A letter to my best friend~by Aashiya

To my bestfriend, my love,

Writing a letter to you wasn’t something I ever thought. Afterall in this era of mechanisation,who even cares to have a look on a mere sheet of paper. But babe, I couldn’t take more. Yes,you are right. Your baby girl is tired. Tired of this life and tired of living. I know I am your strong power girl but there has been a limit to human potential. You remember those days we used to hide near the bush in the park and used to scare those unwanted strangers who used to hinder us from playing. Gone are those days,and certainly it’s not that baby me and baby you at present. We are grown ups and life has indeed changed. It’s not always good to be certain about something,but yeah my boy I’ve loved you and I know you love me too. You said that day right? In the forest, amidst the stars,stood me and you holding each others hearts. I thought you were joking,but now I know that you loved me and you still love me. But gone is that beautiful time,and so are you. And what remains here is a memory. But do you think that living with memories is worth the living you aspire for? No my boy. Living without you is worthless. I dreamt of a life with me and you. Not one with me and your memories. I wish I had not been so stupid. I wish I had been mature since birth. I wish and all I can do is to wish. I wanna erase all my past deeds and run into your arms. That’s what I’ve been living for. But,you’re gone and I can’t help. But yes my sweetheart, I can surely come to you. Someone,ugh I don’t remember who,but had said that if hearts don’t meet on earth, they end up meeting in heaven. And you know,that’s what I want. Yes,anyhow,now I’m gonna meet you. I can’t live without you and that’s all. I know you would have even slapped me if you came to know this. You wouldn’t have talked to me for your whole life and I know this. But, this is gonna be good this time. Coz I’m gonna meet you. Yeah ,finally. I’m stupid, you see. Nobody would support me. Even my mind isn’t on my side. But my heart. That’s what is compelling me to do this. I’m sorry but I love you and I’m gonna be with you soon. Yeah I’m excited.
With love,
Your baby girl.

Sirens were heard and there was a crowd. What happened? oh my!! Doctors said she popped the whole of the bottle of sleeping pills. Was she depressed? Was she having some illness? Nobody had an answer coz they didn’t know it for real. All they knew she died. Yeah she died. It was a suicide.

I love you; and see I’ve met you here ,my boy.

*Amidst the forest between the stars,we stand here,holding each others hearts*

Hey Tashan e ishq TU forum. I’m not new here. The relationship between this forum and me has existed since the time the serial,_Tashan e ishq_ was air. I’ve been reading stories but to my bad luck,I had to leave the forum coz of study pressure. I know it’s lame but I couldn’t help. Well,I won’t say I am back. But yeah,I would certainly like to share a small pice of writing. I initially never wrote for Telly updates,and this is the first time. So please forgive me if it’s not up to mark. It’s not good,I know. I’ll be glad if you read it. Feel free to express your opinions-negative or positive:doesn’t matter.

Thanks for reading peeps!! Well,I forgot to introduce myself:
It’s AASHIYA KAPOOR,14 years,in grade 9th
(P: these doesn’t matter;?)


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  1. Rochika

    It was sooo fab yrr…???????
    And the way that girl expressed her love was truly remarkable…i love these type of os..?????
    Loved it to the core..????
    Your writing is fantabulous…??
    Keep writing..????
    Love u!!!!??????????????

    1. Aashiya

      Heyyy Rochika!!! Glad you liked it. Thanks for liking it. It really means a lot. Thanks again??

  2. Omg kya likhti he yaar tu amazing

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks sis! It means a lot.

  3. Unheard-Of

    Wow…!!! It was so well written??
    Brilliant shot it was!!!….
    U r a superb writer keep writing?❤️??

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks. Well,your appreciation is really more than what I had written. Thanks a lot. Well,idk if I’ll write more or not,but will surely try
      Thanks again?

  4. Nishuu

    Awesome dear
    Loved it

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks for commenting!!! Really means a lot!!??

  5. kya likha tune.

    1. Aashiya

      ?? how should I take it; positive ya negative

  6. super nice one

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks!! Means a lot?

  7. Loved it!

    1. Aashiya


    1. Aashiya

      Thanks!! Means a lot??

  8. Presha

    Aqesome ashi…
    Loved it…
    Sweet nd cute…
    Love u…

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks di for reading it. I troubled you a lot. Love ya more??

    2. Presha

      Nothing like that.

  9. Niyati

    you are great writer dear….u described everything so beautifully….I want to see ur more writings dear. keep it up….lots of love to u Ash……hope u don’t mind.

    1. Aashiya

      I don’t mind that. I love that. Thanks a lot. Your appreciation meant a lot. Idk if I write more or not,but I’ll surely try my best.

  10. Loveee,oh myyyyyy, you posted it. Wow. This was amazing and fab babe. I’m so happy to see this post. Can’t get over this feeling. And btw,I wont say much about the os coz I had read it before too when you wrote it. I love you babe. Thanks a lot for posting it.?????????????

    1. Aashiya

      You commenting here on Telly updates is a shock to me babe. Thanks sis. Love you to?

