A lie for love -episode 1

Hey Guys. I am here to tell you all a beautiful love story with some fun & confusion. So now let’s start the story.

A big building is shown which is named as SM beauty company.

One girl enters in office with roses in hand & goes to reception.

Siya: hi my name is Siya where is sanskaar?

Receptionist: He is in his cabin mam.

And she goes to meet him.

Siya: hi sanskaar.

Then our hero will be seen wearing black dress looking dashing.

Sanskaar: hi Siya what are these flowers for?

Siya: I love you.

Sanskaar: What???

Siya: yes I am in love with you from one month.

Sanskaar: Oh thanks for the compliment. And have now your face is looking good after treatment. Nice improvement.

Siya: That was all because of you. But my love is not compliment it’s true.

Sanskaar: sorry but I have never seen you in that way.

Siya: Atleast from now see me in that way. Think slowly and say tomorrow ok. Bye.

Sanskaar: Bye .

He leaves from office to house. At night while sleeping another girl calls him.

Sanskaar: hello

Diya: it’s me Diya. Are you sleeping?

Sanskaar: no I am dancing on bed.

Diya: nice joke.

Sanskaar: why you called me at this time ?

Diya: just now I have seen you in my dream.

Sanskaar: What? But why I came in your dream?

Diya: Because you have stolen my heart. I Love You.

He gets irritated & cuts the call. Again she calls on landline & disturbs him. Whole night he spends sleepless nights.

Next day in office by seeing him tired his friend tries to talk to him

Dev: What happened sanky? Why are you looking so tired?

Sanskaar: dev this Diya is torturing me whole night. I am not getting any idea to get rid of her.

Dev: Not only dita but rosey, navy and, bhavya there are so many who are surrounding you.

Sanskaar: look there another one is newly joined.

Dev: Woah you are so lucky man.

Sanskaar: here I am feeling suffocated by their tortures & you are saying that I am lucky.

Dev: These many girls are falling for you means I am sure there is some luck in your fate.

Sanskaar: love is not a face cream which we roam around by applying it for 4 days. It is a beautiful feeling which belongs to heart.

Dev: Really I don’t know it till now.

Sanskaar: I know that is why i am saying you.

Siya comes there.

Siya: hi.

Sanskaar: hi.

Siya: What do you think about my love?

Sanskaar: I…vo….

Dev: ha….we are discussing about you only. If you want to marry him then you have to take permission from one person.

Siya: ha I know that I have to take permission from his parents.

Dev: not only mom & dad but also from his wife.

She was shocked like he’ll.

Siya: What sanskaar is married?

Dev: Of course he is married one time & he had a beautiful wife.

Siya: Sorry sanskaar I don’t know that you are married. Bye.

After she left sanskaar hits on dev’so head.

Sanskaar: Idiot why you told such a big lie to her?

Dev: In order to save you my bestie. See my one lie made her leave silently. So chill from now onwards no girl will disturb you saying I love you. Main hoo na.

After sometime swara is seen entering in company wearing blue jeans & pink shirt. She goes to reception

Swara: Hello can I meet Mr sanskaar please?

Receptionist: one second.

She then calls him.

Sanskaar: hello

Receptionist: Somebody came for you sir.

Sanskaar: Ya please send in.

Then Swara enters in his cabin. By seeing he feels love at first sight.

Song plays

Tu nazm nazm sa mere

Honthon pe thehar ja

Main khwaab khwaab sa teri

Ankhon mein jaagun re

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  1. Neptune

    Awwwwww it was cute.. waiting for swasan meet and sanskaar’s heart is already beating for swara.. ??????

    1. S.somani

      Thnq Neptune

  2. Shrilatha

    Hey it feels like srikanth’s movie in Telugu .the comedy one .All the very best for ur story

  3. Vyshu10


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