let’s love (Episode 7)

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The story begins…
Abhi and pragya reach home..
Abhi: so..
Pragya: see you tomorrow..
Abhi smiles..
Suddenly pragya kisses on abhi ‘s cheek.
Abhi: pragya..
Should I stay ah?????
Pragya: get lost..
Abhi leaves..
Abhi sees pragya through the rear view mirror..
Pragya thinks to herself:
Abhi i promise…
The next man I will love is our son..
You are my life…
Chasmish wait and watch..
You are my princess
I will never hurt you..
Malare plays…
Abhi and pragya thinks about each other..

The next day…
Ishu slowly gets up..
She opens her eyes and is shocked to see ranveer..
Ishani: doctor…
Ranveer: it’s ranveer for you ishani..
Get ready..
Ishani: five minutes.
Ishani got ready .
Ranveer: let’s leave..
Ishani: where are we going….
Ranveer: see there..
Ishani: ranveer this is…
Ranveer: the same place..
Ishani: this is the place where I met you ..in my dream..
Ranveer: place is really beautiful..
Ishu tell me what happened..
Ishani: it was a beautiful morning..

I was on the way to my boutique..
Suddenly it started raining..
I started running..
A speeding car came that way.
Suddenly I slipped and I fell down..
That time you came ranveer..
You helped me to get up..
Ranveer started laughing..
Ishani: ranveer..
Ranveer: so romantic…
Ishu:ranveer then..
Ranveer: this is enough ok..
Let’s have some coffee..
At that time..
Sona: coffee..
Ranveer: sona..
Sona: how r u ishu..
Dev: she is fine..
Dev and sona look at each other..
Ishu: sona I’m feeling hungry..
Dev: what you want ishu..
Sona: I have brought breakfast ishu..
Ishu: thanks sona.
Dev: ishu I will help you..
Dev stares at sona.
Ranveer: sona..
Sona::he is mr.obedro..
Ranveer: nice name..
Ishu turns and looks at ranveer..
Tum hi ho plays…
Purab: bulbul..
Bulbul: haan..
Purab:can I cook today..
Bulbul: ok..
Purab:wait and watch..
Bulbul to herself:did he forget my birthday???
Bulbul stares at purab..
Sanam re sanam re plays…

Precap: abhigya marriage?

Hope u guys liked it..
Rotten tomatoes are also welcomed..
So comment guys.
Very less comments for the last episode..
I will try to end it soon ?…


  1. nasima

    its not bore . i m only watch kkb…i dont know othr charctrs…so i read kkb portion..so i cant comment…dont worry to u get less comments…ur ff is quite intrstng….

  2. Neelam

    Nice episode Ammu I am very eager to know that what is happening to ishani? plz update the next soon

  3. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    Can i ask one doubt in the first episodes u wrote about ishveer like . Ranveer kidnapped and married her and tied her with a rope and all is it all was a dream?

  4. duvaraksha

    Hey dr Sry for the late comment loved it soooooooo much Dr keep it up if u can post the next epi plzzzzzz

  5. Krish


    |Registered Member

    Nice epiiiii yaarrr srryy fr te late cmnt dont end it its Awesome waitng fr te nxt epiiii………….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.