  11. Jasmin

    1st of all I m very angry with u…u posted this os n didn’t told me about it..Huh!! I m very angry..anyways…apna hisaab baat me kr lenge…coming to the os..It’s Awesome!! Do write more dii…n 1 more thing..apart from the ending..is it related to Something? *wink* Do tell me..n post more n more os…love Ya!! ♥♥♥♥

    1. Aashiya

      Heyy chotu,my baby; I’m really sorry. Actually the stupid me isn’t on whatsapp at this moment and about messaging you on hangouts, I didn’t really know whether I should message you or not. You know I’m mad. Btw,I had posted it on g+ and I had tagged you;but you didn’t see. And I understand my baby had been busy so it’s fine
      But,the best part is that you’ve read that and you reading it is what matters to me. Thanks for the appreciation bacha?? well Idk I’ll write more or not. Let’s see.
      And mere idiot bache,last wala part..hmm….esa kuch nai hai? get that okay chotu. Well,I miss you a lot yrr. Ese kon karta hai;? please 1 message kardo hangouts pe?please!I really miss you?
      Apart from anything,
      I love youuuu???♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Jasmin

        Aree Dii…i too miss u..n i m still on hangouts..u can message me there too..Haa i will reply thoda sa late..i m actually having my papers now..on 14th it’s the last one..soo i have been busy now..but i can still chat..chalo i will message u..Thik H? Love u Too!! ♥♥

  12. Anujohnson

    Oh gosh…this was so painfull…..I loved it to the core

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks!! It really means a lot?????

  13. Twinj

    What was that…oh gosh I am speechless…I am literally searching for words to describe this… Tho the ending was sadand you are right it was stupidity to sucide but frankly speaking I loved it… I am not just saying t but I swear u have inspiredinspired me or let’s say given me the idea of writing a story on sucide…U left me speechless…hifing in bushes and scaring the strangers sounds cute…and the last quote touched my heart…love u n ur writing????

    Loads of love,
    Twinj aaku

    1. Aashiya

      ?????????????????I’ve gone crazy with this comment!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks a lot diiiii!!!!!!! This appreciation will get me diabetes!!! Well I’m happy this story is of some use to u,at East helping u get a new idea.
      Thanks again di!!!!!
      Love ya??????

      1. Twinj

        Some use what do u mean it’s not of some use but it’s of great use. Diabetes??… was it that sweet?…???

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks for commenting!!!Means a lot????

  14. Paavu

    Hi aashi baby I m paavu I know u indirectly I mean I heard about you from my besti of tu u know her very well actually previously when u were here I was not as my exams were der so I was on a break now also I m on a longgggg like really long break but ya u write nice hope u know me? I guess no keep thinking I m mysterious hahah sorry bye
    Dont know why I m not able to login although I tried it lot of times

    1. Aashiya

      Gosh Aashi,control. Is this ishu di!!!!!!!!!!oh my god. Like seriously, you are asking me whether I know you or not? I know you very well. I don’t only know you by your best friend,but I know you like this too. I’ve read your story until you took a break. I’m a fan of your writings. And I’m being honest. Like,what should I say? You commenting is like a dream come true.
      Thankyou so much for commenting. This comment made my day;oops I mean night.
      Thank you thank you thank you, it really means a lot???????????
      Love you,well friends?????

      1. Paavu

        O god fan of my writings cant digest one more ok bt hace to ty sooooo much girl I dun knw mera post kab hoga and I m happy dat ur dream became true hahaha sorry mazak tha bt I m happy I made u happy well ya ok frnds fr sure dear

  15. Baby

    aashii i haha doubt u r 14 years oonly hhahaha 🙂 u see bachaa hmm hahhaa ohh my girl u write sooo beautiful bas kya hi kahun ♥
    although i m not gonna again u knw type n all d appreciation coz did dere n no time but u bachaa its always in my heart ♥ n it comes from dere ♥
    reallly amazing awesome speechless ♥
    dude u srsly hv got soooooooooo many cmnts yayy 😀 sooooo happy ♥
    loved it yrr again fell for it ♥
    u knw u write beautiful ♥
    keep it up ☺
    muuuaaahhhhh ♥ love u ♥

    1. Aashiya

      I fell for you too. I’m so happy seeing your comment. And yes,I am 14 only???
      I never expected so many comments. I’m happy too????????????
      Love yaaaa♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Yashasvi

    Ohhh goodness…..
    ??????? You wrote so well dear
    … Wowww that letter was so emotional and sweet…???????
    And that quote was something fantastic ??????
    ……. I can’t tell u how happy I am after reading such a piece……??????
    Great job dear…..??♥♥♥♥♥♥???????
    Write more dear….

    Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥?♥?♥?♥?♥?♥

    Love you???????????

    Yashu ????♥??♥♥?


    1. Aashiya

      Heyy yashaswi,
      This comment of yours makes me really happy.Such a long comment,like wow. Thank you so much. I’m happy that I was able to make you happy.Thankyou???
      Idk if I’ll write more or not. But I’ll try.
      Love you too

  17. Awesome dear
    write more

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you!!!!!??

  18. Amazing…
    Loved it very much
    Super se upar????
    Do write more

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you! !!!! Means a lot

  19. Twinj2000

    That is a beautiful piece of writing ???
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Superb ???
    Keep posting

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks for commenting?????
      Glad you liked it?

  20. Fenil

    Loved it.

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks for commenting.
      Really means a lot??

  21. Ramya

    Hi aashiya
    Amazing awesome dear
    Just lovely

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you so much di. This comment has really made me happy. Your writings have been my inspiration. Thanks a lot???

      1. Ramya

        Thank you dear

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