Letter From a Brother to His Sister

Hi Ishqbaazians,
Today i was just watching Ishqbaaz and during the scene where Anika said that she feels sorry for Shivay that he couldn’t celebrate Holi with his family, I actually felt like slapping Anika really hard for showing concern to Shivay when Anika herself have completely forgotten about her own brother, Sahil.. I mean not even once does she misses Sahil, not even on festivals..??
So after watching the episode i just thought to pen down Sahil’s view and his pain in a letter to his sister, Anika.

So here it goes –

My dearest Anika Didi,
How are you? Remember me? Im your brother, Sahil. Yeah you read it right, your brother, the brother who once was everything to you..
I waited for long before writing this letter to you. I thought you might come and visit me to my hostel or perhaps will even take me with you to Oberoi Mansion for a few days, but guess what I was wrong, very wrong, forget about visiting me and taking me to Oberoi Mansion, you didnt bother to call me, even for once.
Remember those days when i was your family and “aapko Fark Padta Tha” because of me but now i dont matter to you, you have Billu ji with you and now aapko billu ji se “Fark Padta hai”, now he and his family has become everything for you.

I agree that you should care and love Billu ji and his family because he is your husband and his family is also your family but Didi just for once think about me, whom do i have? Its just you Didi, just you, no one else.. How can you treat me like this? Did i not loved you and cared for you all these years before you met Billu ji? In fact do you remember that i was the one who made you realise that you were in love with Billu ji.. I did so much for you, what did you do to me? Put me in hostel and forgot?? Dont you miss me even for once?
Oh yeah i absolutely forgot to wosh you “Happy Holi”, i mean “Belated”.. You know all my friends went home for Holi and i was waiting for you and Billu ji to come and take me to Oberoi Mansion for Holi but even on Holi you didn’t come, you didn’t even called me to wish.. The whole day I sat all alone in my hostel room.. How was your Holi with your NEW FAMILY? Im sure you must have enjoyed and played aHoli a lot..

I dont want anything much. I only want my sister, my only family back.. Didi you have always wish to have a big happy family, im glad that you got one but have you ever thought what did i got, i rather lost my family, my sister.. Mrs Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi I beg you to return my sister, my Anika Didi back to me. I have always seen her sad and worried for me and the future but just for once i want to see Anika didi with a smiling face, glowing witout any worries on it. I wish nothing more, i promise i will be pleased just by seeing my didi smiling and happy with her husband and her new family.
Didi no matter how far Im, i promise to be always there for you, as your liitle, smart and strong brother, no matter what.
Take Care Didi
Love you the most (Kya karu i have no one else to give my love, unlike me you are lucky that you dont have to share my love with anyone)
Please do miss me, may be not always but sometimes, occasionally.
Hope to see you and everyone in Oberoi Mansion soon.

So Guys here i end this letter..
I know its very wired, but i just had this in mind so i posted it..
Hope to see your views and comments.
Love you all.

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  1. Diyaa

    I hear you. The writers are bungling up big time. At any given time a person can only show one type of emotion according to them.

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Diya for sharing your views and dear I totally agree with what you have said..?

  2. Pooja26

    ohhh my god !!!!!!!!
    really heart touching yr…….
    soooo beautifully written dear…….
    loved it !!!!!!!

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Pooja and im glad that you liked it.. ?

  3. Nita D

    Wow….it’s lovely….there has been no sahil-anika moment since long…..I miss that cute little boy…..and if they couldn’t bring sahil for holi then they couldn’t have just shown anika talking to Jim on phone or something like that….

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you dear for sharing your views.. I totally agree with you, she could have at least called him..
      I too miss Sahil and Anika’s bonding but seems like Anika doesn’t miss Sahil..?

      1. Vincy

        It depends upon the writers na

  4. Ruladiyaana yaar.. superb

    1. Vaishalijha

      Im so sorry yaar for making you cry & im glad that u liked it..?

  5. It’s heart touching it’s excellently written…….. beautiful……..

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you so much Shivika.. Im glad you liked it ?

  6. Wow
    U made me cry

    1. Vaishalijha

      Sorry Nidhi for making you cry and im glad u liked it ?

