let’s love (Episode 3)


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The story begins..

At the hospital..
Pragya gets bored lying on the bed.
She slowly tries to get up from the bed.
Pragya slips..
Abhi catches her.
They share an eye lock.
Allah wariyan plays.
Abhi: pragya why did you try to get up
Pragya: I’m bored..
Abhi: acha.
Abhi goes and brings a wheelchair..
Pragya tries to get up.
Abhi gives her a deadly glare.
Abhi lifts her and makes her to sit in the wheel chair.
Pragya: let’s go doc..
Abhi: this is abhi for you..
Pragya: OK abhi
Pragya smiles.

Abhi to himself: she is making me feel like I’m at the sky..
What is happening..
Pragya: abhi are you married??
Abhi stares at pragya..
Abhi: ya with twenty five kids.
Pragya : nice family??
Abhi: ahaan..
Pragya: just kidding abhi..
Abhi takes her around the hospital…
Abhi and pragya chit chat ..
Abhi: it’s dinner time.
Pragya: I hate your hospital food abhi..
Abhi: acha..
Nurse take her back to room.
Pragya: abhi..
Abhi: I will be back..
Abhi comes after fifteen minutes.
Pragya: where did you go suddenly..
Abhi shows her a box…
Pragya: abhi..
Abhi: my friend’s wife cooked food for us.
Abhi feeds pragya and they have dinner together…??

At purab ‘s house
Purab: bulbul you cooked more food..
Bulbul: ya
Purab: but here there is less.
Bulbul smiles..
Purab: what
Bulbul : abhi asked for food.
Purab: kya…
Purab calls abhi..
Abhi: haan purab..
Purab: y r u talking silently..
Abhi: pragya is sleeping..
Purab : someone is in love..
Abhi : shut up..
Purab: kuch kuch hota hai
Abhi cuts the call
Abhi watches pragya
Pragya is sleeping like a child.
Abhi smiles..
Allah wariyan plays

At ranveer ‘s house.
Ishani’s hands were bleeding..
Ranveer wakes up ..
He is shocked to see her hand hurt.
He removes the rope..
He starts treating her wound.
Ishani cries..
Ranveer blows on the wound..
They share an eye lock
Tum hi ho plays.
Ranveer: go get ready.
Ishani: I’m not going to do..
But ranveer closes her mouth..
Ranveer: not a word go and get ready..
Ishani leaves..
Ishani: I shouldn’t have done it..
That’s why I’m suffering..
Ranveer thinks..
It’s really hard to handle her..

Sona gets ready for her shift..
She wakes Elena and leaves..
Sona goes to temple..
When she comes out.. someone dashes her.
The vermilion falls on them..
She opens her eyes .
A handsome man was standing there..
It’s our dev
Dev: don’t you have sense..
Dev shouts..
Sona: I’m sorry
Sona smiles and she leaves..
After sona leaves a young kid comes to dev..
Dev: what happened.
Kid: uncle I only dropped oil on the floor.
That di slipped and so she dashed you..
Dev: no problem ..
Dev to himself: I scolded her…
But she didn’t say anything..
I should apologies to her..
Kuch rang pyaar me aise bhi plays..

How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??
Please comment below..
Negative or positive comments both are welcomed.

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  1. Nice episode yaar

    1. Ammu

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  2. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    plz make ishani love ranveer and the ff is very nice and i really liked it
    plz add more scene for ishveer dearrrr if u can
    🙂 and it is awesome

    1. Ammu

      Thanks nandana
      I’m happy that you liked it

  3. Marvelous sis

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  4. It was awesome

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  5. nice………….

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  7. Loved it sis if u have time post the next one

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  8. Loved it sis if u have time post the next one how r u keep rocking u so awesome writer

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      I’m fine
      How r u
      Thanks for your compliments

  9. Very nice episode Ammu I really liked it waiting for the next ?

    1. Ammu

      Thanks neelam

  10. Awesome yar…very nice…keep going dear..

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      Thanks arshi fan

  11. its really super…

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  12. fabulous job dr…bt plz try to add more Ishveer scenes….

    1. Ammu

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      Sure I will

  13. Nice ammunition..

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  14. Sorry ammu it’s really very nice.. n ya sorry for typing ur name wrong sorry dhii!!!

    1. Ammu

      You can call me how ever you want
      Don’t ask sorry radhika

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice love devakshi n Ishveer , Abhigya is also good

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  16. Nice one..

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