our library love #shivika (part 6)

Hello everyone i guess the story is becoming boring that is why just this much comments but those who are commenting thanku soo much shivika meeting will be soon don’t worry about that
Tej shakti and prinku wins the match dadi faints in mandir

Part 6
While toching dadi’s feets annika earring falls and annika leaving without seeing it
Shivaye comes and see dadi sitting and rushes to her
Shi:dadi app theek ho
Dadi:han puttar mujhy kya hona hai woh toh bhalla ho uss larki ka jo mujhy hospital lay gai our phir yahan
Shi:larki kon si larki
Tej:annika naam tha uss ka
Shi:k….k…..kya kaha app ny bary papa

All others get busy
While shivaye was just standing there with tears
Shiv pov
Is it my annika because she was this much kind hearted to help strangers but how can she be there she was no no shivaye how can you think that she is dead but if annika came here why didn’t she met me but how can she come here
Shiv pov end
He was thinking when suddenly his feets touch the earring of annika
Shivaye picked it up and started thinking
It looks so beautiful like a fairy kept on wearing this is it of annika no can it be her ya but…..

No shivaye controll your self it can’t be of annika
Next day rudra went to see a college unknowingly that someone is following him he came out of the car and was about to enter the college when he heard a sound of gun when he turned back a person wearing all things in black face covered was about to shoot him when shivaye come and hits on the face of the person while the gun falls from his hand and police arrests him shivaye goes and hugs rudra
In oberoi mansion
Everyone was sitting in the hall when rudra says to shivaye
Rud:bhaiya app hum sab ka kahyal rakhty hain app hum sab ki taqat hain app ko itni kimat deta kon hai?
Shi:app sub
Rud:but mujhy ap bhi taqat dety ho our somu bhi
Shi:par mujhy app sab hi taqat dety ho

Om:par shivaye hamary elawa bhi toh koi ho ga na jo teri taqat ho
Siv:nahi om tum sab hi meri taqat ho
Om:tu hum sy kuch chopa toh nahi raha hai
Shi:nahi om
Rud:o app bhi na bhaiya hum sy kyoun kuch chopaien gy
Om:han baat toh sahi hai
All goes in their rooms

In shivaye’s room
Shivaye opens his cupboard and takes out a picture of a girl looking of thirteen and a boy of the same age he puts his hand on the girls face and says i miss you annika and i still love you ajj omru poch rahy thy un ky elawa mujhy koun taqat deta hai tum deti ho mujhy taqat mujhy himmat mein ajj tum sy utna hi pyaar karta hon jitna 10 saal pehly karta tha i still remember the day how we met we became friends and than i fell in love with you
Shivaye’s flashback starts

Starting from where annika and shivaye use to talk through the book love story one day shivaye asked annika that he wants to meet her and annika agreed shivaye asked how he is gonna recognise her so he gave her a beautiful set of earrings and annika gave him a watch it was a party in their school
Annika was wearing a pink dress and those earrings while shivaye was wearing suit and the watch given by annika
Both of them were finding eachother when they clash with eachother
Siv:it’s ok

Annika was about to go when shivaye said
Shi:hey wait you are annika
Ani:ya bu and she suddenly sees the watch on shivayes hand
Shi:you are looking beautiful
Annika smiling:thanku you are aswell looking good
Shivaye smiling:just good
Ani:very good
Shiv:just very good
Ani:ok fine you are looking dashing happy
And shivaye give her a misterious smile
The party started all were enjoying and shivika were standing on a corner
Shi:why are you blushing this much
Ani:blushing and that to me
Shi:yes blushing you

Shi:i can’t do it now
Ani:what you can’t do know
Ani:shivayeeee you are too much
Next day shivaye and annika go to the library at the same time
Ani:mujhy nahi pta tha tum itny puntual ho
Shi:our mujhy nahi pta tha ky tum itni pretty ho
Anika:what nothing
Shiv:lets go out

Ani:don’t you want to read books
Shiv:i want but not now
They go out of the library
Anika saw a gollgappa stall and said
Ani:shiavye lets go and have gollgappas
Shi:no annika you know they are soo spicy not good for our health
Ani:oh mr over possesive chalo and annika drags him

No precap today

So done with my update if you liked soo tell in comments please do commenet and tell the confusions or any problem in the story
Shivika are gonna meet soon

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