Let’s fall in Love – Chapter 3


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Chapter 3
Time flew by and they both had become the best of buddies. She enjoyed his company and was grateful to have him by her side as her best friend.
Weeks passed and they were hardly seen in the office beyond the mandatory 11 o’clock. No matter what happened, they pooled in all their energy in the last few hours to complete the allotted work of whoever was left behind. The dinner at the ‘dhaba’ near Banjara Hills was never missed and it was their high point of the day when they downed their sorrows.
The dinner out in the open, on the rickety chairs brought them out of the drudgery SF put them through. It made them feel alive and give them the strength to wake up the following morning.
It had been two months since they were together, but their bonhomie was unmatched and it looked as if they were childhood friends.
But she knew hat this wasn’t love, though Rohan had made her count numerous reasons as to why they should date each other and put his earnest efforts to make her realize his love for her. But then she wasn’t going to give a DAMN….!

It was the last day of their second month in SF and as usual they were being lectured on how to work hard. Sometimes it seems to be quite an idiotic idea to lecture the ‘nerds’, from best colleges of India, on how to work harder..!?
Rohan scribbled in his notebook and showed it to Swara.
Rohan : Party tonight?Salary celebration?
Swara : Where? I really need a good place to hangout after this much boring lecture..
Rohan : There’s new club in the city..
Swara : ???
Rohan : They call it ELAN..
Swara : Didn’t hear about it.
Rohan : It’s coolest in the city..Best of all.
Swara : Done..!
Rohan : Hey..! Let’s call it a date tonight..
Swara : Shut up..!
Rohan : Why? You need to concentrate on the Information Security crap..?
Swara : Bad joke. Terrible it was.
Rohan : Whatever..! ?

Rohan’s POV
I love her. I want her. Her gorgeous face and those naturally pouted lips. Oh God..! The only thought of kissing them drives me crazy.. Man..! She is heavenly. Insanely beautiful..! And today I’ll make it all happen. Today she’ll be mine forever.
I’ll propose her tonight in the best possible way. But will she say yes..? What if she rejects my love..? No no, she won’t.. She cannot. She is mine; mine; and only mine..!
POV ends

Friends are like stars in the night. They make the darkest hour turn into a ballet of light…
Rohan loved her madly or may be it was only his lust to own her. She thought of him as a friend who would never hurt her no matter what.. What will happen when Rohan proposes to Swara? Will she suffer a heartbreak again? Or her life has some other twists and turns awaiting?

So friends I hope I am not boring you. Well I am leaving no stone unturned to give you a good chapter. N yeah I hope this was long enough. Actually I type the story in my phone and you might understand how badly it sucks typing in a phone .. And also I am a little busy with my forthcoming entrance examinations…
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