let’s love (Episode 2)

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The story begins..
Abhi meets purab.
Purab: dr.abhi…
Abhi: stop it yaar.
Bulbul: abhi Bhai..
Bulbul and abhi hug each other…
Purab: you are late.
Abhi: I was treating a patient.
I think she is an Indian
Purab: oh…
Abhi: bulbul y is he like this.
Purab makes a dull face.
Abhi and bulbul laugh at him..
Purab: today is my first wedding anniversary.
Abhi: ya I know that..
Bulbul: Bhai..
Abhi: treat??
Rabul – abhi leaves..
They enjoy dinner.
The next morning at the hospital,
Abhi: nurse how is she..
Nurse: she is good.
Abhi: I will come back and check her.
Abhi leaves..
The lady wakes up..
It’s our pragya.
Pragya: nurse..
Nurse: mam
Pragya: I’m getting late..
I should leave.. please discharge me.
Nurse: mam sure let our doctor check you.
Pragya: soon please..
Pragya takes her phone and starts working..
The nurse informs abhi.
Abhi comes.
Pragya unties her hair.
The wind blows..
Abhi sees her and gets mesmerised..
Nee partha vizhikal plays.
Pragya: doc.
Abhi starts checking her.
Pragya :doc.
I should leave for a meeting..
Abhi: I’m abhi..
Meeting you should not move your leg miss.
Pragya: miss.pragya.
Abhi smiles.
Pragya: please muje meeting Jana he
Abhi: me kuch nahi karsaktha
Pragya: aap India se
Abhi: Na I’m from france..
Pragya smiles.
Abhi: nurse shift her to a room.
Abhi smiles and leaves.
Abhi to himself: what’s happening to me??
At a dark room,
Ishani wakes and finds RV sleeping near her.
She wakes and tries to leave..
But finds her hand being tied.
Ranveer: mere jaan where are you leaving.
Ishani tries to remove her hand from it.
Rv: you cannot remove it.
Ishani tries to drink water.
Rv gives her water.
Ishani gives a cold look to Rv.
Tum hi ho plays
Rv: don’t kill me with your looks.
Ishani: I’m going to work.
Rv: cool ishu..
Ishani smirks and cries.
Soon due to crying too much she dozes off.
Rv looks at her
Rv sleeps..
Its morning..
Ishani tries removing the rope and hurts her hand..
Blood starts gushing….

At a kitchen..
Sonakshi is cooking.
Elena: superb food yaar.
Sona smiles..
Elena: tomorrow my office starts at 8am
Sona: my shift starts at 7am.
Elena: breakfast..
Sona laughs.
Always good ah..
Sona stares at the stars.
Same time a guy also watches the star..
It’s our dev..
How will these three worlds unite??
Will love blossom between them??
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  1. Araav


    |Registered Member

    I’m a silent reader and i have read all the ffs of matsh, its just fabulous…
    Keep it up and keep entertaining us

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