It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 10)


Hello guys. Plz read the episode and i have some thing important to ask.

IT WAS ALL A LIE …….. Episode 10

I want to be with her
I want to feel her
I want to love her
She makes me crazy
She loves me like i do
We both need each other
And i know only one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Next day twinkle woke up and was working in the kitchen. Kunj was sleeping now also.
Oh god look at this sadu he is sleeping now also said twinkle with a disgusting face.
Twinkle went to der room and saw him sleeping. She sat beside kunj and kept her right hand on his forehead.
Kunj get up said twinkle.
Kunj didn’t respond to her so this made her worried.
Kunj kya hua. Plz get up na. Kunj cried twinkle.
Immediately twinkle felt some kind of pull and she closed her eyes. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Twinkle was upon kunj.
Twinkle said Kunj.
Kkkk…unn..jj said twinkle.
Plz dont cry said kunj and he kissed her tears.
U wr fooling me kunj asked twinkle.
Sorry said kunj and digged her head in her neck.
I am sorry na baba. I wanted to spend tym with u bht u wr busy in ur wrk. So I thought ill do this and ull be with me said kunj.
Twinkle got up from kunj and sat on the bed. Kunj also got up and back hugged her.
Naraaz hai asked kunj
No sadu said twinkle with a giggle.
I love u said kunj.
I love u too said twinkle and gave peek on his cheeks.
Now go get ready said twinkle.
Kunj made a pout and ran to bathroom. Then twinkle went to kitchen and started preparing break fast. After half an hour kunj came from behind and hugged twinkle tightly. Twinkle could feel kunjs breath. He was breathing heavily. Twinkle immediately turned around and kunj made her sit on the kitchen slab. Twinkle wrapped her legs around his waist.
Twinkle said kunj breathing heavily.
Kunj wat happened y r u breathing so heavily asked twinkle.
Twinkle u wont leave me na asked kunj.
No kunj u r my life i wont leave u forever said twinkle with a smile.
Kunj digged his head in her neck and hugged her very tightly.
Kunj wat happened asked twinkle.
Nothing i just want to be with u said kunj with tears in her eyes.

Twinkle could feel smthing wet on her neck.
Kunj u r crying said twinkle.
Kunj remained silent and twinkle moved his face away from her neck. Twinkle kissed kunj on her cheeks , forehead.
Dont cry mera bacha said twinkle with a pout.
Kunj smilled looking at her childeshness.
Twinkle then glared kunjs lips and proceeded for a kiss. They both kissed passionately but unfortunately had to part ways because of lack of oxygen.
Twinkle will u marry me asked kunj.
Twinkle immediately hugged kunj and said yes.
We will marry today only twinkle bcz one year back on this same date we wr engaged now we will marry on same date said kunj with a smile.
Twinkle nodded her head and they both gave each other a bone crushing hug.

Hello guys. I
I wana ask do u all r liking my ff or not. In my last episode i only got 15 comments which r not sufficient. I showed confession but only few ppl commented. I know my confession was very simple it was not like other ffs. I wanted to show the simplcity and bond between the trio. Thats y it was very simple but i think nobody liked it. Guys i know i am not a good writer as u all. I request u all to comment plz????
Ur comments r my support system.
If u all r not liking my ff then plz tell ill wind it up by one episode. Plzzz guys. Its a request plz comment.
I always ask u all if u want some changes but nobody responds.
Guys plz comment plzz??????
I was really depressed after seeing less comments but then also I posted the episode.
Plz comment karo itne kam comments dekhe i was crying.
It feels bad to see that all other ff get soo good comments but u get so low.
Plzzz i k ow my ff us not that interesting.
Its all upto u all now if u will comment then only I’ll continue or i ll end it by one episode.
I planned so much for further track but it seems like nobody is interesting in reading my wrk. ????????????????
Ur comments r only my support system ???☹️?

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  1. Tara

    how dare u??
    tumhari himmat kaise hui chiku ke bare m aisa bolne ka..??
    how can u say she isnt a good writer?/
    mujhe gussa araha h…
    ztada ho gya na..
    sorry bt darlo dnt say like this..
    i knw cmmnts are the support system of ff writers and i knw how it feels when u get less cmnts.. bt u knw there are a lot of silent readers who read ur ff everyday without fail.. and m among them 😛
    yeah actually i m very lazy to cmmnt..
    i only cmmnt on os as they are not series.. lol..
    bt u knw u write very well nd m one of ur fan.. so plzzz never ever say that…
    lots of love take care..

