Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 20


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Chapter ~ 20


Swara’s POV ~

“Welcome to the city of lakes”

Read the  big board at the airport. I could feel a tint of freshness in the air. Also given the title of the “Most Romantic City in India”, the place was filled with breathtaking sceneries. The love of the people was to crave for. The ladies dancing on the music of Indian drums, greeted us with garlands and took us directly to the venue that was the Taj Lake Palace.

Marvelously built, this 17th century structure spoke words of its architectural brilliance. It was located on an island amidst the Lake Pichola. Oh my my..! Never in my life had I been to such a beautiful place. It was traditionally done on the urban decor. Now it was getting difficult for me to not fall for this place. Every passing second, I was getting more and more excited to explore the city.

They took me to my room as we passed through the corridor which had a number of huge portraits of the kings and the queens who might have ruled the territory. I was awestruck when I saw the place wherein I would be spending my next 5 days. My room. The walls were fabulously ornamented with niches and decorated with arabesques of colored stones. The roof was done in the shape of an exquisitely beautiful dome. I quickly made my way to the balcony and removing the curtains, opened the door. OMG..! The balcony was a huge one and was done with two chairs and a table, on which was kept a bottle of wine. Antiquity. I felt like a princess of the wonderland.

I was relishing the beauty of Aravallis at one side and the lake on the other when I heard my phone ringing. It was Sanskar.

‘Hey..! I am so excited. The room is marvelous. I have never been to such an amazing place before. This is so..’ I kept going on and on.

‘Woah..! Hold on Bebe.. Hold on. I know there’s so much good in this resort to be blabbered about but for now you need to hurry up. We will leave in a few minutes.’

‘Leave what? I am not going anywhere. Everything is just perfect in here.’

‘Offo..! Do you not wanna go around the city? Its much more beautiful than what you have seen till now. You can’t miss on that.’

‘Is it..? Are we going round the city? Of course I don’t want to miss it. I am coming. Right away. But what about Raglak? They’re accompanying us, right?’

‘Nah..! They have to attend the guests and all that stuff. They won’t be able to come. It is only we two who are going.’

‘Ah..! All right then.. I will see you soon.’

‘Yeah..! Bye..’

Some time later, we left for the City Palace. I was literally appalled looking at the enormous structure which was located along the banks of the Lake Pichola. Oh man..! It was tremendous. The entrance gate was amazingly done with beautiful carvings which denoted the stories of the kingdom. It also had some lanterns hanging on the top. Wow..! Was the only word that escaped my mouth at the moment.

As we got through the building, I was completely lost in the beauty and history of the place. The antiques were as old as 10 centuries. One hall in the palace was completely decorated with different types of palanquins which the queen might have used to travel.

Our next destination was the Monsoon Palace which was the hilltop palatial residence of the king who came here to watch the monsoon clouds. The place offered a panoramic view of the city’s lakes, palaces and the surrounding countryside. It wasn’t as huge as the City Palace was but the view of the city from there was to die for. I had a sensational vibration in my legs as I stood at such a great height.

The next breathtaking scenery to be visited was the Lake Fatehsagar which was situated in the heart of the city. We took a troll along the banks of the Lake, encompassed by the Aravallis on all sides, enjoying the tranquil beauty of the nature as it started drizzling. The rains made it all far from perfect.


‘Yeah..! I know what you want to say. Its really gorgeous.’

‘Ah..! I so want to get lost in this place. What do you think about having chocolates over here..?’

‘Cho-co-late..! I want that.’ I squealed in his ears.

He took a big chocolate from his pocket and it had now turned to the semi solid state due to melting. I took it on my fingers and started licking it like anything. All the while, Sanskar stood there giving me disgusting looks and smiling in between.

‘You’re such a kiddo.’

‘I know that..’ I said in a sing song manner.

One by one, I ate 7 chocolates altogether. It was getting cold as it was already midnight and the rain water was chilling me off. Sanskar noticed it and straightaway took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders. We were completely drenched and yet no one of us wanted to move. We sat on the bonnet of the car and put on the ear plugs from the iPod, one shared between both of us.

{ Ek Din Kabhi Jo Khud Ko Taraashe
Meri Nazar Se Tu Zara, Haaye Re 
Aankhon Se Teri Kya Kya Chhupa Hai
Tujhko Dikhaaun Main Zara, Haaye Re
Ik Ankahi Si Daastaan Daastaan
Kehne Lagega Aaina


Jo Ho Raha Hai Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah
Aisa Hua,
Jo Ho Raha Hai Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah
Aisa Hua

Meri Khamoshi Se Baatein Chun Lena
Unn ki Dori Se Taarifein Bun Lena

Kal Nahi Thi Jo Aaj Lagti Hoon
Taareef Meri Hai Khaamakha
Tohfa Hai Tera Meri Adaa

Ek Din Kabhi Jo Khud Ko Pukaare
Meri Zubaan Se Tu Zara, Haaye Re
Tujh Mein Chhupi Si Jo Shayari Hai
Tujhko Sunaaun Main Zara, Haay Re
Ye Do Dilon Ka Waasta Waasta
Khul Ke Bataaya Jaaye Naa 


Jo Ho Raha Hai, Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah
Aisa hua.. Subhanallah..

Jo Ho Raha Hai, Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah
Aisa Hua..


As the song went on, I unknowingly rested my head on his shoulder. It was the life time moment for me. A beautiful scenery, Rains, Soothing Music and above all your best friend besides you. What else do you need for a blissful life?

I wanted the night to cease there…

POV ends ~


A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.

So this was a totally ‘Udaipur centric’ chapter. Nah..! I wasn’t endorsing any kind of Udaipur tourism. Its just that’s when it comes to your hometown, you can go on and on..


Credit to: Shreya

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    I truly had a feeling that i was in Udaipur and the guide was giving me description about the places???
    Wonderfully writter my sweetie.
    Just loved it.????
    U r making me fall for udaipur more and more. I just want to visit there now??
    Last part was very sweet. Rain?? with best friend beside???? hah thats just great.
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