A letter to swaragini’s CVS


A loud applause for cvs… For brutally murdering our favorite show… Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur
What attracted me in this story WAS step sisters became soul sisters!
Now cvs has made great mess with ol character ???…
Swara was bubbly and chirppy.. . And a bengali.. Bought up by single mother and her dida.
Where as ragini was innocent, a marwadi gal, grown under the shade of her dadi.. Had father and dadaji…!
The story has to revolve around two sisters with musical touch!
Swara was the girl who stood with truth… As the story progress u degraded her character…  She became jasoos…i like her detective giri to some extent…  But u guys made her like sherlock…  She has doubt in each and every thing!  And one more thing is that she has became rona dona girl… Who end up in crying in each scenes!! When sahil’s track came…  She believed a stranger..  Not even her sister! Where that bold swara went?  It just memory loss track… Not character loss track! Don’t make her like next gopi and simar! Its a request!
And if we come to ragini…  Oh god.. Cvs had made complete destruction in her character…  Or in other words… Their experiments went wrong! Most of them loved ragini as innocent girl! But u made her obsessive lover.! Why u made her ‘weak’? the girl who went against world to unite parents… Where her strength went?…  If she had the strength to unite her father with his ex lover…  Then why cant she tell her family.. She like laksh…  Why cvs?

The crimes she did during negative was worst…  If u can make her negative.. Then u should also know how to give ‘proper redemption track’…
U could have given proper redemption track during fake case against swara
U could have shown ragini taking up all the case on herself!
Atleast u could have made dialouge during laksh betrayal. .. ‘ m sorry swara and family… For what all i did with u i got the result’.
Finally she repented herself by saving swara… She is back in her innocent character… Then where did the courage went?  When she was negative… She was more powerful than now she can’t even open her mouth for fighting back against blackmailer…ok! Ragini was under observation… But they can utilize modern technology like whatsapp etc.. (21st century). Ragini never had memory loss…  But here u made her character loss.! We want innocent courageous ragini…! Ragini is taking step for next gopi or simar!
Utter nonsense you are doing with each track… Sanskar was introduced cause he has seen his ‘lover’s death in front of him’. All of the sudden when kavitha was introduced she wasnt dead plus she went into comma. Are we viewers fools?
When we come to kavyas track…  At least u could have made divorce btw them… Utter nonsense…  Without getting divorced…raglak are married!
When cvs introduced sumis pregnancy track…  I thought entire diff concept… She will deliver the baby and parish will adopt the baby…  Here u made complete mess by introducing fake pregnancy track… I dont know whats the need for that…  If a women can brought up her daughter as single mother…  Then why cant she fight against society when she got pregnant..? Here also you showing women weak! Please cvs atleast dont show women as weak!

Now if talk about villian list!
“Swaragini – the villian”
Dadi, dp, sanskar, ragini, sujatha(partner in crime with ragsan), laksh, uttara(partner in crime with laksh), kavitha, kavya,karthik, rajat, sahil pari bhabi and now Adarsh. (maheshwari new generation very lucky all became villians)
The next list of villians to be are..  Swara, shekar, sumi, dadaji, rp, ap and swaragini’s brother(m waiting for that day when it will happen)!
Now if talk about the kidnapping story!
“swaragini – the kidnapper ”
Cvs has only one solution…  If something goes wrong…  Next step is to kidnap?
Swara, ragini, sumi, pari and swaragini’s chottu(lucky boy…  U are youngest one to be kidnapped) are kidnapped!
Ragini, sanskar, laksh, rajat, sahil, Parish  are the kidnappers!
Now latest trend is slapping…  Whatever be the reason we shouldn’t raise hands on someone…  Here cvs are giving bad messages…  Be it a small mistake or large…  Main lead has to slap someone! When chottu gonna slap swaragini for not protecting him from kidnappers!
One more thing.. I am thinking is that.. In whole Kolkata…  There is only one place that “falling bridge”…  Whoever fallen from that bridge is alive? – magical bridge!
Last thing is suicide…  If main lead didnt get anything they desire for or they have to do some jasoosi… Next step is to do suicide! Stop showing illogical things cvs its a request!
CVS dont forget swara and ragini are living 21st century…  At least show us… They are working or continuing their academics!
Please atleast show jungalbandi btw sisters… We miss that! At least utilize functions properly give us happy moments!
Do check twice with dialouges!
Now i want to see how Parish redemption track gonna come!
Im hell angry with cvs! Cvs go to hell with ur stupid illogical things!
Cvs remember this also not only aunties watching the show… There are young generation watching ur show… Please for god sake… Utilize festivals and functions prolerly… We will give you TRP!