  2. How said that ur ff is boring or not interesting its awesome but the change u hve to do is it should hve full of romance ? in it everyone likes romance and suspense sooo don’t vind it ??

  3. I love it

  4. Anya_sharma

    Hey dear….
    i read ur ff for the first tym….. nd i jst loved it…..
    I jst wanna suggest that do use punctaution marks bcz sometimes it gets tough to understand the language…..
    sorry if i hurted u… bt jst said wat i felt

  5. Rashiverma2199

    I’m really loving this ff…pls carry on….

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aaawwww chiku….twinj were so cute ……n dear there is nothing like that …..actually so many of us R having exams n coz of that we are not able to read or comment …that’s all ….OTHERWISE TWINJ WERE AWSOME YAAR
    LOVED IT ???

  7. Ayu

    Chiku! Dont be soo sad. Ur such a cutie pie…i dont like it when someone with such a cute name cries!!! I loved this epi to the core…awaiting their wedding sooo much??
    Post soon n pls dont be sad❤️❤️

  8. Deborah Thomas

    This is the first time i’my reading your ff I really it n simplicity is the best and I shall continue to read this one

  9. Hey chiku dont tgink of ending it yr.. Its awesome…. Continue it…. Its amazing…. And post soon the nxt part

  10. Twinj foreever always

    I m a silent reader but since ur so sad I want to tell u that ur an amazing writer and there are a lot of silent readers like me… so dont be sad .. also exams are going on so ppl are commenting less..very nice epi

  11. Sameera

    Hey chiku don’t feel bad yar
    We r here to support u
    N no need for any changes as the story is perfect in its own way …
    Twinj binding evrything perfect
    Loved all the epi till date

  12. Baby

    hey chehak dekh aaj toh mat sad sad ho
    u shuld always stay happy happy dekh exams r strting frm 14th till 23
    bt i m sure uske baad tera ff ll b hving 100s of cmnts its jst all r busy studying ab bhai top jo krna hai sbne hehheeee
    yr dont feel bad acha bata my smile layi kya tere chere par
    dont wry darling u r amazing n bilkul bhi nhi sochna end krne ki nhi toh i wont talk 2 u
    u no merko kitni pasnad hai teri ff mein w8 krti hun iske post hne kaa or tu
    n mein apko batarhi hun na bacha dont wry dey ll increase u no baba dont wry lub u lods ….
    promise me u wont get disappointed n ll keep on iting bcz sm ppl here luv u a lot n ur ff 2….

  13. Jiya_Ani

    Yeh bhadiya hai..Chiku ..very good call yourself as bad writer as you can..
    Seriously… If you are not getting comments..does that mean that you are a bad writer???..
    If yes then think again..pata hai when I started Yehi hai Ishq..I used to get max to max 12 comments..but still I cont with my ff..

    Please its my humble request don’t get demoralized with the no. Of comments..
    We all love you??..

    and epi was really nice and I really liked the confession in previous epi..

  14. Nice epi do continue asap ♥ ♥

  15. Great epi loved it and see I don’t like your ff but love it will be eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. U are rally a queen

  16. Meeta

    Haww. It was so good.
    How can u say that u r not going good.
    U don’t know the intensity level that I’ve not studied a bit today n I’m commenting.

  17. ohhhhh chiku don’t feel bad Yr
    you are a very good writer
    this story is so interesting and you know this is the only one which I read on daily basis as I loved it a lot
    and the confession was really so sweet
    don’t you dare to call it bad !!!!!!
    and this episode is sooooooooooo soooooooo good
    keep writing parts like this
    and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    plzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it
    plzzzzzzzz give us all the parts you have think of
    and post them soon

  18. Ranabulbul

    Are khamosh
    How dare u
    To say that u aren’t a good writer han tell me na
    U r amazing ok
    I never cmnted as I was busy with my exams
    Plz understand na
    Baby u r so so goof in writing
    And editing also I have sent u a message on tu plz check it and answer me ok
    Bbye and do post soon

