our library love #shivika (part 4)

Hello ishqies thankyou for commenting on my last post but i am not getting much comments if you are finding the story boring plz tell me and i am really sorry for not posting yesterday so lets continue our story
Omru wake sivaye in their style all go for shopping rudra and somya are dating eachother

Om:rudra you have a girlfriend and you didn’t told us
Rud:o app toh esy bol rahy ho jesy meny pehly kabhi koi girlfriend nahi bnai
Om:han laykin
Rud:laykin waykin kuch nahi lets go and they all go for shopping
All of them go to a jewellary shop to buy gifts for their ladies.Shivaye received a call and went from to the other side of the shop when he ended his call he moved back and saw a neckalce with to hearts
Shivaye get’s a flashback
Shi:anika i have bought something for you
Shi:first close your eyes
Shi:please anika
Ani:ok and she closes her eyes and shivaye makes her wear a necklace with a heart
And shivaye ask her to open her eyes when opened her eyes she saw the necklace and said
Ani:it’s beautiful
Shi:less than you
And anika smiled
Shi:look there is one more
Ani:for whome
Shi:for me one will be with you and one with me and anika smiled and make him wear it

In present
Tears were rolling down from shivaye’s eyes
When omru came there
Om:shivaye look is it ok for ishana
Rud:and this one
Shi:mery bahiyon ki choice hamesha best hi hoti hai our yeh bhi best hain
Om:shivaye tu ro raha tha
Shi:nahi mein kyoun ron ga
Om:han sso kyoun roye ga
They all have fun and then they all return to oberoi mansion
Next morning
Oberois from canada and chopras from australia leave for india
Flights landed in india
In oberoi mansion india
All were having dinner tej and shakti were discussing something about buisness dadi pinki and jhanvi were busy in their saas bahu gossips omru and priyanka were talking with eachother shivaye was in his own world
Tej to shivaye
Tej:shivaye what about malhotras deal
No response from shivaye
No response
Om shaking shivaye
Shivaye came back to the real world
Shi:yes om
Om:kahan khoya howa tha tu
Shi:kahin nahi
Tej:shivaye mein kuch pouch raha tha what about(he is cut down by jhanvi)
Jha:tej no work now ussay thora rest karny do wesy bhi woh itna kaam karta hai
Rudra:but mom all play no work make jack a dull boy.
Alltogether:shutup rudra
And rudra make puppy face
In chopra mansion
Anishumya were unpacking there lugage when soumya saw a book in anika’s bag
Som:wow dii lovestories.i love this book.can i read it please
Ani:takes the book from soumya’s hands and says this is not a good book it’s all rubbis written in it
Som:but dii
Som:ok baba i won’t read it

In night chopra mansion all were sleeping instead of anika
Anika saw the book
And she gets flashback
She was sitting in the library reading this book when found a slip in it written
“I have read this book are love stories true”
She wrote in answer “yes somelove stories are true”
Next day again when she was reading the book she fought the slip written
“Thanks for answering my stupid question
She wrote in ans
“It wasn’t stupid”
Next day again she fought it written
“That means you aswell believe that it was stupid leave that i’m shivaye and you
In answer
“I am anika”
Their slip chat turned into a daily routine they daily use to read and write they stopped reading the book and started writting & in this all they became friends”
Flashback ends
Anika smiled and looked at the book and said i love you shivaye

In the morning
Ishana wored a beautiful white dress with earrings and pencil heels
While soumya wored a black skirt with pink shirt open hairs
Both of them were looking gorgeous both came to the breakfast table
Ani:kya baat hai kahin jany ki planning hai kya
Ish:dii (and she signs anika to see her phone anika saw her phone)message from ishu
Dii i am going to meet om plz ask dad to let me go without guards
While soumya message the same to anika
Ani:dad they both are going for shopping if security guards will be there what will people think i guess they should go without guards
RC:han you are right ok you both can go without guards but take care of youself
Ishumya:thanku dad and they leave
Ishu didn’t told somu about where she is going to meet om and somu didn’t told her
While obro’s did the same

Ishkara and soumya clash with eachother.india vs australia match. Dadi faints in temple

So i’m done with my update a humble request plz plz plz comment plz

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