our library love #shivika (Part 1)

Hello gyues firstly a very very happy new year to you all i know it’s quite late to wish but it’s ok so let me start my story
OBEROIS are same tia swetlana and romi aren’t there
Anika ishana and soumya are sisters
And their parents are rana chopra and seema chopra
So let’s start
A girl in australi is shown scolding a lady sitting
infront of her

Girl:how many times i have to say you don’t eat

but you don’t have to listen to me

Lady:sorry yaar ab kitna danty gi(how much you

will scold me)

Girl:bass sorry kafi nahi hai tujhy mujh sy promise karna ho ga ky tu oily food khana band
kar dy gi(only sorry is not enough you have to promise that you will not eat oily food)


Girl:pinki promise

Lady:pinki promise

Girl:acha sun ab sy roz tu do ghanty exercise kary gi(now listen from today you will do exercise for two hours daily)

Lady:anika no plz(she is anika)

Anika:in an angry tone rainaaaaa

Raina:anika tujhy pta hai kya jab tu dost hoti hai toh ti shayhed ki tarah hoti hai our jab tu doctor hoti hai tu shayhed sy kerala ban jati hai(anika
you know what when you are a friend you are like honey but when you become a doctor you are like a bitter gourd)

Anika:shutup raina

Raina makes a puppy face

Anika:mery india jany ka yeh mutlab nahi hai ky tu apni diet kharab kar dy(i’m going to india doesn’t mean that you will spoil your diet)ok.chal ab mein chalti hon sab ghar par
wait kar rahy hon gy (ok now i’m leaving everyone in home will be waiting for me)and she leaves

On the other hand (in canada)three mens are standing one is scolding the one standing infront of him and discussing some files with the other men standing beside him

1st men:what is this khanna
Khanna:sorry sir it wasn’t my mistake it just happened(he is cut down by the second men)it
just happend that i was staring the girls which were standing next to me and i mixed the files

Khana:sorry sir

2nd men:just leave

And khanna left

3rd men:shivaye yaar ab chor na

Shivaye:yaar mujhy toh samjh nahi aa raha ab
yeh haal hai in ka toh mery india jany ky bad kya ho ga(i’m not able to understand i’m here so this is happening what will happen when i’ll go to india)

3rd men: men hon na yahan sub kuch sambhal lon ga mein(i’m here na i’ll handle everything)don’t you trust me

Shiyave :ravii i trust you alot and he is cut down by ravi

Ravi:but i’m not satisfied
And shivaye smiles
Ravi:ahaa mein qurbaan jaon app ki million dollar smile par
S:shutup ravi acha now i have to leave
R: ya sure chal bye

And shivaye left from their

In anika’s home
Everyone is waiting for her to come

Soumya:kahan reh gai yeh anika di(where is
anika di)
Ishana:somu ajj un ka last day hai job par pehli baar toh unhon ny hamari baat mani hai our teen din ki choti li hai i’m so happy that we are going to india(somu it’s her last day on her job first time she has listened to us and took three day hoildays)

Rana chopra:laykin ap sab ko meri shart yaad hai na(but all of you remeber my condition)

And then anika come and hug him from back

Anika:han papa humien yaad hai ky hmary pass 24 hours guards rahnyn gy(yes dad we remwber that their will be guards with us for 24 hours)

Rana chopra:good

And then anika hug somu

Anika:sorry plz forgive

Somu:it’s ok di meny apo ko maaf kiya baary barry deshon mein esi chotti chotti batien hoti rehti han(i have forgiven u in big countries such small things keep happening?)

Ishu:ajj kal koi buhat barri barri batien nahi kar raha(now adays someone is saying big big things)

And somu give her an angry wala look

In oberoi mansion

Everyone was sitting on dining table and talkin with eachothers in whispers and then suddenly shivaye comes

Shivye:kya ho raha hai yahan


Jhanvi:hum toh un hi

Shakti:normally baar kar rahy thy

Shivye:ok toh mein kab bol raha hon ky app sab kissi chees ki planning kar rahy thy(so when i said that you all were planning some thing)

Altogether:planning no
And gives them a confuse look

Then they all have their dinner some family moments
After dinner everyone goes to their rooms

Shivaye:in sub ko kya ho gya hai subha tak toh theek thy (what happened to all of them till morning they were alright)

And screen stops on his confused face

Ranveer get caught by tej oberoi moments what ishana has a boyfriend who is he??

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