A letter to……..os by Asha

Why parents just need to have their child being a studious kid and be a topper always . At first when got low marks I was beated now a little bit change I was taunted .I tried to be a studious kid but all went in vain . Because my mind got into a thinking that there won’the be any satisfaction in my marks and if gotten low marks also would only hear a few words of taunt. But it is too late for my parents to change as they failed the 15 years of parenting. Children are like seeds that they needed to be took care from nourishing to plucking the weeds around them . I still feel I am the only reason for what I am. Because I felt useless hearing their words . I used write a dairy you know what in that I would always mention something saying that I wanted to die that moment giving my life to someone else because being a child of 12 I did know that . You had expectations on me but failed to note my expectations.

But still who I am to blame you because according to others me is the one who should be blamed right. I felt jealous of my own sibling not that he is more beautiful but the attention of you towards increased my jealous towards him. I still remember when he got typhoid you called my grandparents to take care and be with him always but what about me I got the same typhoid before months but what no one was even there to monitor whether I am taking medicines or not. I accepted the scoldings and tauntings of you realising that many of them don’t have parents even to scold them but you didn’t realise that many of them did not have children to grew them up. Now you don’t have to scold me anymore because it is too late and just saying even if you have failed in parenting I still love you from core of my heart . I just have a request that my brother should not think the same what you made me thought and when I tried to be as a shield he just thrower me but please be friend with him and teach everything in a positive way with love.

Your daughter who will love you always ….

I always wanted to make someone live because of me.

The couple who read this was crying so much they failed to notice their daughters destroyed heath and when it was noticed it was too late. Now they realise and wanted to grow up their 2nd child atleast like she wished.

“Growing a child as topper doesn't matter but as a human should matter to parents”


Guys really sorry if you felt bore with this . Actually  I wrote just like that what was in my mind . And you can imagine the pair of couple to be swasan or raglak . I just wanted to show a pov of normal child. If you want to say or bash me for this you are welcome….

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  1. Muniya

    I really wonder who will think its boring or will bash u for such a heart touching piece of writing…this is not just a writing…its a real story of many girls as well as of many students throughout the world…and I really think myself to be lucky for not being a part of such things.
    U r writing is really awesome…that too at this tender age.
    Keep it up and keep smiling.
    Wish u achieve ur intended goal in life.

    1. Asha

      thank you so much ?????

  2. Anuradha123

    Wow wow wow asha.. U r absolutely correct.. This things are very common ….students face a lot of problems and pressure especially related to studies… Many parents also treat their children like a machine.. It’s really very embarrassing… Your description regarding this topic is really outstanding… I m happy that you showed reality not story

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much .??????

  3. Hey dear its heart wrenching this has became a true reality of a girl in some corner of the world….. Its fabulous loved it

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much. But Helina sis we can’t just say that girls only face this actually boys to face this the thing is they take it easily but we don’t. ??????

  4. Princesskrisha

    Asha ur story is awesome and depicts the life of child trying to be a topper. Parents need to understand that moon doesn’t need any titles to shine upon us. Can anyone bash such a beautiful writing. I can feel that girls pain in ur os.

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much sis ????

  5. Mars

    Omggg sister I don’t have words dear sooooooo beautiful each word touch my heart. This is not boring so don’t say?????
    Your thoughts are tooo good and the truth behind the story make it realistic many are suffering for this????
    Thanks for this amazing shot I loved it so much.
    Take care???????

  6. Asha

    Thank you so much mars sis .?????

  7. Beautiful strong with a heart-touching msg..loved it❤❤

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much ?????

    2. I am facing this problem even now in my life and even now I am ready to give my life to someone who want to live life because I don’t want to live my life I want to die. I imagine myself while reading this and it is making me cry a lot

  8. SaNaYa

    Hii!! Overwhelmed with this piece of wRiting ! I could find me relating it to myself? …really heart touching letter …u said true as a normal child we tend to feel this …beyond words ?

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much Sanaya sis

  9. It is making me cry a lot and I feel like it is meant for me only.I am facing this since my childhood and even now.I really wanted to die.I want to give my life to someone who want to live.

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much I didn’t know that my words touched you so much. But you should make someone to be proud of you and you can do it????

  10. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Reality world in version of your os.hearttouching.

    1. Asha

      Thank you so much ????. We see one side of a coin and refuse to see the other just wanted to show the other side .

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