Let’s Fall in Love (Introduction)


Hey guys..! Shreya here.. I am a die hard fan of Swasan.. Especially Sanskar..VARUNHOLIC.. As they say.. This is my first ff.. Hope you like it..
We do not meet people accidentally.. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason…
We can neither predict our destiny; nor we can challenge it..We never know what our stars have in store for us. Sometimes it happens at the most unpredictable times and in the most unbelievable ways, the way it happened with them…
Swara : Beauty with brains in her mid twenties and a topper from SRCC, Delhi, one of the most prestigious colleges of India. She is the only child of her insanely rich parents and has some dark secrets hidden inside her. She was never paid much attention to by her parents, though they loved her and as a child she used to stay with her uncle while her parents were busy making money.

Sanskar : Kind hearted and generous, he was the only heir to his Father’s huge empire and property. He loves his mother very much who died 10 years ago when he was 16. He then grew up a way too faster. He had to. Not that his father did not love him but he was way too far from him. His father was always busy expanding his business and spending loads on his girlfriends.

So basically my story would revolve around these two broken souls who have a screwed up life. How do these broken pieces complete each other.?

People this was the introduction. Was it boring? Was it not a good start to the story? Do tell me whether I should continue or not by commenting down there..
Thank you for reading. Do COMMENT..

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Sounds interesting. Pls continue. 🙂

  2. awesome…..do continue

  3. Interesting. plz continue

  4. Thankya sio much guys.. 🙂

  5. Thankya so much guys.. I really need ur support to continue.. Keep reading.. I’ll update next chapter tomorrow.. 🙂

  6. Nice continue it
    Gd intro

  7. Awesome intro… It’ll be interesting to see how their love for each other heals their inner wounds… 🙂

  8. nice …go on continue it

  9. So its u dear…its nice,..osum..superb..plz update asap

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  11. Interesting…. nice intro

  12. Its awesome Shreya. I’m already ur fan ^_^
    Update soon, love ♥

  13. Nice…plzz continue….and one humble request – plzzz add previous chapter link in ur every update ahead…plzzz…

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  15. I loved it….???
    Please uplate next soon….. Eagerly waiting to see how ??souls complete each other……

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