let’s love ( last part)


Hi guys
This is ammu..
Hope everyone is fine..
Thanks a lot for your support.
I already told you guys that I’m ending this ff..
It’s not because of comments.
As my exams are nearing,i cannot update regularly..
So I’m ending this ff.
I thought of updating in weekends but I have special classes
The last episode…
Sona and dev starts walking..
Nurse: dr.ranveer is handsome with his blue shirt.
Dev: blue shirt sona..
Sona: dev ishani..
Dev and sona ran towards ishani ‘s room
They entered..
Ranveer was kissing ishani
Dev was shocked..
Dev pulled ranveer and was about to slap him but ishani stops..
Ranveer enters ishani ‘s room.
Ishani is shocked to find him in blue shirt.
Ishani gets tensed.
Ranveer: ishani.
Will you marry me..
Ishani was surprised..
Ranveer: I want to make your dream true..
Not by force by love..
Ishani: vo..
Ranveer: i know what you are thinking..
We don’t have anything in common..
But that’s not a problem for me..
I love you ishani.
Ishani eyes gets filled with tears..
Ranveer: ishu..
Ishu hugs him..
They share a kiss…???
Fb ends
Sona: I’m happy for you..
Neha and ishwari also come there…
Ranveer and ishani get their blessing from ishwari..
Dev winks at ranveer..
Sona notices that..
Suddenly dev goes to his knees
Dev: sona I’m madly in love with you..
Ranveer: tell na..
Ishwari: I have no issues..
Sona: vo.. Elena
Elena: I have no problem dear
Sona: dev vo.. i..
Everyone starts celebrating..
Sona is shocked..
Sona: bhai..
Ranveer: sona you told I Na
Just love and you are remaining.
You will tell soon ..
Ishani: ya within sixty years..
Sona beats ranveer..
Dev hugs sona..
Ishwari: dev ..
Dev: sorry ma..
Dev,ranveer , ishani,sona married each other in a pompous manner.
Life is full of love.
Purab is taking care of bulbul as she is pregnant..
They are waiting for their cute baby..
Pragya resigned her job
She started taking care of abhi
Abhi was happy.
Pragya and abhi moved into a beautiful flat..
Pragya: awesome abhi
Abhi: you know pragya the bedroom is really big.
I guess we need a dozen kids to fill them.
Pragya: doc..
Abhi: s..
Saying this he went closer to pragya.
He pinned her to the wall.
Abhi came very close to pragya.
Pragya closed her eyes
Suddenly abhi ‘s phone rang.
Pragya started laughing.
Pragya tries to leave..
Abhi hugs her and holds her tight..
He cuts the call
Abhi: love you…
Pragya kisses abhi
Innum konjam neram plays

The story ends..
Sorry guys…
This is the last part..
I don’t know when I will start writing again.
I’m going to really miss you guys.
I would like to thank all of you for showering your love.
Love never ends..
All the best frnds for your future endeavours
Good bye
Hope you guys will not forget me??

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    1. Ammu

      Thanks harisha

  2. Hi Ammu all the best for ur exams and the episode was nice ?

    1. Ammu

      Thanks neelam

  3. Feeling bad dear…as i m going miss u and this ff but still i wish you should get succeeded in your career and whenever you get time you can start a new ff..we alwayz remember you as you are sweet sis..good luck for your future..keep smiling..

    1. Ammu

      Thanks arshi fan
      I’m going to miss you

  4. Will miss u badly ammu..

    1. Ammu

      I will too miss you

  5. will miss u all the best!!!!
    after exams pls start uploading again
    pls continue ths.

    1. Ammu

      Sure elinor

  6. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    I can’t believe this is the last part but what to do. She nice I am a abhigya and purbul fan I expected more romance and some more story

    1. Ammu

      Sure kristy

  7. Trisha

    Hi Ammu… Superb ending… Wishing you all the best for your exams my dear and hope you come back soon with another story… Till then.. Take care and good luck!

    1. Ammu

      Thanks Trisha
      You too take care
      All the best for your ff

      1. Trisha

        Thank you so much my dear?

  8. Loved gave the best epi

    1. Ammu

      Thanks duvaraksha

      1. All best Ammu dr

  9. Nice yaar all the best 4 ur exam…

    1. Ammu

      Thanks durga

  10. Julina

    Nice epi… really gonna miss ur ff…. pls come with super start…. all the best for ur exams…

    1. Ammu

      Thanks Julia
      Sure I will be back

  11. hai friend…all the best….
    today episode happy ending super…

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sugan

  12. miss you dear

    1. Ammu

      Thanks mukund

  13. Maya

    Oh no! Its so fast but I can understand and I am still reading some of ur prev episodes of this ff…I really like ur writing simple yet very nice….will miss that a lot! All the best for ur future endeavours too! We wont forget u!?

    1. Ammu

      Sure maya
      Update your ff soon
      Thanks suga

  14. Krish

    Awesomeeee dr but realyyy sad u ended it but its k….. nd wat is tis yaarr how can v frgt u……my swtt frnd…….. will misss uuuuu dr nd ur ff………….

    1. Ammu

      Sure krish
      I will too miss your comments frnd

  15. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  16. Ammu

    Thanks monesha

  17. Nandana

    I am very sad that u have ended this ff and i will defenetly miss u and the ff was been very nice and i wish u to start any new ff based on these charaters or as ur wish if u have time . And i have a request that if u have time to write any ff plz add ishveer . It is a kind request because ur ideas r so nice 🙂

    1. Ammu

      Thanks nandana

  18. Nandana

    I am very sad that u ended this and i eill defenetly miss u because i really loved to read ur ff 🙂

    1. Ammu

      I will miss you too

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