Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 5


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Chapter 5
♥he is HOT..!♥

It had been quite some time since Swara had been sleeping in the lounge. She had talked a lot through the night , and remembered only parts of it.
She woke up, embarrassed, and rubbed her eyes. The place was dead quiet. The lounge she was sitting in was empty and she tried to piece together events from the last night. She checked her phone, but it was switched off and out of battery. She would have panicked but her head was being hammered by a million sledgehammers, and even though she tried, she couldn’t think clearly.
As soon as she was about to get up, a stern male voice said from behind, ‘sit down. You have had rough night.’
She turned around to see a mug in front of her face. She took the mug and sat back down from her half standing position. A man, rather a boy, in his mid twenties came and sat in front of her. His face came rushing to her, and she remembered seeing him with the two bouncers last night, and she recalled the man telling him that she would be okay and she should sleep. But she felt Like she had seen the face before somewhere.
‘Drink. It will make you feel better.’
‘Who are you?’ She asked and while she sipped coffee, she was actually stealing glances at him, and what a sight for sore eyes he was.
His hair was wet as if he had just taken a shower, and his face clean and smooth, and it looked as if he had just slipped into a crisp blue and black striped shirt tucked neatly into a pair of black trousers. He could be easily mistaken for an exotic Indian men’s model.
She let out an ‘oops’ and he looked at her abruptly. ‘Too hot?’ He asked.
‘Very cute. I mean, yes, it’s hot. The coffee. The coffee is hot.’ ?
‘I am sorry, I have to take a call. I hope you don’t mind’, he said excusing himself.

Swara’s POV ~
He was ambling around in the lobby, talking mostly business. Oh god ..! Why am I feeling so drawn to him. He is so hot! Too hot to handle..! Those muscles sneaking out of his shirt.. And his features as sharp as a knife and not even an iota of fat on his body.. And those bluish Grey eyes.. I feel like I’ll drown in them.. His hair.. Oh gosh..! These are exactly which I always wanted to be mine. Silky as hell and ridiculously glossy. But wait..! Have I seen him before..? Yes .. I have definitely seen this face before.. It’s seems somewhat familiar to me. But where have I seen him..? Some fashion magazine..? Vogue..? No no .. Probably buisness times..? Or may be on television..? Oh gosh..! This man will make go crazy..!
POV ends ~

He got off the phone, and stood in front of her and waited till she finished the coffee which she kept drinking as if it was a glass of milk handed over to her by her mother, and not the stunning Adonis standing over there. She stole a few glances of him.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked and unbuttoned his sleeves, rolling them up till the elbows. ‘It was long night, eh? I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd and we were woefully short of staff. I had to tend the bar for a couple of hours and it was terrible.’
‘Hmm..’ She mumbled. She thought saying nothing would be a better option than saying something stupid.
Swara wondered if that’s how he looked after a long night, what would he look like after a shower. All of a sudden, she realized she was with a stranger, sipping coffee, in a waiting room of a club, and that it was awkward and she should probably leave. The urgency of the situation crashed into her straying thoughts.
‘Yes. Who are you? I apologize if I cause trouble to you..’ She asked embarrassed and nervous simultaneously. ‘And may I charge my phone. It’s out of battery. I’ll just charge my phone and leave.’
‘Ohh..! Me..! I am Sanskar and don’t worry it’s all part of the job’ he said handing the charger over to her.
SANSKAR.. seriously.. She thought it would be something happening.. Like Tom Cruise.. Or Brad Pitt.. Or may be Robert Pattinson..? whatever.. But she never thought him to be SANSKAR..!
She switched on her phone and a million messages from Rohan started popping up.. It was then she remembered the incidents of last night.. She suddenly started crying.
‘Hey..! What happened to you..?’
‘You know what he did right… He was the only friend I had. ‘ She said. Her voice began cracking. ‘Why he had to do this to me..? I thought of him as my best friend and is this what you do with a friend even. It feels terrible.. Terrible to be cheated by your best friend. Why the hell did I trust him..! Why the hell I have to trust anyone..! I am fine. I can do without him.. Well.. Much well.. Very well..!’
She kept on crying remembering their happy and joyful moments together.. and thinking how much she hated him now…!
He offered him a glass of water and consoled her. After some more painful moments, she stopped and asked,
‘Did I say anything stupid or do something?’
‘You said a lot of things. Mostly non- stupid. I can try a hand at writing your biography, but it was more of a sad story and that too without an ending.’
‘S**t..’ She said and covered her mouth.
‘It’s all cool. I had an interesting night. Tell me when you are ready. I’ll be behind that door. If you need anything, just shout out to me.’
She saw him disappearing behind the door that had the word manager embellished on it. She flopped back in the couch, grabbed a pillow and hugged it real tight. Images came back from last night. She sat up and held her head in her palms and thought.. I am not going back to him. Not at all. It is my life. My happiness. I won’t let him screw it. I am not going back to Delhi either. I have no friend.
She told herself that everything would be okay, and she wiped out her tears and went off to the bathroom.
It took a frantic Swara twenty whole minutes and a bag full of cosmetics to come out all shining and fresh, as if woken from an eight-hour long sleep. She mustered up all the courage to finally knock the manager’s door. She took a deep breath and rapped with a confidence she did not feel…!
There’s no one in the world, we can trust completely and blindly,except ourselves. The world is habitual of breaking the hearts of those who believe it’s people.
Swara was out of it completely. She was now like a free bird ready to take a flight with the one she adored.
Will love blossom between the two..? Or was it just infatuation looking at a hot guy after a stupid hangover..?
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  1. loved this ep. I just loved swara’s pov. I am varunholic tooo. So i just loved the pov.post next asap. Cant wait yaar.love u and tc.

