Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 7


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Chapter 7
♥Not again..!♥
Two weeks have passed since the hangover night.. And two weeks have passed since she first met Sanskar.. Not that she did not think of him. She did. Every single day and every single minute and every single moment..! But still it was just an infatuation for her. And Sanskar was a star heart throb for whom she had fallen easily like many other girls had..!
She was back again with her life at SF. Everything was same and in its place.. Except that now there was no Rohan with whom she could party over petty little things.. With whom she could enjoy late night dinners at the ‘dhaba’.. The one one who could keep her happy despite the tortures of SF. Although he was there in the office but now he was no less than a stranger to her. She did not even consider him as her officemate..! Life was way boring now.. The only thoughts struggling in her mind were of Sanskar..!
One good fine morning, Swara was called by her boss Ms. Anita. Though the the morning was a fine one, she wasn’t.
She got into the cabin and saw Rohan already standing there keeping up his best to flutter with Ms. Anita.
Such a pervert..! She thought.
‘So you might have already heard the screaming news today. AIG goes bankrupt and twenty two thousand employees of it have been thrown out in a space of a week. All of them being dollar millionaires. Barclays too are facing deep trouble. And the SF is next. And we’ll be laying off jobs of you interns unless you complete the targets well before the deadline given.’ Said Anita.
Both looked at her open mouthed and in utter shock. They felt cheated. After studying hard for whole 5 years and after years of being tagged as ‘nerds’, they now stood at edge of losing their jobs. The one that paid for their parties and drinks..!
But there was hope.. An inch hope that they could set their lives back on track if they manage to handle the targets well.
Anita continued, ‘You two are appointed under me and I being your boss would definitely not like you being kicked out from here..! So work hard for your targets. And now for that, are you two ready?’
‘Yes ma’am,’ said Rohan enthusiastically as making sure that no one could snatch away his job from him.
‘What about you, Ms. Swara Mukherjee? All set to work?’
Words refused to come out of her mouth. She stood there numb like a pillar. Not that she wasn’t ready to work hard but she was already thinking about the consequences of losing her job. She dreaded going back to her previous life. The one which was surrounded with darkness all over..!
‘Ye..yes ma’am.’ She finally spoke up.
‘Good. So now let me explain to you your target. You have to convince Mr. DP Maheshwari to invest in our company so that we may escape bankruptcy. Mr. DP Maheshwari, owner of Maheshwari group of Companies. I hope you have heard of him. A big personality he is. I would be there to help you at every stage but you have you to convince him keeping up your own ideas and the company reputation. And this is going to be a TEAM JOB..!’
The last line felt like thunderstorms to her. She cannot work with him. He was dead for him the only night. She knew she won’t even talk to him, teaming up was impossible.
‘Sorry ma’am, I cannot work with him. I may try it on my own. Please. Sorry.’
‘Swara, are you sure of whatever you are speaking? This could make you lose this job forever and consequently put an end to all your dreams. And what impression will it have on Mr. Maheshwari…? Two people from the same firm, fighting over each other to save their jobs rather than being interested in joining hands with him. And I thought you both were friends
… Isn’t it..?’
‘Exactly ma’am we WERE..!’
‘Anyway, we are not here to discuss your friendship tales and moreover I don’t think its at all important here. If you want this job, you have to win it forgetting about your own blo*dy personal issues.’
‘Ma’am, I am ready to work for it. If she’s not, it’s totally her problem. At least I will work to safeguard my job..’ Rohan spoke up.
‘Swara, Mr. Maheshwari is throwing a party tonight on the occasion of his 1st marriage anniversary with his 5th wife..! All you have to do is, get to the party; wish the couple with a splendid gift; talk about some cheesy stuff to him and finally make up his mind. Look, I am not forcing you. The final decision will be yours. If you back off then be ready to pack your bags and leave..!’

Swara’s POV ~
Hell..! Hell..! Hell..! Why did it always have to happen to me? Team up with Rohan.. No way..! After what all he did to me I am not even in a mood to talk to him. And as if this wasn’t enough, she is sending me to Mr. Maheshwari’s party.. Where Sanskar would also be there.. Oh god..! I can’t take it any more.. But what will I do if they fire me off..? I cannot go back to Delhi.. I will not.. Never ever..!
POV ends~

‘I am ready, ma’am. I cannot lose this job to anyone.’ Swara said, giving tough looks to Rohan.
She agreed.
‘Good then. All the very best..!’

We can never change our destiny.. Its preplanned and takes a toll over everyone.. It will always plays its part..!
What would happen when they meet up again? Will Swara be able to realize her feelings and make up to her words?
So the next chapter is a PARTY DHAMAKA for Swasanholics..! ??

N yeah about this chapter, it was written after long hours of studying physics and while my pet was on his best to create ample disturbances for me..! So you might understand what my state of mind would be. Didn’t even proof read it once.. So guys SORRY for the mistakes..

N till the next chapter, keep thinking what I have in store for you all..!
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Credit to: Shreya

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