very shocking for her. She was eager to meet him, to see him.
So she quickly asked Dr jaya about the asylums address. She quickly grabbed her car keys from her desk and rushed to the asylum.

She was driving her way to the asylum nd hale dil was playing in background.
She had tears in her eyes but she was continuously smiling as she will be meeting kunj after 1 year
2 months 3 weeks 78 hours nd 34 seconds. She was craving to hug him , to feel him.
Twinkle was on orphan her mother died one year back due to cancer. She was double happy firstly for meeting kunj after one complete year and secondly she knew she had some one of her own in this world.

Twinkle reached to asylum md quickly parked her car and went inside. She went towards Dr Mehtas cabin. She entered the cabin and greeted him. Hello sir said twinkle.
Hello twinkle said dr mehta. I know Dr jaya told u about my patients.
Yes sir said twinkle.
Twinkle plz handle him bcz i cant. His bebe nd her husband wants him to be completely cured. They r asking me about this daily nd i dont know wat to do. So best option was to call u. Hope ull cure him twinkle said Dr Mehta.
Sure sir ill do, dont wrry said twinkle.
I completely trust u my child said dr mehta.
Sir can i meet him said twinkle.

Mr nodded towards her nd she rushed to kunjs room
She opened kunjs room and saw him sitting on the floor.
He was crying nd was continuously blurting out that they are bad. …… They are very bad.
Twinkle had tears in her eyes. She wasn’t able to see kunj in that condition.
So she quickly went and gave kunj a bone crushing hug.
Kunj was perplexed because he didnt saw twinkles face but he felt peace in her embrace.
Twinkle broke the hug and was continuously looking in his eyes.
Kunj started yelling twinkle,twinkle, twinkle little star. U r twinkle na haina haina …. I know u na …….
Kunj was behaving insanely.
Twinkle was sobbing seeing him in that condition.
Twinkle u r back , u r back to me haina. Said kunj. …

Twinkle just nodded her head nd said yes ur twinkle is back.
She made kunj stand nd took him out of his room.
Ward boys were shocked to see kunj out of his room with twinkle , so wardboys came rushing near them but twinkle showed her hands in stopping position.
She went towards Dr mehtas cabin nd went inside with kunj.
Dr mehta i want to take kunj to my home plz said twinkle.
Dr mehta gave her questioning look.
Sir i know u r confused but plz let me take him away i know kunj from before. Sir trust me i can take his proper care but not ever here. Plz sir. I know bebe from before.
Plz sir i will make kunj like before promise.
Dr mehta thought it for few minutes and agreed to it but asked her to be completely aware of everything bcz kunj becomes hyper in no time.

Twinkle smilled nd nooded her head. So sir i may take a leave.
Sure twinkle said Dr Mehta.
Chale kunj said twinkle.
Yeeeee said kunj nd was continuously smiling.

Precap- new beginning

I hope u all will like it. Plz everyone comment on it. Is it boring plz tell. Its my first ff so guys plz tell is it going nice or not?

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  1. SidMin

    Wow Chiku Loved it
    So emotional and so filmy 1 year
    2 months 3 weeks 78 hours nd 34 seconds
    Loved it and Twinkle taking Kunj to her house just loved it 🙂

    1. Chiku

      I am glad that u liked it dear??????????????
      Hahaa mien kya karun mien hoon hie itni filmy.
      Love for movies??

  2. Priya_

    how sweet..
    loved the episode
    waiting for the next

    1. Chiku

      Thanks priya

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sanjana

  3. Aww!! I am sure that twinkle will cure twinkle sooon with their live!! Heart touching epi!! The way twinkle remembers the time spent without kunj n the way she hugged him depicts pure love. Amazing!!!?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks aya

  4. Awesome.. loved it.. and you’re going very good.. am sure twinkle will cure kunj soon 🙂 .. do cont soon ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sidvee

  5. Shreya098

    Amazing chiku…

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shreya

  6. Angita

    Awesome yaar chehak

    1. Chiku

      Thanks angs?

  7. Sayeeda

    Chiku…. Rula diya yr tune…
    Sacchi I was having tears in my eye’s when I was imagining kunj behaving insanely…. Nd Twinkle pain seeing kunj in that state….

    Amazing episode yrr… Awesome…
    Loved it to the core….
    Chiku tere ff nain mera dil jeet liya hai Chiku…..

    Love u ??

    1. Chiku

      Diiii i am happy dat u r liking it ???????????????????
      Mare liye isein acha kya hoga.
      Luv u

  8. Romaisha

    Haww boring????? Never!!! It got all the more interesting!!!! Like way interesting!!
    Yaarrrr post soon please!!!! Can’t wait !!!
    Love u di ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks romaish????

  9. Loved it chiku…post next soon…

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dii??

  10. Thanmy

    Chiku it was fabulous
    I just loved it
    It was awesome ….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks thammy?

  11. Awesome chiku….. Nxt part soon….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sana

  12. Kritika14

    OMG! Chiku, this was just so amazing! How do you manage to write so well? And the concept .. its so new and interesting. Such an emotional episode …. Write soon x Love you ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks monica. I am happy that u r liking it ??

  13. Fan

    Wow chiku the episode was very filmy..i loved it!!it is not boring at all..the episode was awesome..plz post the nxt part asap

    1. Chiku

      Thanks fan?

  14. SIDMIN-Daamini

    chiku awsome dear
    loved it
    plzz keep writing like this as i am very eager to know about ur story plot
    love u

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear???

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional

    1. Chiku

      Thanks purnima ?

  16. Baby

    oh god chehak vry emotional episode luvd it post nxt asap
    luv u dear osm

    1. Chiku

      Thanks baby?

  17. Jisha

    Wow.. chiku… an emotional episode… Awesome

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di?

  18. Shatakshi

    Omg chiku
    That was Awesome❤❤

    1. Chiku

      Thanks satu??❤️❤️??

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