It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 11)


IT WAS ALL A LIE……………Episode 11

The most awaited moment of our life
The most amazing thing i ever dreamt of.
The best thing of my life.
The love of my life will be with me forever
I know she also feels the same
And i know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Twinkle was sitting in her room and wasnt able to decide wat to wear. Kunj came in the room snd handed twinkle a beautiful red saree. Twinkles face immediately lighted up after seeing a beautiful red saree with heavy blouse. Blouse had sequence work on it and sarees colour was not exactly red but had a tone of pink also in it.
Thank u kunj said twinkle excitedly.
Now just go and wear it. I can’t wait more to see u in this attire. Said kunj.
Twinkle smilled and ran to bathroom to change her attire. After one hour kunj was ready in his brinze and maroon colour sherwaani. He was desperately waiting for his lady love to come out of the room nd the next moment he can not believe his eyes. Twinkle was standing infront of him. She wore the saree and was looking breathtaking gorgeous. She did minimal makeup with cherry red lipstick bcz red lipstick make girls look bold ,elegant and wat not. She had beautiful bangles in her both the hands and big jhumkaas in her ears.
Kunj was awestruck to see his lady love.
Kunj lets go said twinkle.

Hmmm replied kunj.
Kunj shouted twinkle and dragged him out of the house.
They both reached to near by temple and asked pandit ji to start the ritual. Pandit ji started chanting the mantras and soon twinj took seven vows holding each others hand.
Panditji then blessed both of them and they headed back towards their home.
It was late at night. Twinj reached farmhouse and kunj immediately blindfolded twinkle.
Twinkle didnt utter any word and walked with kunj. They both reached to a dark room. Kunj removed twinkle blindfold and light was also switched on in the room. Twinkle was awestruck to see the room. It was decorated with Candles and hanging lanterns. Twinkles favourite orchids and carnation flower were spead all over the bed and der decoration was done on the wall. On the right side of the room a cute fondant cake was kept with twinj written on it and cute pair of love birds made on it.
It was simply breathtaking. Twinkle immediately turned towards kunj and hugged him tightly.
I love u said twinkle.

I love u too meri jaan said kunj.
Then they proceeded to cut the cake. They both cut the cake and feed it to each other. Cake was smeared near twinkles lips. So kunj took the opportunity and sucked the cake near twinkles lips. Immediately twinkle pulled kunj toward herself and started kissing him. They both shared a passionate and a wild kiss

They kissed for ten minutes then broke the kiss.
Kunj picked twinkle in his arms and laid her on the bed. He then came upon her and started giving wet kisses on her neck, all this while twinkle was moving her hand in his hairs. Kunj slowly went toward her face and in that time twinkle removed kunjs sherwaani. Kunj then proceeded his hands towards her pallu and removed it. Twinkle was turning crimson with all his act.
Twinkle then slightly pushed kunj snd came on top of him. She started kissing him upon on his chest. Then again they both shared a passionate kiss. Soon they both switched of the light of the room and completely entered into each other.
Next morning kunj was sleeping with his chest towards the ceiling amd twinkle was half on the bed and half on him. Her back was facing the celing. They both were only covered with a blanket.
Kunj was disturbed from his sleeps due to sunrays. He just smilled looking towards the window and then kissed twinkle on her head and moved his hand on her back. Twinkle got up due to his touch and smilled looking towards him.
Kunj u r free na asked twinkle.

Ya sweetheart i am said kunj.
Then twinkle pulled kunj towards herself with all his force and twinkle started kissing him passionately and they again enterd into each other.
It was the best feeling for them. They were completely owned by esch other. It was not only the meet of naked bodies but also of two souls. Their souls were happy to be in esch others embrace. After 3 hours kunj was sitting in thr hall and was doing some work in his laptop.
Twinkle was just sitting and seeing her husband.
Twinkle was hell frustrated and she went and closed kunjs laptop and sat on his lap. She started kissing him on his face and lips.
Kunj thats not fair na u r busy with ur laptop my sauten grumbled twinkle.
Kunj smilled at her childeshness and kissed her and was moving hands on her thighs as twinkle was wearing a spagetti and shorts.
Twinkle then kissed kunj and started unbuttoning his shirt. This made kunj turn wild and he also started kissing her. They both were enjoying this alot.
Twinkle then removed her spagetti top by herself and then kunj picked her and the proceeded toward their room.
After some tym der wr moans and groans , laughs and sobbing was heard from their room. They didnt bothered about anything and anyone in this world. They were completely into each other.

Helllo guys. I sm sorry for being late. I am busy now adays. Sorry
Guys i hope episode acha ho. I hope mien achi tarah romance dikhaa paayi
Criticism is most wlcm

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    Chalo ab akele mujhe koi nahi kahega ki I write much of hot romance???..U have entered the same category.. Haha..
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    do cont!…
    ur ff is unique in urs tw is more romantic den kunj

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