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Hi Guys I’m back with more analysis, I can be a really successful critic. You’ll get to know why soon.
Lets Criticize every serial.. I’ll appreciate if everyone reading this write comments and also criticize absurd scenes in hindi serial.
Saath Nibhana sathiya…
-Gopi was a dumbo, She was dressed super desi in the beginning. Now she has become ultra modern, However I wonder how her daughter Vidya turned out to be a greater behen ji then Gopi. I mean dressing sense is supposed to change with time, right?
-The men of the family. I feel pity for them. Wtf is wrong with them? It gives me an impresssion of a female ruled society. I dont mean females shouldn’t rule, ofcourse they should. But the men of SNS are as hopeless as a donkey.
-Paridhi simply does not suit as a saas. I mean c’mmon, she looks way younger than tolu molu and sona, infact she looks younger than vidya and meera.
– I like Dharam and Meera, But whats the use of bringing this super stupid plot. I sometimes wonder, what would Meera’s kid call vidya- bhabi or masi? What ould Vidya’s kid call meera- dadi or masi?
-Gaura track is being dragged unnecessarily. Why would I keep my daughter in a house where I know my daughter will be mistreated and possibly has dangers of being killed. Stop this sasural, bhagya, shadi, pati and all. Wee live in the twenty first century, People now look for hapiness and not tortures.
– I have never like Ahem and Gopi. How can you love a guy who has never treated you well, never respected you, raised hands on you, never trusted you and also abandoned you for I dont know what reason. C’mon guys, getting married five times doesn’t make you a happy couple.
-No one is soooo mahan. Gopi’s gives me a feeling of over acting. If I would have suffered so much like gopi, i would have lost faith on god. This serial shows 1000 victories of evil and 1 victory of truth. God helps people who help themselves but seems Gopi and her maaji is entirely depended on kanha ji and Koki’s “Bassss”

-It was shown kavita died in Sanskar’s arms. How did she return then?
-This was supposed to be Swara and ragini together, not swara heroin and ragini villain.
-No sister’s bonding shown. It’s all about pati patni and woh…
-A girl can never repeat the same mistake again and again. I mean even Komolika would have improved if she was given so many chances.
-I mean wtf, how can each character fall in love with so many different individual? Love is supposed to be true, right? I dont get the feeling of it’s trueness in this serial.

Yeh hai mohabbatei
– How can Pihu and Ruhi look same? Stupids, give some time to biology. Ruhi and Pihu have different mothers, scientifically, practically, theoritically, emotionally in no ways this is possible.
-Ishita could have saved Ruhi and Pihu both if she didn’t waste her time kissing pihu thousand times. This really shows apna khoon apna hota hain.
-Raman was supposed to save Ruhi, but when he was needed he didnt go and blamed everything on Ishita alone. I believe Raman is equally responsible.

Kumkum Bhagya
-Tannu has broken all records with her pregnancy. Even gandhari has been failed. She is carrying this fetus for 14 months, yet I dont see her belly showing, wtf?
-You can easily trap tannu, why need so much stupid billshit planning.
-Pragya herself destroyed her image. If she told Abhi everything the day she knew all this, Abhi would surely have believed her. Whats the pint of loosing trust and gaining evidence when you could straight way go and tell him everything?

Sasral Simar Ka
-This has becomes a kid’s fictional serial like shaka-laka boom-boom and shararat. If adults watch this, I would tell them stupid assholes.

Suhani Si ek Ladki
– Copies plot from every serial and tries to make a Khidri out of it.
-dadi has always done crimes. When barbie can get jailed, dadi was equally responsible, so why not dadi? Oh, how would suhani be mahan in that way, right?

Mere Angneme
-Why wold you blame your bahu for everything? I mean if a dog poops infront of your house, would you call it auspicious and blame your bahu?
-Kaushalya is a melodramatic pathetic women, is she was my saas, I would have killed her instead without worrying about jail.
-Husbands never take wife seriously they think only their mother is correct and never try to think the other way.
-eelderly people shouldn’t be portrayed as so selfish and sly. Elders are supposed to keep the family attached.
-This is the first time I have seen an elderly women loving her daughter and daughter kids’ more than her son’s ones. this. is. absurd.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata hai
-Stop dragging the show so much. I still remember, Eeryone in this serial used to be over acting. This is pathetic.

