let’s love (Episode 5)

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The story begins..
Pragya wakes up and finds the nurse.
Pragya: any problem..
Nurse: no mam dr.abhi asked me to give you a sedative.
Pragya: oh okay.
Pragya to herself:what the..
He didn’t return
He is giving me a sedative to sleep..
I don’t believe this..
Within few hours,its my birthday..
She felt really sad.
Due to the sedative ,she fell asleep..
At purab ‘s house…
Purab and bulbul are sleeping..
Someone knocks at the door
Purab: bulbul go and see who is it..
Bulbul: purab go Na..
Purab hits bulbul with a pillow..
Bulbul : no chance..
Purab goes and opens the door..
It’s abhi.
Purab: abhi tu..
Abhi: move yaar.
Abhi goes and sits on the sofa.
Purab locks the door.
Purab: what happened abhi..
Abhi: tomorrow is pragya ‘s birthday..
Purab: oh..
Ishq wala love…
Abhi: shut up..
I’m going to propose her..
Purab: superb yaar.
Purab and abhi hug each other.
They make a lot of noise..
Bulbul: arey kids what’s the problem..
Abhi: bulbul??
Bulbul: purab…y r u smiling..
Purab: abhi is going to propose pragya.
Bulbul: superb abhi..
What’s the plan.
Abhi starts explaining his plan to them.
Purab: let’s rock it…
Abhi smiles…
Gerua plays..
It’s morning..
Pragya wakes up…
The nurse comes and informs her that she can discharge today.
Pragya becomes sad.
Nurse: wait for two minutes doctor will come.
Pragya thought it’s abhi..
But a lady doctor came and checked her leg..
Pragya felt really bad..
Pragya got discharged..
Pragya came out of the hospital..
Pragya hired a taxi..
Pragya gets a call..
Pragya: hello
The caller: happy birthday pragya..
Pragya thinks it’s abhi..
She tries to speak but the call ends..
Pragya reaches her mansion..
There is a parcel ..
Pragya takes it and goes inside..
Pragya opens it..
There is a beautiful red saree.
Pragya finds a note..
“My dear fuggi,
I wanna tell u something ..
Dress up and come out at 5pm
I will pick you..

Pragya was on cloud nine
Pragya called abhi but he didn’t pick up..
Pragya was looking at the watch..
Abhi was smiling seeing the phone…
Abhi thinks..
You are going to be mine….
Sun saathiya plays…

At the same time ,,
Ishani and neha reach their boutique…
Ishani: neha let’s start the work..
Neha and ishu are busy working with designs.
Sona: Bhai let’s go shopping..
Ranveer: OK..
Sona , Elena,ranveer continue their shopping..
Sona looks at a dress..
Elena: wow ..
Sona : it’s mind blowing..
Ranveer: let’s go..
Ranveer,sona and Elena reach ishu’s boutique…
Ranveer gets in..
Ranveer: excuse me..
Ishani turns..
She looks at ranveer..
Tum hi ho palys..
Ishani sweats..
Ranveer: I want some new designs…
Neha starts showing the designs..
Sona and Elena finish their shopping.
Ranveer pays and leaves..
Ishani is dumbstruck..
Suddenly ranveer turns back and smiles..
Ishu is shocked..
Sona and Elena are walking..
That time,
Dev came there..
Sona :you
Sona leaves in anger..
Elena and ranveer follows them…
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays..
Dev: ishani what happened..
Ishu: Bhai vo…

Precap: proposal??
How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??
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