Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 8


Hey friends..! Shreya here.. So a big sorry for not updating a new one. But I was really busy practicing for the upcoming dance fest the whole weekend. And it was quite a hectic time going on for me..!
N of course thank you so much for the love.. I am glad you are liking it. But anywhere if you want me to stop, you can tell me very frankly. And to my silent readers, common yaar .. Show your presence..!

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Chapter 8
♥This is too much..!♥
Swara’s POV ~
I kept thinking about the party over and over again. But I was supposed to think about it. It had to be my priority at the moment. But no, I wasn’t thinking what I was supposed to. My thoughts were merely taken over by that stupid handsome guy. No.. He’s not stupid..! A voice inside me said. But he was surely handsome. Huh..! Too much. See, now that’s what happens with me. My situation at the moment was similar to that of a person standing on a cliff from where he could be probably kicked off ant time soon, if he does not manages to run and save himself..! And what all am I doing here? I am thinking not about how to make Mr. Maheshwari fall for our company’s future but about how to resist thinking of his son. Oh god..! This is so confusing. I wonder if one could end up in a mental asylum with this kind of overloaded and confused brain..!

Only an hour more was left for the party and I was in my dressing room, struggling with my hair. At times doing them in a bun and at the other, tying them in a pony tail. I chose a white knee length dress with black flowers on it. It was simple yet elegant. I had applied enough make up so as to hide my nervousness under it. Okay.. I was done..!

Rohan was already out, blowing the car horn for more than ten minutes now. But I neither care to tell him to wait, nor did I care to invite him in. I never wanted to go along with him to the party but then sometimes we have to what our boss wants. After all, the boss is always right..! I got in his car and he greeted me with a good evening and his smile, what he thought was of million dollar. But then again, my ego didn’t allow me to reply. I wasn’t here to make friends with him. I was doing it all to save my job and mist importantly for not going back to Delhi…

We reached the venue after one long hour and what seemed to be like an year to me. It was difficult to keep your mouth shut for an hour. At least for a girl, it is..! The party was a sumptuous one as it was expected to be. A big bungalow with a garden area was decorated with hundreds of colorful flowers and lights to wish the couple one whole year of togetherness. Big personalities showed their faces at the party. It had all the people from Bollywood to politics to the business world. The place had glamour filled up in the air. We greeted the couple as instructed by Anita. But the man was rather interested in welcoming the grandeurs. This was probably not the right time to start off with the deal.

I parted my ways with Rohan and went off the poolside. I didn’t wanted to see his face. It somehow crushed me from inside. I was walking around the pool with a drink in one of my hands and there.. I saw him. The man about whom I had been thinking day in and day out. He was in his formals and as usual looked breath takingly hot. He didn’t seem to be much happy. How could he be..? After all the lady that with Mr. Maheshwari was meant to be his mother. But unfortunately, she wasn’t. He saw me from a distance and immediately walked up to me. Man..! I dreaded seeing him..

‘Hi, you here..? No .. I mean, how are you..?’
‘Hey.. Umm I am here just for a formal talk with your dad. N yeah I am good. How are you doing?’
‘Very well.. Elan is at its heights. So that’s pretty good for me.’
‘I see. It had to be there. Hyderabad love it..!’
‘We yeah.. Kind of.. Anyways shall I get you something?’ After all, I am your host tonight..’
‘No .. You’re not. Your dad is.’
‘That’s the same thing, I guess. Man..! Is that Rohan? What the hell is he doing here? Don’t tell he came here with you.’
‘Well yeah.. He did.’

‘Are you nuts..? Not again yaar..!’
‘No no you are taking it wrong. We’re not friends anymore. We came here for a business deal and its a team project, so , I even though not wanting to, had to accompany him to the party.’
‘Oh.. I see. But stay away from him.’
‘Ah.. Jealous..?’
‘Probably not. I just don’t want my dad’s anniversary party to be destroyed by your temper tantrums and Bruce Lee moves. Lol..!’ ?
‘You really find that funny?’
‘Ha ha.. Anyways would you mind dancing with me?’
‘Mr. Sanskar, I am not here to show you my moves. You should remember that I came here for a deal.. A business deal..!’
‘Yeah.. And your boss might have warned you not to dance with Mr. Maheshwari’s son. Right?’
‘Nothing like that.’
‘Then what’s your problem? Okay .. You don’t know how to dance. No worry. I’ll teach you.’
‘Shut up..! I need to go.’
‘Hey wait..! If you agree to shake a leg with me, I’ll probably tell my dad to accept your deal.’
‘Okay.. Okay.. Request..!’
‘No.. I don’t need your help. I’ll REQUEST him myself. See, he is standing there. This is the time to nail it.’
‘Fine.. All the best..!’

I went towards Mr. Maheshwari to convince him to invest in SF.. Nah..! To save my job.. I dragged Rohan along who was back on his job. No no .. Not in SF. His much more needed job.. Flirting..! ?

