Letter To Sister Relationship By TuttiFrutti

Letter To Sister Relationship  By TuttiFrutti

Hello Twinkle,

Your first morning at your another home after your blissful marriage with your boyfriend your love Kunj.  May be you are thinking why your brother puts letter with gift so let me tell you I know u both are perfect for each other and you both understand each other ,you both are mature enough to handle situations but I just wanted to give you some lessons which I taught from our relationship so I don’t want to regret that I never shared with you I am sure it will help you as before I m your brother I am Male and Husband also so I m writing here.

~ Ask him how his day went. It means a lot to him if you ask him if there is something bothering him.

~ Give him reassurance that he is the only one for you. He knows that he is not the best guy out there. He also thinks that he is replaceable.null

~ Support him in all his endeavors. Cheer him up when he is down!

~ Do not choke him in the neck. Let him breath. Let him do the things that he loves to do.null

~ Do not question his intentions. He chose you for a reason.

~ Trust him.

~ Cook food for him.null

~ He likes it when you are being clingy to him.

~ Give tight hugs and warm kisses.nullnull

~ He likes funny conversations and deep ones.null

~ Brag him to your family members and friends.

~ Respect his decision and choices.

~ Talk things in private. Do not bad mouth him most especially if his friends are around.

~ When you tell him to keep going and that he is on the right track.null

~ When you stick to him no matter how the journey gets tougher.

I’m coming to take you for Pag pherea Ritual in noon with Anjali….don’t miss your bro so much that your Kunj gets jealous of me Tit for Tats. Love You My Girl.

Your Bro


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  1. Himanigaur

    Soo cute!!

  2. Nice
    But y u ve written???
    Not getting the concept nd all
    But it was nice nd sweet ………

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!
      Just like this !!

  3. wow !it was so cute ….
    luved it .

  4. SO GOOD & TRUE!

  5. Baby

    sooo cute
    loved it yrr
    u are amazing as always ?
    beautiful letter from a brother to his sister lovely ?
    lods of love ?
    keep smiling ?

  6. SSK

    Beautiful letter written by a brother to her newly married sister ?

    1. Ssk please post soon

    2. TuttiFrutti

      Thank ypouu

  7. Hi tutti frutti I was wondering y u didn’t post from so many days know u have posted dot is brilliant I love the pov of twinkle s brother and how u explained to manage kunj was brilliant I want another on Eos plsss and can u write an ff on devil kunj or strict kunj married to twinkle and how she has to bare have him type story or something which u like plsssssss post something as nowadays no one is writing I am waiting for everyone and when they would post I would scold them nicely but plsss write soon plsss love u waiting for another os by u

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!
      i will try to come up with your idea !!

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!

  8. Cheena2001Cp

    Long time, Shirali!!! ?
    Gosh!!! What was that?!?! ? ?????? I can’t even tell you, how beautiful it is!!!?
    Oh Lord!!! My heart turned to mush!!! This did something to me! Something which is inexplicable!!!! Those pictures too, caught my heart! ?
    Total dhamaka , Shirali!!! ?
    I loved this and I am not even exaggerating!
    Come on, write a FF now! ?
    See you soon,

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!

  9. Sooo sweet….soooooo cute were….

  10. Cute & amazing dear

  11. Ramya

    So cute and lovely

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