Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 9


Hey friends..! Shreya here.. Thank you all for your love and support. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expected this. I felt my story was boring and that it had no place among the million fabulous fan fics out here..
N yeah to my silent readers, wake up guys..!
Okay, so about the chapter.. It was written with puffed eyes. Am short of sleep..! And all the credit goes to Ananya, my sis, who kept me up for the Skype chat.. She acts weird at times.. I mean its already 3 in the night and she wants to chat..! And this was basically told by me so that you do not mind the typos.. It happens..!

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Chapter 9
♥My Saviour♥
Swara’s POV~
After not being able to trace Rohan, I decided to leave the party alone. I walked towards the road and it was pitch dark. Suddenly something struck me. It was already midnight and a girl, at this time was not supposed to roam on the streets alone. I took my steps back and walked towards the parking lot and decided to wait there till Rohan showed up.

The place was not well illuminated and it started raining heavily outside. The rain drops hit the brick tiled roof of the parking area and it seemed as if it was groaning. I switched on the tiny flash light of my phone and moved carefully to a bench and made myself comfortable on it.

Next I started wandering through my Facebook and Twitter accounts but heck..! There wasn’t any trace of network and it was probably due to the rain. Life becomes boring without internet. What a discovery it was..! It changed the lives of many, including me. Truly man is a social animal and a life in seclusion is a curse to him. I started getting engrossed in my own thoughts. Oh gosh..! I could have written an essay on the ‘uses of internet’ at the moment..! I started revisiting the old messages and jokes. It was then, that I realized that my phone was stuffed up with a lot of stupid things.

It had been thirty long minutes and still there’s no sign of him. He must been flattering with those girls there. Jerk..! I waited for another five minutes after which I got up and walked through the the lanes of the dimly lit parking area, lined with dark cars all along. I was scared now. The darkness was eerie. It was dead silent and the clacking of my heels echoed in the Parking. I was sweating heavily at the brow.

Suddenly a light flickered and my heart skipped a beat. Lights went off. I contemplated running out of there when I felt some footsteps following me. I turned to find no one there. May it was my hallucination, I thought. I kept walking, taking measured steps and looking everywhere, clutching my hand bag close to my chest. I felt somebody looking at me through the darkness. I stopped more than once to look around, only to hear shifting steps and and the sound of my heels on the ground. I started looking for the EXIT and tried switching on the flash light of my phone. But hell..! It was out of battery.

Just as I crossed a black car, I felt a hand crushing against my stomach and face and pulling me down. I blacked out as the hand gripped my face and pushed me against a wall. Thud..! My head banged on the wall. I saw up to have a close look at the man. I found a fat, black goon who had blood in his eyes, standing in front of me.

‘What the f**k? Leave me.’ Shouted I as I tried to get out of his hold.
‘You still don’t understand. I am trying to rape you. Stay down and it will be over.’

My eyes were teary and bloodshot and shouted a why at him. I was quivering. He came close to my ear and tears came rolling down my cheeks. I shut my eyes tight as he tried to bring his hand to my waist.

And bang..! I heard a punching sound.
‘Sanskar.. Uh here..?’
‘Get away Swara. Run.’ He said while fighting with the fat bastard.
‘No, I won’t. I can’t leave you here.’

He punched him hard in his face. I wonder how he could make it a perfect shot on his black face in this darkness..! He hit him black and blue. And then came the final Punch.. In his big fat tummy and he laid there on the ground bleeding profusely from everywhere.

‘Don’t you dare do this again.. With any woman. I am warning you. This won’t make any good to you.’

He turned to me and in a reflex, I hugged him tightly. His shirt was now wet because of my tears. After a few more minutes of consoling, he cupped my face in his hands and kissed my forehead.

‘Are you okay?’
‘Hmm.. Thank you.’
I couldn’t say much at the time.
‘Are you insane? What were you doing here alone in this darkness? What would happen if I had not reached here in time? Do you ever think of the consequences of your actions? This was heights Swara.’
He scolded me like a mother and I stood there, with my head hung low, feeling guilty of my deeds like a child of five.

‘I.. I am sorry. I was waiting for Rohan to return from the party. I didn’t know this would happen.’
‘Huh..! Oh god.. Swara do you know how big a LUNATIC you are?’
‘I said I am sorry..’
‘Oh just stop defending yourself. Come, let’s move out of here.’

We walked out of the parking area, leaving the fat oldie there itself. Sanskar took my hand in his, again sending shivers down my spine, and we walked up to a room outside the bungalow. May be it was the guard’s room. He fetched me water and again started off with his lecture on how important it was to be cautious, being a girl. And that I was the only one who could land myself in ample troubles.
Such a drama queen.. No no king.. Lol..! ?

‘Umm Sanskar.. Will you please drop me home? It was a tiring day for me. I need to rest, badly. Please if you could do me the favour..’
‘Of course.. I can’t let a mad girl like you alone on the streets of Hyderabad. Come on..!’

We walked up to his car and he opened the door, letting me in and the we buzzed off..!

POV ends~

Life trials are not to tear us down but to build up our faith. God is loyal, remember that. You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.
Sanskar came at the hardest of times and as a saviour for Swara.

What else is meant to happen in a single night? Or will it be the end to Swasan’s journey?

Keep reading to know more..
N yeah.. Is the story going boring? Are you not liking it? Please let me know..

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Credit to: Shreya

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  3. This update was a medicine to my fever. Loving the story a lot. Keep writing and I can understand ur prob. Even Naina used to Skype me late night when she used to be in Delhi.

    Anyways! Good night. Love ya sis ♥

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