let’s love (Episode 7)

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The story begins…
Pragya calls abhi..
Abhi: someone is missing me…??
Pragya: abhi I wanna tell you something..
Abhi:tell me..

Pragya:abhi my parents died when I was young..
I always dreamt that my husband will be everything for me..
Abhi please never leave me..
Abhi: why are talking like the..
Pragya:you will be with me always na..
Abhi: always pragya
Pragya: abhi after marriage..
I will not go to work..
I want to take atmost care ..of my prince Na…
Abhi: pragya of course you will there is no doubt in it..
Pragya: abhi…
I want to..
And pragya started to tell abhi all her wishes..

Abhi thinks..
Pragya I’m there Na..
You will be happy always..
After some time…
Abhi: pragya..
Pragya slept ..
Abhi ends the call.

Next day..
Abhi: pragya get ready soon..
Pragya: good morning abhi..
Pragya was shocked..
Pragya:how did you get in..
Abhi: using 6th sense
Pragya: arey very funny..
Abhi: go get ready..
Pragya was about to speak ..
Abhi interrupts her..
Abhi:not a word..
Pragya smirks and leaves..

After some time..
Pragya came in a beautiful red chudidhar.
Pragya: arey doc..
Abhi holds her ear.
Pragya : leave Na it’s paining..
Abhi: don’t call me doc..
Pragya: OK..
Abhi and pragya leave..
Abhi stops the car..
Pragya: temple????
Abhi: go and pray..
Pragya: come with me abhi..
Abhi: just go..
Pragya gets into the temple..
Suddenly abhi starts speaking..
Abhi: pragya don’t open your eyes..
You know what ..I love you so much ..
So I decided not to be late..
Saying this abhi ties the mangalsutra..
Pragya eyes are filled with tears..
Mangalyam plays..
Pragya hugs abhi..
Abhi: so Mrs.abhi are you happy..
Pragya: ofcourse..
Abhi keeps vermilion on pragya ‘s head..
Pragya : love you dear
Abhi shows his cheek.
Pragya: shameless..
Abhi: now you can’t say no..
Im your husband.
Pragya: who said so
Pragya winks at abhi……

Bulbul: purab I’m really hungry..
Purab: here is your breakfast..
Bulbul: you are impossible purab..
You started cooking dinner and served it at breakfast..
Purab: don’t praise your husband..
Bulbul: please promise me..
Purab: anything tell me.
Bulbul: never ever get into that kitchen..
Purab makes pout face.
Bulbul laughs.
Sanam re plays..
At the same time..
Ishani was sleeping..
She got startled and she got up..
Sona,dev in chorus : what happened.
Ishani: vo..
Dev: what is it ishu..
Ishu: I had a dream in which ranveer kissed me.
Dev and sona laugh..
Sona: ishu what color dress was he wearing..
Ishani: blue..
Dev: ranveer wore white shirt Na today..
Ishu smiles.
Dev: take rest..
At the same time..
Coffee spills on ranveer ‘s shirt
Ranveer: I will go change and come..
He goes home..
He wore a blue shirt..
He came back to the hospital.
At the hospital..
Sona: dev..
Don’t laugh before ishu.
Dev: OK sona.
Suddenly sona slips..
Dev holds her..
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays..
Sona: thanks dev
Dev:no mention.
Ishu should get well.
Sona: she will take care of aunty as well.
Dev: sure..
Someone clicks a photo of these ..

Hope u guys liked it..
Rotten tomatoes are also welcomed..
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  1. Trisha

    Awww… So awesome and so sweet???… Love it!

    1. Ammu

      Thanks Trisha
      Your ff is great.
      I’m happy that you loved it

    2. Trisha

      Thank you so much Ammu! ?


    1. Ammu

      Thanks Harisha

  3. superbb yarrrrrrr……………………make the dream true

    1. Ammu

      Thanks nannu

  4. Very nice ammu dhii!! It was just superb??

    1. Ammu

      Thanks radhika

  5. Nice episode Ammu I can’t wait for the next episode plz plz update the next episode so soon ?

  6. Wow finally abhigya married..so cute…waiting for next epi…keep going..

  7. show romance between abhigya??????????????⭐⭐

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sriti

  8. Superb

    1. Ammu

      Thanks navigya

  9. Ammu

    Thanks neelam

  10. Ammu

    Thanks arshi fan

  11. Hey abigya scene is rajarani movie scene u was stole from der…anyway ur is gud…just improve ur creativity scene make it using ur brain…i hope u wil surely create it in weird way…anyway 2day ff is gud…don’t copy any movie scenes..itz my advice…

    1. Ammu

      Thank rajesh
      I’m sorry if the story hurts you

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sharaya

  12. love it…

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sugan

  13. Maya

    Hey Ammu! I just realised that u are writing an ff??…But anyways when I read this epi I feel the prev epis will be awesome too! Let me go and read the prev episodes first!????

    1. Ammu

      Thanks maya for the comments

  14. Honey


    1. Ammu

      Thanks honey

  15. Krish


    1. Ammu

      Thanks krish

  16. Hey Sry Dr was bit busy so couldn’t comment but loved your epi sooooooo much post your next epi soon plz

    1. Ammu

      Thanks duvaraksha

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