Here are our letters to- Shivaay, Annika, Pinky and Ragini!

Here are our letters to Shivaay, Annika, Pinky and Ragini!

We hope it reaches them.

Dear Shivaay,

We all know that SSO is a faulty person. You are egoistic, rude and Tadibaaz but still you fell for the girl you least expected to, even in your wildest EVER dreams. And you deny that! Like, who are you kidding?

Your own thing for Naam, Khoon and Khandan is on YOUR back now. Its truly said- Karma is b*t*h
The truth is that Shivaay Singh Oberoi has changed.
This Shivaay is like a new green leaf suddenly emerging from a outgrown tree. This Shivvay is delicate, emotional, sensitive and very very vulnerable. This Shivaay, somewhere deep down is aware that his feelings for Annika are irreversible now.

The day you’ll learn what this girl has been sacrificing for you, you’ll become a true Ishqbaaaz.

Best of luck Shivaay, both for being in love and for denying your being in love. It’s just a matter of time when your denial will lose the battle in front of your love.

PKJ (Pagalon Ka Jhund)


Dear Annika,

First of all, you should know, that you are far too awesome to be anything but- KHIDKITOD. (And maybe PALANGTOD : As Nakuul says ;p) You know that the best of you is amazing so bring that tadibaaz out more often. Why to waste it, being in ‘Abla Naari’ mode and crying rivers out.

Maybe you’ve realized where you went wrong. That line to Pinky, ”It was my mistake to do what you said. I should have told Shivaay the truth and healed him with my love. I didn’t believe in power of my love.”
Then why not do it now? Why suddenly did you lose belief in your love, all over again?
Go ahead. Tell him the truth. Heal him with your love.

Both of you definitely have this disease of exaggerating things to a simply different and unimaginable level. It’s truly not that messed up, but quite the opposite: It’s easier!
All of us know that you didn’t leave Shivaay for Pinky but to protect him.
Please listen to your heart; because: Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya!



Dear Pinky,

I’ve always thought that there is hardly any mother so over possessive about her son other than your neighbor: Ishwari (That reminds me – #DontEndkrpkab ) but you are a nasty exception!
All of us know you don’t really love Shivaay, and as Annika quite rightly says, “You only love yourself!”

It’s obviously OKAY to love yourself, no one wants (or needs) the love of such prick like you anyway, but that’s as long as that doesn’t harm others.

You’ve a bad habit of possessing over everything; and you are gonna pay for that. Of course you know that Shivaay’s happiness is with ANNIKA (Or maybe you don’t, in which case, you are dumb)

You want Annika out because of your jealousy. Yeah, makes SOOO much sense.
Love is earned, not begged, and don’t you forget that!

Truth is such a 2rs thing, isn’t it? However much you bend it, it WILL come out. In fact, the more you try to hide it, the faster it comes out. And you poor thing! Did you never think what will happen when the truth comes out? –Your pakki wali ‘OH MY MAATA’.

We understand that your brain is gone Tel Laane . But boy, did things go super pear-shaped with your specific brain!

You are so stupid!


Dear Ragini,

I can obviously call you names like everyone else, and as much I’ll love to, I’ve realized something. A friend of mine thinks you are too unimportant for that, another close friend too ugly, my bestie too full of shit and I think all three of these and much more. So let’s come to the point.

It’s a fact that you are there just to add some comedy in each episode but it’s much fun to watch you make fun of yourself every single time!

Can you puh-leeze get over your ever-forever same dialogue- ‘I can’t wait to be Mrs SSO.’ As if that’s ever going to happen! So keep waiting.
I can’t state how many times Shivaay has said on your face that you are nothing but a damn FRIEND (also which you least deserve to be called )

But you love to fantasy about things that can never be yours, don’t you? And Your Majesty, may I bring to your kind notice that while there is someone for everyone, and the person for you is a physiatrist.

Open a showroom of your goddamn earrings ( Just Saying ;p)

Hey guys! How’s everyone? This is just a fun post, so no offense to anyone.
Lots of love <3

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  1. AMkideewani


  2. Nita D

    Wow….direct dil se CVs tak…..or here, characters tak….

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Agree with you

  4. Navz

    Awesome yaar..sach mein i am feeling d same for them.

  5. Pui

    If I had power , I would definitely send it to them….
    Fabulously presented.
    Anika dear you have a competition here in khidkitod- ness ?

    1. Penny

      I wish that too. Thanks

  6. Ananyagour

    Fantastic work!!!?these letters are very detailed ? i wish you write more such letters…..this is a good way for expressing your opinions to ibians?

    1. Penny

      Thanks. I’ll try to write more. ?

  7. Prajkta

    Amazing letter ??? wish we could send them it would be fun ???

  8. Nice Show and i also Appreciate your Team work. Keep it Up

  9. Hey, that was just so AWESOME!!?….
    The letters were very well presented with a khidkitod style ??…
    Great work…
    Would love to read more ?….

    1. Penny

      Thanks so much ?

    2. i too felt the same…

  10. Aarti32

    I rilli wish these letters of yours r sent to these 4 nuts!! Such straightforward words man!!
    Nagini shud hv at least some self-respect..she’s been asked, directly or indirectly, to stay away, time n again..but she just doesn’t understand!! She’s hell-bent on getting rejected at d wedding mandap ?

    1. Penny

      Thank you so much! Yes hate her a lot.

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  12. Yvonne Codner

    Hi Penny, your assessment of each character is beyond perfection. When you spoke about a more possessive Mom Ishwari came to my head and there you wrote it. Amazing work.

    1. Penny

      Thank you.

  13. Fenil

    Really awesome.
    Wish we can send them.
    Khas kar ke Shivaay ke bachhe ko.

  14. Zaveesha

    Haha..very nice..

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