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Hello guyes sorry for not posting for last three days as i was quite busy and i guess many of you didn’t liked my story line so that is why nobody commented instead of three people and i am really thankful to them for commenting i am continuing it with a hope that maybe any of you would like it so lets continue

Anika and shivaye were shown.Both the families are going to india.Oberois were planing something when shivaye comes
Lets start
It was night priyanka came out of her room when someone dragged her she was about to shout when the person cupped her face with his hand priyanka took a long breath and said
Pri:thankgod it was you mein toh dar hi jai thi(i was scared)
Person:when i am here so what is the fear
Pri:very funny by the way where were you from last two days
Person:i went to shimla for some work
Pri:acha now let me go it’s shivaye bhaiya birthday today and i have to give him surpriz
Per:abhi jana zarari hai(is it important to go now)
Pri:yes it is and priyanka was about to walk when she slips the person hold her they were sharing an eyelock when someone says ahem ahem as they both turn they see the whole family standing thereinstead of shivaye as he was sleeping person take ashirwad from all the elders and hugs omru and somu
Om:ranveer tum itni raat ko yahan
Ran:han woh mein…..mein….han shivaye ko birthday wish karny aya tha
Rud:laykin shivaye baiya ka room toh oper haina toh app nech prinku ky saath…….
Ranveer and prinku at the same time hum galti sy takra gaye thy(we clashed with eachother by mistake)
Om:rudra ajj kal koi bohat zyada takra nahi raha hai
Rud:han o ajj kal koi buhat zyada takra raha hai and both om and rudy smile
Dadi:oye kothyo ab un ki tang kenchna band karo our shivaye ki bithday ki tayaari karo(donkeys?stop pulling their leg and start preperations for shivaye’s birthday)
Omru:ok dadi
And all of them start working while om was working he received a call and went outside it was a girl.
Girl:hello zulfi oberoi
Om:ishana don’t call me that
Ish:ab toh mein zarror bolon gi zulfi oberoi zulfi oberoi
Om:ok sorry
Ish:hahah yeh howi na baat ab btao shivaye bahiya ki birthday plannig kesi cahl rahi hai
Om:buhat achi
And rudra from inside call om
Om:while talking with ishu says aya rudra
Ishu:now you should go
Om:ya right love you bye
Ishu:love you too
In the hall of ob mension
Prinyanka climed on the stair when suddenly she loose her balance and was about to fall when ranveer again hold her they both shared an eyelock when again our kabab mein haddies came and disturbed them both now all the preprations were done and omru went to shivayes room woke him up and tied a peice of cloth on his eyes and asked him to come with them shivaye while walking asked where you both are taking me

Om:bas cahl tu pouch mat
Rud:don’t you trust us
Shi:more than myself
And finally shivomru came to the hall omru opened the cloth o shivaye’s eyes when shivaye opened his eyes it was dark he called omru but they both dissapered when suddenly there was a reflection of light on his face when he say there a video started which was having shivaye’s childhood pics with omru and family and tears were falling down from shivaye’s eyes when all the family member shouted happy birthday shivaye and lights turned on the hall was beautifully decorated with blue and white ballons and curtions all the family members hugged shivaye and wished him.then cake was bought shivaye was about to blow the candles when rudra said arey bahiya wish toh mango
Om:rudra shivaye tujhy larki lagta hai jo woh candle blow karty waqat wish mangy ga(do you think that shivaye is a girl that while blowing candle he will wish something)
Janvi:om sirf larkiyan hi wish nahi mangti shivaye tum wish mango
Shivaye closes his eyes and wish for his family and then says i know tum mujhy dekh rahi ho tum jahan bhi ho hamesha mery saath ho har pal mein tumhary saath hon.tum wapis aa gao i miss you anika and i love you.
And he opens his eyes rudra kya manga bhaiya koi hot si girlfriend
All together shutup rudra and rudra makes a puppy face
In chopra house
Everyone was sleeping instead of anika when she saw ishana and somya sleeping she slowly moved from the bed and walked toward the cupboard and took a small box from it and went towards the garden
Anika saw the moon and said i don’t know where are you.you are fine or not.why you left me alone.why didn’t you came back.you broked your promise.It’s your birthday happy birthday do you remember this bracelet you gave me on your birthday.it’s still with me.because i still love you i can’t forget you please come back to me please now anika was full in tears when she hears a voice from back
Dii app yahan kya kar rahy ho anika while wiping her tears kuch nahi ishu mein toh bas wesy hi baher aye thi and she hides the bracelet
Ish:app mujh sy kuch chopa rahy ho
Ani:nahi kuch nahi and then one more voice comes abhi tak soye nahi app dono as they turn back they find somu standing there anika and ishu:hum aa hi rahy thy somu
And three of them goes

No precap today

So done with my update plz do comment plz and if you didn’t liked so tell me i’ll change the story line

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