‘Hello sir..! Myself Swara Mukherjee from SF. Hope you remember. I must say what a party..Its grand..!’
‘Yeah yeah.. I do remember. Not the name exactly. But definitely, I remember two of the interns from SF showing up at the party and I probably know why you came here. To make me invest in your company.. eh? Well I am very much ready for the offer.’
Me and Rohan stood there hell shocked. He knew the reason for our coming to the party. Moreover, he was ready to accept the deal.
‘Sir, but won’t you put forward some terms and conditions? We literally prepared for them,’ Rohan spluttered.

Oh god..! This stupid man. What his problem was? I wonder how he made it to SF. He acts so dumb at times and too honest where he shouldn’t be. Never be..!

‘Ha ha.. Don’t worry. I have them. No one can convince DP Maheshwari to their conditions. I’ll make up to your office for an official meeting. I have been thinking for a long time to invest my money in SF. But they first need to learn that business deals are not made over a shot of whisky..’ He said pointing to the shot held in Rohan’s hand.
‘You should sir. We would be glad to welcome you in our business family. Thank you..!’

This was all I could say. And then without taking much time, I made it real fast to get out of his sight. Also, I had to escape from the sight of Sanskar, who had the eyes of a vulture..!?
I decided to leave the party and searched for Rohan, but he was no where to be seen. I ended up leaving alone.

Life is not what we always want it to be. It is not meant to be a bed of roses at all times. We have to work according to other’s will at times.. And then our life starts working according to the God’s will..!
Will Swasan never meet each other again? Will life take new turns for them?

Sorry guys, this was meant to be much longer.. But as I said, I am busy with the dance thing. N yeah the real DHAMAKA is yet to start. I intend to end the twist in one part, but then I was short of time. So you have to wait a day more..!
N yeah do wish me luck.. have to dance on live taal this time.. First time in eight years of learning Bharatnatyama..!

♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  2. BEST OF LUCK deary??? u gonna rock in ur live performance….??? (Wish I could see that??) …
    Anyways coming to the episode; it was superb……..
    Swara pov shows her nervousness and also anxiety a bit……I couldn’t conclude whether it was for meeting sanskar or about the deal and going with rohan….maybe both?
    Waiting eagerly for next and will wait for it….
    Take rest….Take care….Update?

    1. Oh dea thank you so much..! And yeah about ypur comment on the previous episode I said it unrealistic as you said that you cannot judge my episode..! But its not worth it dear.. Its only your love for me which makes you think this way..!
      N yeah about the names..
      T- Trishla.. Tanya..
      R- Rhea.. Riyanshi.. Rushali..
      These are all my cousin’s names.. I know they are quite common but uh see nothing came to mind amidst the dance practice..!
      Keep reading ..! Love❤

      1. Thanq so much about the suggestions dear?that too amidst ur dance….and once again best of luck for ur performance?

  3. All the best sis! And I know you are gonna rock ?

    And the chap was amazing. Loved Swasan’s convo. And yeah! Will he waiting for next chappy.

    And bharatnatyam? Not bad. I love that. Even though I never learnt but my friend Divya has and she sometimes shows me the moves.

    Love ya! ??

    1. Thankya sis..! I need your good wishes.. And Bharatnatyam.. Oh gosh it was all by chance.. Actually I visited Chennai when I was 10 and from there I or rather my mom got the idea of making me learn Bharatnatyam..! So that’s how my journey started..!
      Uh know I was a bit upset as my sis Ananya (Anu) wouldn’t be able to make it to the fest.. But your one comment made all my sadness disappear..! Love you so much..! I wish I could really meet you..! I want to..! Feel a special connection with you.. Don’t take it wrong dea .. But I said what I felt.. ! I think of you as one of my very special friend and sis.. You’re the one with whom I feel like I am talking to my sis, Ananya..!

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  4. Very nice.. Lovely epi,, are u from Kolkata ?? I mean to say are u a part pf the tagore’s birthday fest ??

    1. Thanks dear..! N I am not from Kolkata..! I am from Udaipur, Rajasthan..The city of lakes..!
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  6. Nyc man…i didn’t wanted d party to end so fast and you are gud at dis…
    Bharatanatyam..wow! I’m from Kerala..and we respect classical art forms..hope u heard abt KATHAKALI n MOHINIYATTOM…and der r many famous bharatanatyam dancers from Kerala..

    1. Thanks a lot..! N yeah I have always loved dancing and my mom took the creative side of me as an opportunity .. So uh see I ended up learning Bharatnatyam..!
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  7. ok as you say so …. present miss !!! what ??? i was a silent reader na
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    1. Ohoo.. My silent readers are showing there presence..! Thankyou so much dea.. I am really happy to find a new friend..!
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  11. Shreya!!!! I finally finished reading….

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    1. Oho..! Anjali is so busy these days..! Thank god you didn’t lose the link this time.. N thanks for reading.. I am glad uh liked it..!
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