  7. Jerry_36

    Yeah ! You are true.
    No anika-sahil moment.
    The way you penned down was awesome☺

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you so much Jerry. Im glad that u liked it ?

  8. Fuggysona

    ohh missing those anika-sahil moments
    ur os is tooo emotional
    and it is really with pain
    i am still crying…
    anika will not change???
    still consoling that monkey shivay…

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you dear, im glad u liked it ?
      And sorry for making you cry..

      1. Fuggysona

        it’s ok…dearie

  9. Kanfi

    It was sooooooo emotional,,,,,,,,:-( 🙁 annika should talk to sahil,,we need to watch sahil-anika bond…

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Kanfi..?
      Even im missing Anika – Sahil’s bonding ?

  10. Shivika


    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you dear.. Glad you liked it ?

  11. Thedreamsoul

    Touched vaishali !
    You are right its no more showing the sis-bro bond now . I think something like this should come up other than so many high voltage drama !
    Thank you for this

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you dear, im glad you liked it ?
      I totally agree with you, they should really show family bonding rather than never ending drama

  12. It is awesome and emotional one dear… Sahil expression is nice…

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Nikita, Im glad you liked it ?

  13. Its okay vaishalijha u r r8 anika should atlest call sahil
    U r a very gud writer
    Plz continue ur ffs

  14. Aarti32

    I agree wid your every word..N I miss my ya-ya sooooooooooooooooooooo much?

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Aarti, Im glad you liked it ?

  15. Dheemahee

    Yar it was really awesome one and toooo emotional one Yar… It really reached to mine heart and made me cry??…Sooo heart touching it was….

    And ya one request please write one more on this showing anikas reactions reading this letter and both bro sis moment after that ……. If possible please do that ….

    Thanks for such a great one…. Really miss Sahil on ishqbazz ?…

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you so much dear, Im really glad that you liked it ? So sorry for making you cry..
      I will try my best to think about the reply and will post it soon..?

  16. Surbhi Sharma

    O god ! Such a heart touching letter . Rula diya yr . But calm down dr, we should understand cvs problem also . Maybe sahi is not coming coz now it’s exam time . But ya agree with you that , they should atleast have shown ani talking to sahi on phone .
    This letter was really ama zing . Loved it .

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Surbhi..? Glad you liked it and im sorry for making you cry..

  17. Shuklarashi


    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Rashi.. Glad you liked it ?

  18. Khushilovesroumya

    The writers only have time for shivika moments.they can’t even show rumya in their 45 mins of shows.

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thanks dear for sharing ur views.. ? I think we have to wait for Rumya.. May be the writers need an another spin off for Rumya.. I too miss Rumya a lot ?

  19. Archisha

    That was so bad.

    Happy April fool day ??
    That was awesome and full of emotions but maybe the actor who plays Sahil is busy with his school that is why he wasn’t able to come.

    But yeah, she could have could have called him but it depends on the writes.

    Nice one ?

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Archi for your views.. Glad you liked it ?

  20. Hey!!
    Guys… U all need to realise, Aryan(Sahil) is a school going kiddo. It’s not possible for him to miss school for a shot. It’s difficult. I agree, there shud be a scene wherein anika is shown missing her loving bro, but that’s not the topic or track of the show. I wud also add that obro moments ain’t shown either. Haven’t seen much of prinku much in the show either. I mean, Is she even in the family? Are they even her siblings?
    More that showing Sahil , they shud have shown prinku. I mean she is full time devoted to this serial, even if she is serving her time period or whateva it is. She too deserves more. If she isn’t shown much, what chance does Sahil stand?
    As far as ur letter goes, it just hit the bulls eye. Loved it!! ?

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Harshada for your views, even i feel that the makers are not doing justice with Prinku’s character, i mean its her marriage, her soon to be in laws are creating hell lot of problems for her family but she is no where in the scene.. Thats really sad ?
      And thanks dear, im glad that u liked the letter ?

  21. very emotional…

    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you Ankita ?

  22. Vaishalijha

    OMG !! Thank you so much Helaine dear.. So kind of you.. Im so glad that you liked my post.. Will surely write some more interesting stuffs to read..?

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