It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 1)



I remember her
I remember every moments spent with her
I remember her laugh , her giggle
She was the shining star of my life.
I was mad at her.
I was mad…………
Nd i truly became mad for her.
She was my beloved
I loved her and will always do ,

Its said that love starts with an impression but ends with depression………….. But if it lands a person in a mental asylum……….
It happened with a guy. Tha was not a mad but was made a mad by the world.
The man was a very fun loving , cute, caring person. Who loved everyone but did everyone loved him back.

A room is shown with a man in 20s sleeping on a hard bad. His facial expressions showed that his mind and heart were not calmed. He had lines in his forehead. His lips had a curve but the curve was not for happiness it was for all the dismay he had. His deep brown eyes showed pain and grief. Now his full face is shown. The man is non then than kunj sarna.

There were some noises coming from other rooms. There were noises of people shouting , grumbling , crying, laughing and what not. These noises will make u feel like u r standing in a mental asylum ………. Ya it was a mental asylum
Kunj was one of the patients of mental asylum.
He was living in this mental asylum from past one year.
He was also a mental like other people living there.
Suddenly some one splashed water on kunj.
Kunj got up and saw a man standing in front of him with a half filled water jug.
The amn shouted on kunj to come for dinner. Kunj like an obidient student listened to him and went to the dinning area of the mental asylum. This mental asylum was of a very rich bussiness man who so there were provision made for dining area.

Kunj went to the table took a steel plate for himslef and went and stood their in a quae.
His facial expression showed that he was not interested in eating but he had to eat forcefully because the ward boys wont give him food afterwards. So he was simply standing and waiting for his turn but the person behind him started laughing loudly, and was pushing kunj. This made kunj angry and he started beating that person blue and black. Kunj was just murmuring one line while beating him. He was continuously saying that she is mine , stay away from her , u cant take her away from me.
All the ward boys came running to him and caught hold of him from back and they took kunj to a dark room and tied him to a chair and started giving him electric shocks.
People ofter think that electric shocks are give to cure a person but it not so, electric shocks are give just to calm dwn the person suffering from mental illness.
All this while kunj was shouting badly and asking for mercy but they were least interested in his words. Doctors have give strict oders to the ward boys that if any one behaves the way kunj did , give them electric shocks straight away without asking or counulting doctors

Electric shocks made kunj unconscious. They took him to his room and kept him on his bed and locked his room from outside. This was the daily routine for kunj. He was used to it completely.

He was not mad but was made by world. His innocence , showed his whole heartidness but one incident changed him completely.

Precap- enrty

Guys its my first ff. Plz tell was it good or bad. Did u all liked it. How was the poem in the beginning??????? Was i able to show kunjs dismay and grief?? Plz do comment and let me know about it. If ull tell to continue then only I’ll continue it .?
Luv u all ?????

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  1. SidMin

    Chiku finally your ff Loved it the start Kunj in mental asylum 🙁 but want to know the reason for it waiting for the next episode 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks ????

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome…episode ….lovely it…

    1. Chiku

      Thanks rashi

  3. Joonakanksha

    Wow…awesome chiku

    1. Chiku

      Thanks joon

  4. It’s awesome start.. but feeling bad for kunj?? poor him.. and that too in a mental asylum?.. can’t wait to know what happened.. do cont soon ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sidvee?

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi

    1. Chiku

      Thanks purnima??

  6. Romaisha

    Chiku??? Huh!!!! I started reading and I’m like “this is a very nice concept and a different yet mind blown story..” And when i saw your name i was soooo happy!!! ?????????? yayyy !!!
    I cant wait to keep reading!! Pleash postt ur next episode soon !! 🙂
    Love u di ?

    1. Chiku

      I am happy that u liked it ???????????????????????
      Ill post it soon

  7. Angita

    To good start yaar
    What a concept❤❤

    1. Chiku

      Thanks angita

  8. Sanjanaagrawal

    What a concept …. loved it and plz continue….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear

  9. Thanmy

    Chikuuu awesome yaar
    Kunj grief was like in front of my eyes
    Its sooo good
    Doesn’t seem I like ur writing for the first time
    Loved it pls cont soon

    1. Chiku

      Thanks thammy ???
      Ill post it very soon

  10. Sayeeda

    Amazing start Chiku.
    I’m so excited for ur next episode….
    Ur concept is fab……
    Plz post next one soon
    Love u ????

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di ? ?
      I am glad that an amazing writer like u liked my ff

  11. Priya_

    Wonderful start..
    A different one..
    Waiting for the next

    1. Chiku

      Thanks priya??

  12. poor kunj…electric shock…feeling bad…
    w8in 4 kunjs condn reason…post asap..

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sujina?

  13. Amazing epi.. Waiting for the next part..

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sidhanshi?

  14. Saby

    Chiku…. ALl the best…
    Amazing start darling….
    And I loved it… Different concept
    Wanna have more… And more…
    Post asap…. Love uh ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks jaan??

  15. Sameera

    Awesome start chiku
    Plz post next one soon
    Eagerly waiting for it

    1. Chiku

      Thanks sam??????

  16. fantastic concept
    feeling like crying on Kunj’s positions
    but there are thousands of questions in my mind for it so I wanna read this story fastly to have those answers

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shikha

  17. Shreya098

    Amazing start chiku…
    Waiting for it..

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shreya

  18. Kritika14

    Amazing start! I loved it so much. This is just so interesting. Waiting for the next episode. Love you ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks monica??
      Luv u too ?

  19. Amazing chiku!! Loved it..continue it soon ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear. ?

  20. Shatakshi

    Oouyyeee hoeeeee chiku
    It was Amazing
    Mujhe bataya kyu nai that u r writing…thank God I just checked the ff nahi to ittna aacha ff miss ho jata
    Love u dear❤❤

    1. Chiku

      I luv u nd i am glad that u liked it

  21. Amazing awesome start chiku…kunj in mental asylum electric shocks feeling bad for him…unique concept…do continue and post next soon…can’t wait more…thank you chiku for keeping up my words and starting a ff…

    Love you chiku???

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di?????????
      Nd will post soon

  22. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing start…u showed kunj’s grief very well..yaar wait nahi ho raha he abto apko jaldi post karna hi hoga…luved it.. 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear?? i already posted it.

  23. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Dear chiku
    Loved it
    Plzz post next one soon

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear????

  24. Nice

  25. Baby

    omg chiku seems so intresting
    sry dear late hone ke liye bt osm
    i no ino u posted as well osm yr luv u
    vry cute n intresting bt d shocks given 2 kunj shit oh babaji y

    1. Chiku

      Thanks baby??

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