Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 6


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Chapter 6
♥you are..?♥
With all the courage gathered up, Swara knocked the door of the manager’s cabin..
‘Come in.’ Sanskar called from inside.
She entered. ‘Hi..!’
‘Oh you are looking… Fresh..!’ He said as he slapped down his laptop screen and scrutinized her.
‘Well.. Thank you,’ she said and looked around in his office. It wasn’t huge but it was tastefully done. One side of the wall was lined with books, hardbound and paperback, the other side had irregularly framed movie posters, and it all came together really well.
‘So where do I drop you?’ He asked getting up from his chair and walking towards her.
‘Hmm?’ The word home skipped her tongue and a touch of sadness came across her face.
‘Why don’t we have breakfast first? Shall we?’
‘Sure,’ she said, one half lost in daydreams of him and the other half thinking about the abyss that awaited her.
‘Are you sure you’re okay?’
‘Oh yeah.. ! I am.’

They walked out of the room and down the stairs. He took her hand in his, believing that she was still not in a good shape. His touch sent down a million currents through her body. She probably wasn’t in a good shape. But the reason was not the hangover. It was him..!
She walked behind him to the parking lot, unsure of the stranger..!
Sanskar fetched his car keys from his back pocket and pressed it. The lights of a PORSCHE, a gleaming blue convertible, came on and it made a beep sound.
She stood there numb, waiting to make sure that the car was really his. He opened the door and swished his hand, motioning her to sit.
As if the guy wasn’t handsome enough, he had to drive a luxurious car as well..!
He backed the car out of the driveway like a maniac.
‘So Swara, where do you work?’
‘Silverman finance.’

‘Well that’s great..! Silverman finance. Now should I make out that you have been a geek all your teenage, buried in her books..? A bookworm..?’
‘Well yup.. ! That’s what all my batch mates used to call me. It was my dream you see.. A dream to get into SF someday. But now honestly, it sucks to be here. I mean the work load is too much.. I agree I wanted a lavish lifestyle but I wanted to enjoy my money too..!’
‘Seems as if you are really frustrated with your job..’
‘Well yeah..! But anyway can I ask you a question?’
‘I strongly feel like I have seen you before somewhere. Your face is very familiar.’
‘I get that sometimes. I think I have a common face.’
‘Nice car,’ Swara said, even as she wanted to say ‘face’ instead of car.
‘Thank you. It’s not really mine though.’
‘Don’t say that. You seem to be doing well. You’re the manager of ELAN, so that’s good enough right? And managing it is a big deal..!’

‘I think it’s a waste of money. The same capital could be better spent, I don’t consider it to be an achievement of any sorts..’
‘It’s paying for your bills, Sanskar. And you have an easy job to do with no boss overseeing you in the club, so that’s cool, isn’t it..?’
‘I am my own boss.’
‘That was an arrogant thing to say..’
‘No no you aren’t getting it. I am my own boss. I started ELAN, and it’s my club.’
‘What..! Its your club? You own it? Oh.! Wait..! That’s how I know you. You were there in one of the news paper articles. Why didn’t you tell me? Hey..! So you are Sanskar.. No no THE SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. ! Oh my god..! You are the one and only heir to the huge Maheshwari empire. You are Mr. DP Maheshwari’s only son. Oh my god..!

Swara’s POV ~
What the hell is wrong with me .. Why am I going for a breakfast with him? He is The Sanskar Maheshwari, owner of the biggest club in Hyderabad and the heir to a huge business empire. Actually he owns the whole of Hyderabad..! I mean he can, if he wants to. I can’t just go out with any of the star personality. Moreover I cannot run into trouble with Mr. DP Maheshwari. What if gets to know about all this..? Never.. Never in my wildest dreams should I do this..! Go on Swara.. Refuse him for the. Breakfast right at the moment…! But what will I tell him? That I am already full? Probably no.. That would the dumbest of ideas. He too knows that I have had nothing since morning except a cup of coffee. Or that I have to go to work and that I am already late? But work on weekend..! Nah..! Then what..? Think Swara Mukherjee.. Think..
Oh yeah..! I would tell him that I have important assignment pending which needs to be completed really urgently.
That would be okay..!

POV ends~

‘Umm Sanskar.. Can you please drop me home.. I think I have some important assignment to be completed during the weekend. You know how the boss in SF are like, right? They are all so adamant about the work allotted to interns.. And I really don’t want to be kicked out from there..!’
‘Yeah.. But what about the breakfast? I mean you might be hungry, huh..?’
‘Oh yes I am, but I can have it at home while completing my work. .. Sorry to bother you..!’
‘No no.. Its okay.. After all work comes first..! I shall drop you at your place.’
‘Oh.. Thanks for the favour..! Sanskar..’

Sanskar’s POV~
What the hell is wrong with her..? Two minutes back she was all okay going out for a breakfast with me. But now where did this assignment thing pop up from..? Did I do something wrong? No no she would have yelled at me then or would have probably broke my nose..! ? But why is it bothering me so much? I mean she is just a night old acquaintance.. Or may be because I am not used to refusals.. But I am not used to go out with girls either..! Oh shut it man..! Stop thinking of her.. Concentrate on driving.. Else you might bump into something breaking your bones..! CONCENTRATE..! ??

POV ends~

At times, giving a stupid thing, too much of thoughts may make you lose the most wonderful person..!
And today let’s not put up questions on Swasan.. Today I shall know your views on LOVE..!
What do you feel about love..?
Do you guys believe in true love..?
Do you all believe in love at first sight..?

