let’s love (Episode 4)


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The story begins..
It’s morning..
Pragya wakes and find abhi sleeping near her in the sofa.
Pragya smiles.
Slowly pragya tries to get up ,abhi holds her hand..
Abhi: you are a naughty girl pragya.
Pragya: no
Abhi: oh..
Pragya: I’m really a good girl..
Abhi: I should tell that..
Go and get ready..
Pragya: ya ..
Pragya gets ready and slowly she comes near abhi..
Abhi: let’s go..
Pragya: what..
Abhi: walking training..
Pragya: we will start from tomorrow abhi..
Abhi: let’s go..
Pragya struggles to walk due to the sprain on her leg..
Abhi hold her..
Abhi: I’m feeling happy when I’m with her..
What’s happening to me????
Pragya to herself..
Do I love him??
I really want him to care me like a child..
What is happening to me..
They look at each other ..
They share an eye lock…
Allah wariyan plays..
Purab comes there with bulbul..
Purab: bulbul see here ..
Bulbul: so romantic..
Purab: oh I see Mrs.purab..
Purab holds bulbul..
Bulbul: shameless..
Purab: arey you are my wife Na
Bulbul: no knife..
Purab see there..
Purab: still they are in their own world..
Bulbul: abhi how is it..
Abhi:it’s awesome..
Purab: ahaan
Regaining their senses..
Abhi and pragya straightened themselves
Abhi: pragya this is purab and bulbul.
They start talking..???
At the same time..
Ishani comes out getting ready in a chudidhar.
Ranveer: let’s go..
Ishani is about to beat him but ranveer turns.
Ranveer: what.
Ishani: nothing.
Ranveer brings her to the dinning table.
Ishani is shocked to find all her favourite dishes on the table
Ranveer : come on let’s eat.
Ranveer serves ishu.
Ishu was so hungry that she started eating it like a kid.
Ranveer looked at her..
Tum hi ho plays.
Ishani gets hiccups
She looks At ranveer.
Ranveer gives ishu water
Ishu drinks it.
Slowly ishu feels dizzy and falls.
Ranveer holds her..
Ranveer takes her to the room.
Ranveer to himself: I’m sorry ishu I’m hurting you but i have no other way..
At the same time..
Sona goes round the hospital.
Sona gets a call.
Sona hurries.
Sona reaches the ground floor.
It’s our ishwari.
Sona: ma..
Neha: she fainted suddenly.
Sona: sodium might be low.
Wait I will bring something.
She runs to the cabin and brings some juice..
Ishwari drinks it..
Sona: why are you guys here??
Neha: my mom is not well.
Sona takes neha and ishwari ma with her.
She makes them visit the doctor..
Neha: thanks for the help.
Sona: no problem.
Ma take care.
Someone calls sona
Sona leaves.
At the same time dev comes there,
Neha is shocked.
Dev: whats this ma??
Dev argues and takes them from the hospital.
Sona notices it.
Sona to herself: arrogant man.
Kuch rang pyaar me aise bhi plays.
How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??
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  1. Nice episode Ammu its really nice ?

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  2. Nice sis….more ISHVEER scene pls

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  3. Nice episode yaar

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  4. Arshifan

    Awesome…and waiting for abhigya’s union..keep rocking dear…

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      Thanks arshi fan

  5. It’s not kuch rang pyar mein..it’s kuch rang pyar ke

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      It was a typographical error

  6. superbb yarrrrrrrr

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  7. Nice epi dear loved it

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  8. Krish

    nice epiiii yaarrr………………………..

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  9. happy news for IshVeer fans!Ranveer will be the male lead in naagin 2 !!!

  10. Harisha


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  11. Nice ammu

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  12. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    nice episode dear i really like it

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  13. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    zehra is it right i am very happy for that thank u so much for informing and i had heard that sometimes ishani will be the lead role in naagin 🙂

  14. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    and ammu once again the episode was nice ploz update the next episode soon

    1. Ammu

      Thank nandana

  15. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    but zehra it is not shown in google about ranveer in naagin 2 it is only shown that ishani only there in naagin 2

  16. drishti dhami will be the female lead in it.i saw it in youtube!

  17. I saw in saas bahu aur saazish! that shakthi was selected for the male lead

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