Let’s fall in Love – Chapter 4


Hey friends..! Shreya here.. Well it’s a celebration time going on for me as I have cleared my jee mains examination with a good score..
N yeah also you have to tell me whether I should continue with this ff or not..I feel as if not many people are interested in it.. It totally depends on you all because my friends are the only reason I am writing this..!

Chapter 4
They were in ELAN, the grandest night club in the whole of Hyderabad. Two of it’s dance floors were complete and after the third one it would be a club with biggest dance floors ever.. It was brimming with people as usual.
Swara was in her black laced dress which ended a little above her knees and those red pumps. Man..! No one would have ever seen anybody walk so perfectly well on five inch pumps.
Rohan was dumbstruck seeing her.. He could think of no one else who could carry the outfit as well as she did.. His lust for her was increasing with every passing second. His desires started controlling him..!
Blue lights; short dresses; and a huge bar.. Rohan fancied his chances. He thought that this was the place where he could seduce her into something silly.
They took a corner table. Few more minutes passed and Swara was already 5th shot down. The drink has started showing it’s effects. She now felt dull and dizzy..!
‘Are you okay?’ Rohan shouted above the din.
‘I need to drink.. More!’
‘What will you have?’
‘Vodka. Large. With nothing.’ She looked at him and laughed aloud. ‘Vodka, fast..!’
‘Swara, don’t swear.’
‘That is so cool. Don’t you think it’s cool?’
‘I’ll get your drink.’

Swara was drunk already and went to sleep by the time he got her drink. He kept it on table and came and sat very close to her, like really very close. He put his hand across her shoulder and leaned onto her. She pushed him away as he angled further in.
This happened a few more times and then finally Rohan, overcome by lust and stupidity, let his hand slip down from her neck and onto her bare back. It woke her up, just as he was trying to get more comfortable. Swara leaned away and slapped him right on his left cheek.

‘What the hell?’ Rohan shouted and tried to catch hold of her hands which were now swaying wildly in the air.
‘Stay away from me..!’ She shouted as he tried to rein her in. The small crowd around them was now giving them tough looks.
‘Such a b***h you are.’ He shouted.

At this point, Swara put her head down on the table and started weeping. A few more painful minutes passed. Rohan placed a tentative hand on her shoulder and said, ‘look I am really sorry..’ It was the proverbial touch that broke her up again. She got up and in a very swift motion sent her hand flying across his face and hitting him right in the nose. Bull’s eye. He was knocked of his chair and started bleeding profusely from his nostrils.

Before Rohan could sense anything, two bouncers, both double his size, walked up to them.
‘What is the matter here?’
‘No.. Nothing.. She is just too much drunk..!’ Rohan said, flashing his best innocent smile in order not to get his teeth knocked out by the seven feet giants.
‘I am not dunk..! He was trying to..’ Swara said and started sobbing again.
At this one bouncer grabbed him by his collar and pulled him up till only his toenails touched the ground.

‘Please.. I am sorry. She is drunk and talking trash..! She is a very good friend of mine..’

‘Are you two friends, ma’am?’ Said the other one, his arms crossed on his chest.
‘No.. We were… It all ended here itself!’
‘I can explain.’ Pleaded Rohan.
‘Come with us’, said the bouncer, dragging him out.
‘I can’t leave her Alone here..’
‘She is more safe here than with you sir..!’ A guy said coming towards them and motioned the bouncer to take him away. He seemed to be a manager or something.
This was the last thing Rohan heard before he was punched unconscious and dumped outside.

The manager seeming guy helped Swara out of her chair and led her to the waiting lounge which accommodated single guests who had blacked out until they came back to their senses and could be transported home..! He put her on the couch and she immediately felt asleep.

The guy sat by her side. His gaze didn’t leave her face for a second. She looked beautiful with a hangover..! And she was mumbling something.. Something something..!

In life unexpected things do happen. People do break our trust. But out of all the miseries, there comes a great lesson.
Swara learnt to be fearless. She was no more a girl who would tolerate anything and everything and then let herself Alone for ages.
But who was the guy? Was it love at first?
Tell me, do you all believe In love at first sight..?
Do answer this question..
And yeah the next chapter would be a surprise for my SANSKARHOLIC friends..!♥?
Many of you were asking about his entry.. So here you go..my next Chapter.. If I happen to continue.. Do tell me by commenting whether I should continue or not..

♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. what a beautiful starting …n ya ty for swasan ..I m swasanholic

    1. Thankya dea..keep reading..!♥

  2. Awesome.post next soon and don’t dare to end this ff. U r saying us as friends then u should also know that friends don’t need words to express.i bet u would have many silent readers. And i believe that u r my friend so what do u think????? 🙂

    1. Aww..! Thank you for your love and support dea.. Only friends can do this.. N of course you are my dear friend.. !
      Now I think I would continue with it.. After all my friends are their to support me.. ♥ n are you the writer of acceptance..?

      1. I am glad u accepted me as ur friend and i am not the writer of acceptance its my fav sree harini di.i write mr maheswari and his secretary.if u have time plz read it. Love u yaar.congrats as u completed jee mains. Actually i should call u di but as per me age doesn’t matter in friendship.

  3. Jee mains!!.unfortunately i cud not score gud marks…i qualified bt nt that gud..how much did u get

    1. Ohh… But at least you passed.. Uh can score good in advances .. I got 196/360.. Hoping for NIT.. Anyway thanks for reading..♥

      1. Wow thats a wonderful score…u will definitely get into NIT

  4. yeah!!! yeah !!! My Sanky will enter now! wohhhhoooo!
    shreya I love you yaar! you made my evening!!!
    he must be the manager…………
    Srry SHerya I didnt comment before because my exams were going on so…. i had hardly given time to read the ff’s

    1. Aww..! Thank you so much jaf dea.. Yup it’s Sanky.. Your sanky.. Thanks for reading.. Luv uh too..♥

  5. plz continue..

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  6. I’ll definite read your ff sree.. N thankya dea.. N plz do not call me di.. I am your friend Shreya for you..
    Luv you loads..♥

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