    1. Ohh..! Thanya .. I am glad uh liked it.. And yeah.. The next part.. Tomorrow for sure..!♥

  2. the episode was nice dear. i really feel bad for Swara. Well Sanskar is here now. Hope he will set everything right soon.

    1. Thank you dea.. N yeah they are together only to set things straight..!

  3. Nice

    1. Thank you♥

  4. Awesome
    Plz unite swasan soon

    1. Thankya.. Yup I will .. They are born to be united dear..! ♥

  5. Finally read this. And loving it. You are really better writer than me dear. All the chapters are so well written. Can’t wait for the next one to come! And Sanky’s description was Oh MY MY. Looks like all we girls want the same man! Ahh! He’s so perfect ? ? ? ?

    And your description made him even more perfect . . . !

    Love you sis! Take care! ❤

    1. Aww..! Anu.. And me writing better than.. Lol..? how can you even think that..? And Lil sissy.. Thank you so much reading and liking..!
      Keep reading.. ! Next part time n the way..! Love ya.. Lots and lots .. More in fact..! ♥
      And the description.. That was my thinking.. That’s the way I look at him..! Lol.. ?

    2. OH PLEASE. That’s the truth accept it. You are better and I can write it on any stamp paper! ? ?

      1. Uh have gone nuts sissy..! ? Don’t ever think that again..
        Uh mad me laugh anyways..!

  6. Shreya……
    I need to say a lot to u I guess…..
    First thing in it is sorry…….sorry infinite times as I disappeared after commentING in the first episode…..
    The reason is not that ur ff is not nice……it is just damn perfect and I feel now after reading 5 chappies that even the concept is different……the reason is I lost track of ur ff….I dunno the time u post or dunno whether u post regularly and I lost the track to follow

    Second finally I found it by the link u gave in the comments part in Childhood Sweethearts……thank u so much that I am able to find the way to one of best first impression ff…..I mean I loved the first part itself???

    Third I read all the missed parts now and finally I am very content indeed after seeing sanky I guess???not like that but I must say u just write it in a flow I guess…….awhhh stupid hangover but what did she say to him????something about her life….I guess even we didn’t know…..
    Waiting for next eagerly and I read in previous part u r having exams….
    All the very best dear?
    Once again sorry and thank you…..

    1. Sorry again as it is a long comment but please read it fully…..please…..

      1. Oh..! No need to sorry dear..! I am glad you liked it.. I only write for my friends..!
        N yeah I was not having my exams.. Actually I passed them.. Yup..! I cleared my jee mains .. With 196/360 score.. So hoping for NIT.. And thank you anyway..
        Love ya .. Keep reading..! ♥

      2. Congratulations for clearing jee mains…….???where u r from???just asking out of curiosity (don’t mind it…)

      3. I am from Udaipur, Rajasthan..

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