let’s love (Episode 5)


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The story begins..
Pragya thinks about abhi..
At the same time abhi gets hiccups
Purab:arey abhi have water
Abhi smiles
purab : arey bulbul bring some water
Bulbul brings water ..
Abhi haves it and keeps on smiling
Purab: abhi all set..
Bulbul: of course…
Abhi you will rock..
Abhi: ya bulbul..
They share a hi-fi
Purab hugs abhi.

Abhi: arey don’t make me tensed..
Bulbul: abhi this purab is so boring..
Purab : oh…
Purab grabs bulbul ‘s hand and pulls her towards him.
Abhi silently leaves..
Purab and bulbul share an eye lock.
Janam janam plays..
Bulbul: purab abhi..
Purab: he left..
Purab and bulbul started dancing..
At pragya ‘s room..
Pragya gets ready in the saree.
The calling bell rings.
Pragya opens the door.
Pragya gets disappointed as it’s not abhi

There was a bouquet
Pragya took it and started leaving..
A car came…
Pragya wished it was abhi..
Driver: mam abhi sir sent me..
Pragya left in the car..
The driver dropped her near the hillside
Pragya started walking..
It started raining..
But it didn’t fall on her.
She saw abhi holding a umbrella for her..
Pragya gets happy..pragya also holds the umbrella..
Abhi: pragya I want to show you something..
Abhi shows a ring to pragya
Abhi: i think I love you..
Pragya looks at him..
Abhi: pragya vo..
Pragya hugs him..
Pragya: I love you too..
Abhi jumps ..
Gerua plays..
They get drenched.
Abhi puts the ring…
Pragya has tears in her eyes due to happiness..
Pragya shows abhi something…
Abhi starts crying…..

Ishani keeps on thinking about ranveer..
Suddenly everything starts blackening …
Dev: neha where is ishu..
Neha: in her room..
Dev goes to ishu’s room
Dev is shocked to see ishu lying on the floor.
He tries to wake her but She doesn’t respond..
Dev carries her .
Neha and ishwari follow them.
Dev runs into the hospital..
Neha: dr.sona
Dev turns and finds sona..
(Here sona is a not a nutritionist but general physician)
Sona: neha what happened
How is ma
Neha: ishu
Sona: nurse…
Sona : ranveer you wait..
Ranveer,dev,neha and ishwari are waiting
Sona comes out.
sona: she is alright..
dev: thanks doctor sorry sona
Sona: for what
Dev:that day
Sona: dev no problem
Dev: thanks
Sona: please come to my cabin.
Neha and ishwari went inside to see ishu
Ranveer: sona
Sona: Bhai fifteen minutes
Dev and sona leaves…
Precap: ranveer speaks to ishani
What happened to ishu???

How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??
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