NOTE: if cvs can be this much negative… There is no doubt why fandom became WARDOM!
A/N : dont bash any character/actress on this post…. ! 

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  1. u r 100% right seriously CVS need some sense

    1. Heltej

      Ty! Not some dear! They need large amount of sense!

  2. Ragz_teju

    Well said..

  3. Meher

    It’s so damn true!

    I too started watching this serial as the concept was new with music.. but as the story proceeds.. bingo! We didn’t even get”M” of music!…

    1. Heltej

      I think sitar and guitar also went with dida!

  4. AnuAnn

    Wow! Hats off to u dear.. Well said… But I think in following comments may be there w’ll be some bashing comments not by SR fandom but by some other people who r intentionally trying to increase drift btwn fans

    1. Heltej

      Dear! Ty! be ready after some years… We will see it in Malayalam channels! ???

  5. Oh My God…heltej you rocked it…no no no actually you bang it…i wish cvs could read it…and fall from megical bridge;-)love you yr…kia bola h tm ne…proud to read…that swaragini’s fan are so talented… Love u luv u luv…

    1. Heltej

      Haha… Thank youdear ?

  6. I agree with ur all the point

  7. Oh my god!!!dis is wt i exactly think about cvssss….dey r jst impossible….dey jst ruined my ragini’s charecter very nicelyy jst for dere so called TRP n not even given redemption part…y cvs y have u done dat…she potrayed a shy simple innocent n traditional grll…den how can she b soooo baddd!!!how cn she even kill her sister jst for her obsession??? N y u always make her weak?? In ongoing track also ,she had been shown weak nly…i mean y cant she fight wid dat villain alone,y she needs others help??
    N after ruining swaragini’s bonding u also wanna ruin sanlak bondng…plz dont do dis cvs..
    Plz cvs concentrate on each n every charecter properlyy..if u cnt able to concentrate or lack ideasss den jst read some fan fictionsss…coz from here u cn get awesome ideasss…bt i cn nver forgve u cvs for ruining my ragini’s charecter…jst bcoz of u,some people bash her soo harshly..its jst bcoz of u all..hope u”ll show some nyc raglak ,swasan,sanlak n swaragini sceness…jst bearing dis show for my tejaswiii…:

  8. Varsha

    Well said dear, dnt knw hw i m additctd to dis shw evn aftr dese thngs. I jus wnt some peaceful moments between all young couples

  9. I solely agree to this. I hv stopped watching the daily soap. The worst ff’s seem better than the actual story…I watch it once in a fortnight only for my Varun, coz Helly is there in JDJ!

  10. Scooby

    True heltej… i too feel slapping drama as nonsense and same bridge matter like u.. hifi..
    cvs never think

  11. I agree from three four month when raglak fake love they don’t get that passionate scene which they are famous from then trip decrease

  12. well said sis……….I never saw any TV serial in any language…but since swaragini has to do something with SISTERS……….I liked the concept..and started following it………Now everything was solely spoiled by CV’s……But one thing I like even now is RAGLAK……. Thanks to Rashmi sharma for TEMISH……

  13. Pata ni kya kahu par kahu toh Jo bi ap ne kaha Sachi he

    Hands off HelTej :-):-):-):-):-)

  14. true said they are running the show now also they can get it into track or else it will get to late to do sonething they give some hope that something good happen but atlast the same thing happen i hope that cvs will do something good after the attemps they tried i also miss the swaragini who are there in starting the relation they share but now in todays and yesterdays episode the siatery love is coming back i thought that everything is going to come on track hope this happen ?

  15. Anisha

    Awesome!! Indeed I agree with you ??

  16. Kaynatk01

    wow dear hatsoff really you said well and really we alls started to watch for something but it ended in crap like this

  17. I totally agree with u…cvs do nt giving happy movements…ty destroyed each nd every character without meaning nly…ty showing society hw worst cn any one think nd do against thr luvd one’s…..evry relation became fake in the serial

  18. Narendran

    U r correct??????I stopped watching swaragini from sumi pregnancy. It was little boring.. Magical bridge????Lol u nailed it..????Awesome..

