let’s love (Episode 5)


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The story begins..
Abhi : purab .. bulbul..you guys leave
It’s already late..
Purab: haan bulbul let’s leave.
Pragya and bulbul hug each other..
Purab and bulbul leaves
Abhi: pragya you sleep..
Pragya: im not feeling sleepy..
Suddenly abhi ‘s phone rings..
Abhi: hello
What ?? I will be there in fifteen minutes.
Pragya: what happened..
Abhi: emergency work..
I’m leaving
Abhi leaves..

Pragya is sad
Pragya: tomorrow is my birthday..
I thought to be with you abhi…
Abhi is on the way..
He makes a call
Abhi: are the arrangements ready??
Abhi to himself:
Pragya wait and watch..
Pragya keeps on thinking about abhi.
Slowly she falls asleep..
Suddenly she felt like someone is near her.
She opened her eyes..
She was shocked……
At the same time purab and bulbul reached home..
Bulbul: purab ..
Purab: haan bulbul
Bulbul: I want ice cream
Purab: no problem..
Bulbul: go buy it and come na..
Purab: Na Na
Bulbul : purab.
Purab gets into the kitchen..
He brings ice cream
Bulbul hugs purab
Bulbul: arey when did you buy it..
Purab: it’s my magic sweetheart ??
Bulbul: oh ho..
Purab: kya..
Bulbul laughs..
Purab: I love you bulbul..
Bulbul goes close to purab and pinches his nose.
Purab: pagal..
Bulbul runs and purab follows her..

At the same time..
A beautiful girl is shown sleeping..
It’s our ishani..
Ishani wakes up trembling in fear..
Ishani to herself: omg!! What a dream..
Ishani checks the time..
It’s 1.30am
Ishani: this means will it become true..
Ishani sleeps again..
It’s morning..
Ishani wakes up
She gets ready ..
Still ishani is thinking about the dream..
She starts eating her breakfast
Someone calls her..
Ishani is lost in her own world.
Dev: ishu ..
Ishani:haan Bhai..
Dev: neha is calling you Na..
Ishani looks at neha..
Neha : ishu ..
Ishani: let’s leave neha..
((Guys actually dev is ishani’s brother.
Neha is well educated in this ff.
Neha and ishani run a boutique))
Neha: Bhai I have given ma her medicine ..
When you come back from office collect her reports from hospital..
Dev: OK..

At the same time..
Sona peeps into her room through the window..
Elena: sona..
Sona: kya..
Elena: Bhai..
Sona: arey Elena try a new trick..
Sona turns and she is shocked…
It’s ranveer.
Ranveer: sona
Sona: Bhai
..(ya guys sona is ranveer ‘s sister)
RanVeer:sona .. what’s the time
Ranveer: oh
When did you leave
Sona: yesterday night
Ranveer turns her ears..
Sona: Bhai it’s paining.
Ranveer smiles.
Precap: ranveer and ishani meet each other.
How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??

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