our library love #shivika (part 3)

Hello everyone how are you all hope you all are fine thankyou soooooo much for liking and commenting on my last post and i am sorry for not posting yesterday as i am a student hope you all understand really sorry so lets continue

Priyanka and ranveer got caught.om and ishana are dating eachother.shivaye’s birthday

Shivaye was sleeping while omru were waiting for him to awake
Rudra:yeh bhaiya abhi tak kyon so rahy hain(why bhaiya is still sleeping)
Om:pta nahi pehly toh itni der tak kabhi bahi soya(i don’t know)
Rud:i have an idea to wake bhaiya
And he whispers something in om’s ears and both of them give a highfigh to eachother
In shivaye’s room
Shivaye was sleeping while om counts till 3 and rudra throw a bucket of cold water on shivaye
While shivaye suddenly wakes up and see omru standing there and laughing
Shi:what the wuck is this
Rud:bhaiya hum toh bas app ko jga rahy thy (we were just awaking you)
Shiv:iss tarah(like this)
Shiv:kis ka idea tha yeh (whose idea was this)
And both omru points their fingers at eachother
While shivaye gets up from the bed and say:now you both are gone
While omru runs and shivaye run behind them
In chopra mansion
Everyone was doing there breakfast silently when ishu says
Ish:dii aj hum shopping ky liye ja rahy hain na
Ani:yess ishu
Seema c: me and your father are going to office for an important meeting soo we want be able to come
Som:more important then us
Rana c:while smiling says there is nothing more important in our life than our daughters but please try to understand
Anishya”while making sad faces ok

In the kitchen of oberois
Obro’s were in kitchen and were cooking and singing the song(rishton ka yeh bandhan nahi)
When pinki comes and say
Pinki:tum teeno ajj kya khela rahy ho?
Rud:choti maan aj hum apko bruschetta khekain gy
Pinki:kya bru………che kya hai yeh
Om:choti maan it’s brushchetta
Pinki:han woh hi naam itna ajeeb hai toh dish pta nahi kitni ajeeb ho gi
Shiv:mom it’s an italian dish and it’s very famous
Pinki:bas kar to yeh ferangi khanny kha kha kar kya hal ho gya hai mery chaand jesy bety ka
And pinki give him a confuse wala look
On breakfast table
Pri:tu ajj hum saab shopping ky liye ja rahy hain na(so today we all are going for shopping)
Omru yess (only youngsters are going)
Pri:shivaye bhaiya app
Siv:noo prinku i have some work to do
Pri:bhaiya you are breaking your promise you said you will be with us on your birthday and now(shivaye cutting her)
Shi:theek hai chalon ga mein bhi
All were ready for going when ranveer comes and join them

In mall (canada)
Rudra was just entering the mall when he saw a couple he rememberd something and said
Ru:app sab jao mein ata hon and without listening to anyone he left from there
Rudra called soumya while soumya was getting ready.as she see the phone she smiles and pick rudra call
Rud:kahan gaib ho tum
Som:acha ji mein jaib hon
Rud:pta bhi hai kitna miss karraha hon mein tumhy
Som:miss toh mein bhi karrahi thi but i am soo happy that i am going to india and in excitement she kisses on the mobile and then she realise what she did
Rud:lagta hai ajj koi bary romantic mood mein hai issey baat py arz kiya hai
Teri adao py mein vaari vaari
Teri adao py meim vaar vaari
Plz dial 123 for railway inquiry

Som:shutup rudra now i am going anika our ishu dii wait karrahy hongy mera
Rud:itni jaldi chalo koi baat nahi issi bat par arz kiya hai
Teri sansoo ko mery dill mein pnah mil gaye
Teri sansoo ko mery dill mein pnah mil gaye
Agar tu na miley toh yeh dill kisi our par fanah ho jaye
Soum:shutup rudra bye and she cuts the call angrily
When she turns back she see anisu standing there
Ishu:di ajj kal australia ka tapmaan buhat barh gya hai na
Anik:han ishu sahi keh rahi hai tu
Ish:our ajj kal har koi apny sartaj sy naaraz hi rehta hai ajj ka(sartaj means boyfriend or husband)
Sou:done both of you ab chalien
Ani:hum toh pehly hi tayyar thy
While when rudra turns back he see shivom and priveer standing there in shock.
And rudra:what???????

Shivaye and anika remember their moments with eachother.Both families go to india

So done with my update hope you all liked and if you didn’t liked so please tell me and maybe i won’t be able to post it tommorow

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