  19. true dear..but one good thng happnd while watchng crap shw..i really fell in love with my cutie helly shah..my hellu doll..this is the first time i m attractd to an actrss..thanis reshmi sharma for that…only bearing this crap shw only to watch hellu…i only like hellu,namish,varun in that shw..

  20. well said dear.watching this illogical show only for hellu and swasan.i love to watch sr in the times of swasan fake marriage track.this is the only good thing happend in the show properly.after that cvs ruined everythong for ragini’s redemption track

  21. Absolutely correct….just illogical things are shown…Guys remember one thing it’s RASHMI SHARMA production so thank god that still there are no naagin-bhooth-churail-or other imaginary n disgusting character….but I am very scared that RASHMI mam may add some ghost or something to increase the TRP…but it may also lower it……plz come on guys still there is time we should raise a hue against this nonsense….

  22. Akshata

    After reading this amazing post, i have only one word to say ie, “BANG ON” post dear.
    agree with your each and every word.

  23. Well said CVS are taking us for granted with logical thinking, helly n teju u rocked, please don’t make this serial like other nonsense serial of rashmi Sharma ssk n satiya

  24. Mica

    well said again Heltej…..Swaragini ‘s viewer mostly teenager, and being teenager segmented, they should bring good value along with their story line.
    it’s will better if they are shown as ppl who tried to persue their dream than doing crime every time.
    but in psychological view, ragini’s character is determined. (no bashing)
    it was about dadi’s upbringing in her childhood.
    dadi raised ragini in spoilt yet strict way.
    -In spoilt way, ragini always get anything after her own heart, (as dadi pampered her), so when it come about her desire, she will become so adamant and obsessed.
    -in strict way, ragini can’t be herself and has such low self confidence since dadi always forcing her to be a good person in front of society, to suppress her feeling if it’s bout ppl’ appraisal, and the worst was dadi always take any decision over her.
    That’s why, once she headed blackmailing case, what she though just how will society/family think bout her, nothing else. others’s judgement haunted her more than any smart step of her.

    1. Mica

      swara has different condition as Dida upbringing her as independent girl, but she struggling a lot as society always taunting her.
      so, facing many problem made her has many experience to solve the problem by herself, even i think sometime it’s too much.

  25. Teja

    Well said heltej I wish that someone give mind to cvs

  26. I agree with each N every word. Just watching this serial because of varun helly temish. All family members are turning into villians one after another. Most ff are far better than actual story. I’m feeling bad on seeing my fav serial as rubbish

  27. Hats off you Di…You have rocked Di…You are 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% correct…Keep it up

  28. Sethooty

    Well said dear…haha…magical bridge..I stopped watching SR ….when kavya track started…still now its boring everyone is villain…. Its better to stop this start new season..with new story…

    1. Heltej

      Sethooty just imagine… This story coming in Malayalam channel… With magical bridge ?

  29. U r right dear. We young gennaretion love to watch love stories. They are giving logic less family drama. I start to watch swaragini for love story. Its not anties who are watching family drama. Even they to also stop to see logicless think. Nd why always womens are weak. What to leave they will try all things. Like sathya they are giving leaps n leaps logic less crap. When i was in 1 standard it started bt nw to not stoped. Our lovly swaragini is becoming wrost day by day. I jast watch this serail to see the face of varun and helly. I was sacred to hear swaragini name. Bt cz of eva’s fanfic i stared to watch swaragini. That time it was a lovly love story. Bt now.

  30. U r right dear. We young gennaretion love to watch love stories. They are giving logic less family drama. I start to watch swaragini for love story. Its not anties who are watching family drama. Even they to also stop to see logicless think. Nd why always womens are weak. What to leave they will try all things. Like sathya they are giving leaps n leaps logic less crap. When i was in 1 standard it started bt nw to not stoped. Our lovly swaragini is becoming wrost day by day. I jast watch this serail to see the face of varun and helly. I was sacred to hear swaragini name. Bt cz of eva’s fanfic i stared to watch swaragini. That time it was a lovly love story. Bt now. Nw story bt swasan are swasan. Cant give anyone lead place sanlak swarag.

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Why was u scared to hear swaragini’s name ????

  31. Sanjanaagrawal

    Hats off to u dear … 100000000000 percent right and I also feel that why CVS only get that bridge to make someone fall there are more places in kolkata

  32. Arunika

    I completely agree with this one!!!
    the cvs need 2 knw this!!!
    It is very sad that tv’s no. 1 trp show is now seeing these days!!!

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