let’s love (Episode 6)

Hi guys!!
Thanks a lot for your comments.
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I think you guys feel that the story is boring..
If so please tell me??
I will end this ff…
The story begins..
Pragya shows abhi a ring..
Pragya puts the ring on abhi ‘s hand..
Abhi cries..
Pragya: abhi..
Abhi hugs her..
Allah wariyan plays..
Pragya: what’s the time..
Abhi: 8.30
Pragya: let’s go home..
Abhi: kya
Pragya: oh doctor..
Abhi: arey …
Pragya: OK ..
Abhi: pragya will you marry me.
Pragya: no…
Abhi: that’s like a good girl..
Pragya: so you have such plans ah…
Pragya starts beating him.
Abhi runs and pragya follows her..

Purab: bulbul abhi would have proposed..
Bulbul: of course…
Purab: bulbul you remember our marriage Na
Bulbul: how could I forget such great incidents.
Purab: y don’t we marry again
Bulbul: Purab you are OK Na
She placed her hand on purab ‘s forehead.
Purab: arey I’m alright PA
Bulbul: then..
Purab: you say s or no..
Bulbul: OK..
Purab: but one condition..
Bulbul: what..
Purab: we will do it in reverse..
Bulbul: that’s not a big issue..
Purab: so today first night..
Purab you are going to get from me.
Purab: no problem???
Bulbul gets angry and leaves..
Purab starts singing…
Anbe en anbe un vizhi parka ..

At the hospital..
Sona: dev,ishu is stressed about something..
Dev: sona…how can she be..
Sona: Mr dixit this is not business…
Dev: is anything serious..
Sona: she should be happy..
Neha and ishwari went to see ishani..
Ishani was slowly gaining her conscious..
Sona and dev came.
Ishu: Bhai ranveer..
Sona: ishu what did you say..
At the same time…
Ranveer enters..
Ishu: ranveer…
Ranveer:sona what’s happening here..
Sona: neha you take aunty outside..
Dev: ishu how do you know him..
Ranveer,sona and dev sit around ishu..
Ishu: I had a dream …
Ishu starts to tell about her dream..
Ranveer starts to stare at ishu.
Literally he was mesmerised by ishu’s beauty..
Tum hi ho starts playing..
Ishu: this is what happened.
Sona: this is little complicated..
Dev: sona what are u telling.
Ranveer: I will help her..
(Guys ranveer is a psychiatrist)
Ishu: you..
Dev: thanks Mr.ranveer
Ranveer:no problem..
So meet you tomorrow ishani..
Ishani gets shocked..

Why did ishani get such a dream..
Does it have any connection with ranveer????
Please comment below..
Negative or positive comments both are welcomed.


  1. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys i had registered my acount i am the old Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA) and i am now in another user nam that Nandana because the earlier user name can’t be registered because it was been too long so plz regonise me:) and the episode was been awesome who told u that it is boring it is very nice and Update the next soon

  2. Neelam

    Hi Ammu ur story is not boring dear I love it the episode was fantastic I really wants to know that what happened in ishani’s dream plz update the next soon ?

  3. Julina


    |Registered Member

    I love it very much… It’s not boring at all… So pls don’t stop it dr…. I loved when u add Tamil songs suitably…. So post next soon

  4. Sharaya


    |Registered Member

    Nothing like that akka I don’t have time that’s why couldnt comment so hereafter I’ll comment so pls don’t end this ff 🙂

  5. Ammu



    Thanks sharaya ??
    Your ff is awesome..
    I know You guys are really busy
    But how will I know whether you guys like it or not?

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