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Hello ishqies i don’t know how to thankyou all for commenting on my last post and how i shall ask for an apology for not posting yesterday i am really very sorry please forgive
Many of you asked to make shivika meet that is on the end of the story but don’t worry maybe my next epi will the last one because i am not able to post it regularly
So let’s continue with our story
All back to india shivika missing eachother iskara and rumya comes to meet eachother

So let’s continue
Ishkara and rumya went to same hotel

First ishana reached the hotel she was waiting for om to come when finally her wait ends and om comes
Ishana was looking on the other side opposite to om
Om came at her back and going to her whispering in her ear are you waiting for someone
Ish:ya i am waiting for my boyfriend
When she turn back and see om standing there and hug him and he reciprocates

While rumya reach the same hotel and unknowingly book the table beside ishkara
Ishkara were already there when rumya came hand in hand they didn’t saw ishkara but ishkara saw them
And rumya look at them
Rumya at the same time
Ap yahan kya kar rahy ho(what are you doing here)
Ishkara:yeh sawal humien tum sy pochna chaiye
Om to rudra
She is ishu
Rud:what bhabi
Rud:future bhabi
And ishana blushes
While rudra says and this is somu
Om:and ishu he ia my bro and his girlfriend
Ish:what somu you have a boyfriend you never told me do annika dii know about it
Som:so you as well have a boyfriend na
Omru:how you both know eachother
Ishya:she is my sister
They clear all their misunderstandings and have their lunch and return to home till evening after coming home ishya told every thing about omru to her who was happy but aswell scared that what if they lost them
While when omru told about ishya to shivaye he was happy and scared about the same thing

Next morning in OM
Everyone was sitting quietly
Pinki:oh ji ajj holidays hai sab itny chup chap kyuon bethy hain
Dadi:han rudra aj tu bhi chup hai(rudra you are as well quiet)
And priyanka,tej and shakti laugh out loud
Jhanvi:kya howa app teeno ko has kyon rahy ho(what happened to three of you why you all are laughing)
Prinku:maa actually kal raat ko india vs australia match tha
Shakti:pinki yeh teeno bhai australia ki side py thy our mein bhaisaab our prinku india ki side py thy our shart thi ky jo jeety ga woh harny wali team ko ek task dey ja jo unhy pora karna ho ga(yesterday it was india vs australia match obros were on australia side and me and prinku and bhaisaab were on india side and the bet was the team which will win will give the loser game a task which they will have to fullfill)
Jhanvi:so which team won
Tej:ofcourse india
Jhanvi:so what was the task for three of them
Prinku:it was that the three of them have to stay quite for the whole day
And dadi jhanvi and pinki laugh out loud
And obro’s give them an angry wala look
Dadi:ajj mein mandir ja rahi hon(today i am going to temple)
Jhanvi:maaji me and pinki won’t be able to come with you as i have to go to office and piki’s old friend seema chopra is coming
Dadi goes to temple while anika aswell come there
Dadi due to commotionin in temple was about to faint when anika saw her and rushes to her and takes her to hospital
While in oberoi mansion everyone was worried about dadi but shivaye was not at home as he was in office
Annika came with dadi holding her hand pinki saw this and said
Pinki:lo mamigi aa gain(look mamigi has came)
Jhanvi:tum kon ho beta(ho are you dear)
Annika:aunty i am annika acctually she fainted in temple i wasn’t knowing who’s she soo i took her to hospital
Tej:thanku soo much beta you have done alot today
Annika:it was my duty.ok i shall leave now my family will be waiting for me
And she goes when she was going she touched dadi’s feet and in that her one earring falls on floor

Some one attack on rudra shivika’s past revelation

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