Diya Aur bati
-If Arzoo was innocent, then why did she run out of police custody and why did she try to kill Sandhya why her neck? Anyone in lace of Sandhya would have killed her.

-No critics so far

Siya Ke Ram
-No critics so far

-No critics so far

Thapki Pyar ki
-I dont see any fact in this story. It simply shows how much bullied and troubled a stammering girl gets. Not how she fights them back.

Bahu Hamari Rajnikant.
-Funny, I think kid’s would like it more.

I cannot think of any more right now, However I’ll try my level best to post more criticisms,
Please please guys, dont forget to comment and tell me your feelings to….
Do comment….

Credit to: Suhasini Khanna

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  1. Superb critics… Jus replica of my mind abt these serials… Actually I was bugged of Tamil serials and strtd with yhm nw almost sitting only with star plus watchg all serials.. I felt nw serials r all only bakwaas either it’s tamil or hindi… Can’t they have sum logic real life incidents in the story… Especially jus because they want the child artist fr TRP they made ruhi as piyu..boring yar logicless use brains while writing episode..

  2. Vidya’s dressing sense is very horrible..completely agree with you…

  3. Suhasini you are right about sns and yeh hain mohbbatein.
    Gopi looks the elder sister of meera and vidya and when it comes to yhm ruhi and pihu can’t have similar faces their faces can resemble but their faces are alike.

    Seriously sns should end.

    For time being Dehleez and Bahu hamari Raginikand is the best

  4. superb criticism Suhasini.I leave to watch SSK nw.hw many tyms d hero heroin got married yar? it so stupid
    all of ur criticism is correct. …

  5. I agree with about kkb u know like gopi bahu she want to be Mahan bahu right I really hate her abhi is also stupid last time in garden she tell him that she is carrying somebody else’s child but he stupid dumb ass

  6. Right dear… Most funniest is that tannu story abt her pregnancy….. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaahahahahahaaha

  7. Thank you guys!
    I have posted a second part too, please read and comment!
    Happy reading!

  8. I don’t agree with the thought of Mere angne mein because its my house story!!!!where my mom was the Riya roled played in the real life its disgusting yaar

  9. Well I have a f**king problem with this Kumkum Bhagya I mean wtf ..yaar just keep on dragging same thing…Aaliya is kicked out then ahe comes back then again kicked out again she comes back…I just want this seriL to end …From start to end AbhiGya are not yet united I mean wtf…×( >:-(

  10. By the way ur critics was awesome…♡♡

  11. Sath nibhana sathiya is being aired on television from ages.. I think its better if makers decide to end it soon… And there will be an entry of a new actor/actress every 3rd day of the drama… I dono from where this Nayya came into picture… If Nayya is claiming Vidya’s kid why does she not complain about her to police.. Why are Vidya and her dramatic family members so dumb.. OMG!!! And there are no words for the saas bahu duo(Kokila and Gopi)… they are just fit for shouting and nothing else… Their OVERACTING and OVERREACTING never has an end….

  12. Hi, Suhasini Khanaa I am glad to see you again, firstly welcome back and you are doing a great job, firstly please correct the name sasural simar ka instead of sasral simar. But thanks for these reviews about these episodes.

  13. Great job Suhasini……….I agree with all that you said……….. a beautiful inspiring police officer who topped IPS against her family wishes in now going to have a court Marshall………… her own doing. She committed no crime shooting a suspicious Arzoo…….for the good of the nation. I stopped watching my favorite dabh……..Emily is a fool too. She can’t take the driver’s fault on her head and marry. Remarrying is not wrong but the reasons are totally wrong. The writers wrote the obituary of their own serial.

  14. Hey, Suhasini very well critic review but I don’t like the episode SNS, but all other serials are good, now the most trending serial is Naagin and YHM, Pleasekeep continue your critic review we will read you review time to time thanks.

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