Let’s pray for Edkv (let’s hope for the last hope)


Guys as we all know there has been a confirmed news of Edkv going off air this 7th Oct that broke our hearts.

I crying since the news came. Aru di u gave me a last hope by saying (I mean writing) that there is still a hope. Luv u Aru di. U r my true Bengali. I really wanna go to Canada nw.

So guys we still have some hopes na. Pls edkv fan pray for Edkv. I know it may b difficult bt nt IMPOSSIBLE. We humans can even make impossible into possible then what is difficult fr us! We can, we surely can do it. Sony tv is focusing just on Behad nw, they dont care for other shows so now only fans can get their attention. Guys u all might nt like my idea bt still I am sharing dis with u all. Why dont they launch Edkv on Sony Sab! I know Sab is best known for comedy shows bt that doesnt mean that they cant launch a drama show there. I just want Edkv to continue so I dont have a problem if it launches on Sab nd I think even the loyal fans wont mind.

I just want a last hope so LET’S HOPE FOR THE LAST HOPE.

TO, my dear Edkv Fans
FROM, ur lil sis Neeti.

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  1. Ariana

    dear pls don’t cry. I did talk to the two twitter fcs. Uk u can DM them nd both FC handling ppl r such a loving person. They r trying their best nd yah, even Sony said if public demand is high and production wishes to carry on, then the show will continue as no other show is replacing it. I did call the Canadian brunch of SET India and they said the off-air hasn’t been finalized. Hopefully I’ll manage a time after school today to call the Indian Main office of Sony ET but I’m affraid the tiing might b hazardous. Still hoping for the best. Btw follow the trending of @EkDujeKeVaaste (#DontEndEDKV) nd the thread of @_EkDujeKeVaaste (pinned to their wall). These gives more mail no. nd other ways to contact and show ur support.
    Gonna say again, there is hope. Lets wish for the best smile
    Don’t cry plsssssss…amar chotto onurod
    love u dear

    1. Neeti

      I cant do anything,the phn frm which I used to go to Insta that have gone mad! It has been almost 1 mnth since I deactivated my fb acnt. I tried opening acnt in twitter bt couldnt (u knw I too small). Now I can do only 1 thing that is to send mail frm gmail acnt. I signed the pertition, nw we just need about 700 people, hoping the best bt why cant we reach only 5k, its only 4k+ till nw!
      Keep praying, will stop crying if they change desicion, chotto onurodh ta acpt korlam kichukkhoner jonno.

  2. Tara

    neeti… i can understand… u know what.. we were introduced to this fact a long time back.. when they said it is a show of limited episodes… but i never thought it will be so short…
    ikr..u r sad.. even i feel like crying.. (bengalis are ever emotional)..
    i like u idea…
    well what i have to do.. tell me.. i will try mu best…
    but plzz dont cry..
    we will find out something..

  3. The chemistry in this soapie is so good. I wish this show could conitune for longer. There is so much more the writers can create (Sumo/Shravan marriage trials, love blossoming, children, etc)

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey neeti I love ur cover pic so nice for this article ????
    And well ya I hope EDKV gets extended because I really love this show to the core

    1. Neeti

      thank u di… waise ye cover pic maine nai tu walo ne diya hai hehehe….so praise them….hahahah

  5. Ariana

    Okay dear start crying. I’m joining u too. Imagine me giving u a tight hug nd sobbing together. Our hopes are gone….EDKV won’t extend or continue. I’m done!!! No hopes left. Namik sounded sooooooo sad on his insta nd twitter msgs. I was left crying after reading the script director’s msg for fans. It sounds so unfair. At this point I won’t blame Sony or PH. We tried our best nd honestly, ppl from all over the world prayed. Yet it didn’t work out so I guess wht is going to happen will be for betterment for all of us. But today, I won’t stop u from crying only if u promise not to cry on the same matter again.

  6. This show can’t end like this. We just love Shravan n sumo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls don’t end it. It has to go on. Hope the creative team is listening n the channel too.

  7. Mona146

    it is not going off instead bade bhaiyye ki dulahaniya is going off. don’t worry.

    1. Neeti

      no evn Edkv is going off air…. it is the bitter truth

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