    1. Chiku

      Dear thanks❤️? I am happy that u commented for first tym❤️
      Its ok exams r first and I didn’t receive any dm from u

  19. Zuha Fatima

    Kuku…Jaanu so sorry ? Please mujh bechaari ko maaf karde aaj kal test mein busy hoon toh time nahi mil raha hai! Sorry pichli epi par cmnt nahi kiya but abhi abhi padhi! Buhat hi badhiya likhi tu ne 🙂 I seriously enjoyed it! Aur ek aur baat..Mere haath se thapad khane ka iraada hai kya? Seriously tu FF khatam karne ka soch rahi hai? Agar soch rahi hai na toh iss soch ko door bhaga de warna ??? Chodun gi nahi tujhe! Aur haan cmnts ki tension na lo! Bas likho dil se likho aur chill maaro!
    Loads of love darlo ???
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  20. I m shattered to see such a good writter saying that is is not good
    Oh come on cheer up
    We all love U and your ff
    And ya a request to U
    Please make your ff little longer as we love to read it
    Bye see ya love you:-);-)

  21. Kritika14

    Mujhe lagta hai now i’ll have to slap you. How dare you say you are a bad writer? Like dude no way! You write amazingly well, no doubt. So stop thinking in such a way. and regarding the comments, i really get your feel as even i am going through the same because even my comments have fallen down badly. Maybe exams really are the reasons for the less comment. Dont get disheartened. Just continue writing because you have an amazing talent. Love you ?

  22. Thanmy

    May I know what the hell did u write in the last part what was that like seriously r u mad I know I’m rude but what to do if u get low comments it doesn’t mean that ur not a good writer ur fab I just love ur ff n don’t dare to end this understood
    Sorry for being rude okkkk now stop crying n smile itni si baat ke liye rothe hai kya pagal this one was fab n wonderful
    Next time not only next time never ever dare to talk all this crap okkk
    Don’t feel bad I’m ur sissy na itna haq toh hai jab behen stupid cheeze karti hai tho usse dante soooooooooo never say this again

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi…..loved it….aur tum ye kaise keh skti ho k tum ac hi writer ni ho….tum bhot acchi writer you…aur confession bhi bht accha tha

  24. SidMin

    Loved the episode sorry I commented late I am really sorry and Dare you end the ff and Loved the episode and Twinj getting married WOW Love it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  25. Superb epi.. loved it.. and dear u r a fantastic writer.. ur ff is not boring.. ur ff has a diff concept and it’s amazing.. n plz don’t end ur ff.. and the confession was amazing too.. Plz don’t feel sad and bring a smile to ur beautiful face 🙂

  26. Firstly I’m very very sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes…Chiku don’t be disappointed with less comments bcoz now many have exams and they can’t comment…the confession was very simple and beautiful loved it to the core…Awesome episode…Twinj marriage wowwwwwww…try to post next soon…

    Take care…

    Love you ????

  27. Twinjfan.tamanna

    chiku…it was so cute n romantic episode….plz maaf kardena I didn’t cmmnt on ur previous epi…bt I loved the simple confession…cant wait fr next epi…plz do post u…

  28. i m sry 4 late cmnt…bt i really liked ur ff…n plz don say 2 end…love u

  29. Romaisha

    Kuku!!!! ????????? Teri tuh meh!!!
    You r so damn lucky i fell ill last night and comment right away! ? (Now its 5:51pm here and i read ur ff last night at 10:30, now back from school)

    Yaaaarrr 15 comments???? U r seriously having more progress then i was! At this rate i only had 8-10 comments! How dare you??? Don’t you know ur ff is one of my fav? Huh?? ??? my kuku di doesn’t know me at allll ? how bad!!! For this i won’t talk to u but please don’t say you’re a bad writer and that ur ff is boring else I’ll come there n put two more slaps in u !!!

    Now abt this episode….. Superb ad usual yaar ❤ i don’t need to tell u that!!!
    So sorry im not getting to comment But because of my skl work im not able to sadly.. But i always read ur ff of course!!

    Unless u stop talking bad abt my Kuku i won’t speak to u

    Love you still ❤ and i hope this stunt wont be pulled again! -_-
    Again sorry for late comment…

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