Do answer these questions friends.. Please..!
N as always..
♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Nice chappy…….
    And I guess swara is right in her thoughts like sanskar is…I mean not going for breakfast incase of swara and thinking about swara incase of sanskar???
    Loved it…???

    And answers to ur questions:
    Love is not something that exists only between people…..(I mean not only human beings)……I feel the whole Earth (even universe???)is filled with love which is the reason of our existence…..(hope am not too filmy but I really feel it this way…that’s it)

    I believe in true love whereas I don’t believe in love at first sight…..

    1. Thank you dea..! And yeah you were a bit filmy but that’s completely okay.. When it comes to love even I turn a complete Bollywood girl.. Lol..!
      Keep reading..!♥

  2. I don’t want 2 answer 1st question but 2nd one is yes n even 3rd one is yes.i believe in true luv n I also believe in luv at first sight

    1. That’s so sweet..! Well I do not believe on love at first sight though..!
      Anyway thanks for reading.. ♥

  3. I believe in true love…but i don’t trust love… U r confused ryt now..naa.. Well… My parents is a love-married couple..but now dey r living under same roof lyk complete strangers.. It pains a lot seeing dem fyt… So even if u love someone don’t urge into something lyk marriage.. Make sure dat dey love u 4ever and understand and stand wid u even in worst condition…
    But i love watching n reading romance…
    Abt ur ff…u r one of my fav…

    1. I completely understand dear.. But don’t worry they will understand each other’s worth soon… Hope for the best.. Even I do not believe in love at first sight.. Love is something which happens when you learn to trust a person completely.. That’s what I think.. And thank you dear for reading.. And I am gappy to learn that I am one your favorites..! ♥

  4. love before marriage life after marriage.. so in my opinion don’t marry a person whom you love.. if you do so you may regret one day.. if your love is incomplete it lasts forever.. and love is only beautiful in fictions.. in real life love is not a bed of roses.. it gives much pain..

    1. Oh..! Seems as if you’re heartbroken.. ! But sea not every love marriage turns out to be unsuccessful.. Even y parents had a love marriage and they are quite happy together..! So now I shall pray that one some cute and handsome boy steals away your heart.. And make you finally believe in love.. !
      N yeah thanks for reading..! Keep reading..! ♥

  5. Indo believe in love at first sight. Love is just like giving a chance to make your life full of happiness, to someone who you can trust more than yourself. It can change you, ‘Fix’ you. And I want to fall in love even though I know its going to be painful. . . ♥

    Right now my love is my sister and my family. But I’m waiting for ‘him’

    And about this fanfic, seriously you are such an awesome writer. I mean, the way all the chapters have been written so far is just splendid. And what I loved the most is the way you end it. I mean whenever a chapter ends I feel so bad but when I read ur chapter I feel so good. Cause of the way you end it with some interesting thoughts and questions.

    Love ya sis! Keep writing and don’t think ur less than anyone.

    1. Thank you love..!
      You again made me go speechless..!
      Huh..! What the hell.. ! I am short of words yaar..!
      But wait..! Just one thing is coming to mind and that is .. I love my sis Anu so very much..! Actually TU sis..!
      Luv ya..! ♥

    2. Love you more ? ?? ❤

    3. Its I dont believe in love at first sights ** typos… Ugh!

    4. But I believe in crush at first sight lol. ?

      1. Lol.. ? I had many of the kind..!

  6. Awesome
    I m very small kid for love stuff

    1. Thankya..♥

  7. awesome ep . Loved the pov’s .
    I belive in true love cuz without that we wouldn’t exist as love is in everyone everywhere( i think its a lil filmy hehe) and about love at first sight i dont belive it as it
    only depends on outer appearence which i hate the most cuz for me outer appearence always mislead us about the person’s character.
    Though i dont like it i used this concept in my ff. I hope u know it but what to do i just thought and wrote it. Mad me hehe. Love u and tc and plz post nxt asap

    1. Oh.. Sree.. I like bed your opinion dea.. I must say its very much realistic..
      N next chapter tomorrow..!
      Thanks for reading.. Love you too..! ♥

  8. I believe in true love but love at first sight….like the guy bumps into a girl..and then share an eye look and then..love..nehhhh..i don’t believe that…but yeah…true love..i believe it…i’m not a heart broken person…so i won’t say that i don’t believe in the word called love…any kind of relationship demands love…actually love can give happiness as well as pain….as in if u get a rose….be ready for the thorns u r going to find in it….many people believe that love marriages r unsuccessful…well every relation has a chance of being successful or unsuccessful…love marriage or arrange marriage has no connection with it….i’m 14…for me love wala love is what i see in serials…i don’t think everything shown in serials r true.. usmeh kuch toh sacchai hogi…..

    Coming to today’s epi…it was a nice one…..keep writing dear!!!!

    1. Woah..! That was impressive.. I must say you have a quite mature thinking Eva.. Unlike me..! I am always lost in fairytale love stories although I do not believe in love at first sight.. But they are nice to read and write about..
      N thank you for the compliment..
      Keep reading..! ♥

  9. love is like giving permission to stranger to shake your world,to check out on you inside out,to break ure heart,to know your every secret,to own your soul , body & mind completely & we lose ourselves in this beautiful still deep ocean of love ya i know its way too filmy but its my pov about love & yaa i believe in true love but not on love at first sight as it totally depends on external beauty & sometimes hathi ke dant khane ke aur hote hain & your ff is very nice

    1. Oh..! Now that was really an interesting comment.. ! Any way thanks for reading .. N yeah
      Keep reading..! ♥

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