A Letter To Love By Anisha and Anusha

Dear Love,
Today on the eve of Valentine’s Day we have brought together a letter for you. We,i.e., Anisha and Anusha. Although Anisha took a leave for some days, but she can’t miss this day at least, after all she is a dramaqueen. All knows that silly me. Though this letter we both will share our strategies. Come join us gentlemen and ladies
I’m quite innocent you now so first let Di speak… Elder’s first…

Valentine’s day, the celebration of feast day of saint valentine, the love god, celebration of love.
L-O-V-E four letter word which describes so many emotions, feelings, purity, selflessness, passion, togetherness, desires, honesty, loyalty. Love can break a soul … It can built a soul.. Raise hopes …. Changing lifes… Giving fresh start to everyone.. Changing people both for good and bad…It is good till it remains respecting, understanding a person and is bad when it turns into obsession… It doesn’t discriminate race, status, religion, caste, age. It is without any barrier … .It can make a person successfull.. It can destroy a person’s life…
This love is celebrated for a week as VALENTINE’S WEEK….The first day is the ROSE DAY….
You now why rose is selected to present to your valentine??.. As we know how rose describes a life it describes love too ……
Whatever may be the hurdles(thorns of rose) in our love we would never backoff. We would fight together and fill our love like the frangrance of rose and a red rose as red is colour of love!!..

Next is the PROPOSE DAY…..
Why do u celebrate propose day??? This day we let our valentine know how important, special they are for us in our life…. We express our heart out ….. we express our desire of being together till our death… Expressing how we cherish every moment of their presence in our lives….

Next is the CHOCOLATE DAY …… Its easy to lure your girl. Chocolates are favourite for every girl…. Boy presents the girl with chocolates to ensure her that every day, every hour, every minute, every second of their love life will be filled with sweetness as that of chocolate….
Next day is the TEDDY DAY … Who will not love a soft toy?? Irrespective of age everyone love a teddy ….. A boy presents a teddy to the girl ensuring her that however her looks may be slim, fat, short, tall. How everyone loves a teddy of any size, he accepts her the way she is and would love her till eternity……

Next is the PROMISE DAY. …… On this day they promise their valentine that whatever may be the circumstances he will be with her till the end… This promise increase respect, love, hope towards their partner which gives them strength to fight with world and even death. A promise have so much power!!..

Next day is HUG DAY ….. Sinking in the arms of ur love gives so much strength, peace…. It helps to forget all the pain… the warmth is indescribed….. we can spend hours in a hug of our loved ones…its a lovely gesture expressing love,care giving strength and peace….
Next is the KISS DAY……. The locking of our lips ensures each other that we belong to each other …. We r meant to each other… We complete each other!!..

Next is the VALENTINE’S DAY….. On this day all lovebirds tend to spend their time with their loved ones….
Now it’s my turn to criticize!
People have criticized me quite well now it’s my turn
Love, after reading this will be ready with your bats and sticks to beat me up as always but lemme tell you this is what is my pov!!.. True love isn’t about recalling you on occasions, it’s about recalling you each and every moment, every time you close your eyes. Gifts and roses are for showing off. If someone truly loves you, they won’t tell you love stories, they will make a love story with you. True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart. True love is not the number of kisses, or how often you get them, true love is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over. Love is patient, love is kind, and what our love express is true. No amount of tragedy can tear, or break the love one has for the other. Posting stupid statuses on facebook doesn’t mean you love him or her! So I ask people to please stop those nuisance, I won’t mention their names yet we know who they are isn’t it love? and let my soul rest in peace.
Love, I have always thought about you, deeply, blankly, absentmindedly, solely but haven’t got any fruit. Some people say you’re deep, some shallow, some say you’re hypothetical, some- reality, someone worships you imagining CUPID yet some kick you like a soccer ball!!.. There are problems with you. You harm the good and cure the unhealthy.

You cause serious diseases, some pass out with your magic and some lose lots of blood. Why do you do so to your worshippers? You seem so ugly, and sometimes so beautiful making everyone fall for your majestic charms. Some refer to you as blind but to those who lead a happy life, you are their sunshine. Why so much of racism? You make many go beggars during you’re special festival, i.e., VALENTINE’S DAY. Is your power so low that you can be sold with kisses, roses, teddies and hugs?
Some of your worshippers even go into coma where they stop responding, on the extreme blessing you shower, which is also known as B-E-I-N-G D-E-V-D-A-S. You make a person drink, write poems, sing songs on your praise wow!!.. you are really a very good tutor!!..
But I’m sad to see you being sold quite easily. With every passing day your demand and price is increasing. Yes, we are talking about your I-N-F-L-A-T-I-O-N in today’s world!!.. Along with all these you have your all time majestic styles in forms of balloon, heart-shaped pillows never know what actually they are called), cards, flowers and teddies.
I really pity the number of roses that are torn apart for you. Ah! Another question rising in my mind, why only roses? We have so many varieties of flowers, isn’t it? It’s been eighteen years, I was born yet I haven’t tasted you. I wish we could just meet and have a small interrogation, one fine day. But you’re so busy now-a-days in parties and pubs that you have declined meeting a beggar like me. At the end of this so called # useless_letter an earnest request, don’t let me taste you so soon. # want_to_reside_in_peace . And yes at the end, two minutes of silence to those who taste this bread daily! Amen…
Thank You for listening to our lecture so patiently
Last but not the least a very very
Happy Valentine’s Day
Yours and only yours calm yet sophisticated pupil,
Anisha and Anusha
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    Ani belated valentine’s wishes

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