Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 2


Hey friends.. ! Shreya here.. First of all thank you so much for your warm wishes on my birthday.. Uh really made my day more special..
N guys there was a misunderstanding as the previous part was Chapter 2 and what I’ll be posting today is Chapter 3 .. So guys I am really sorry for that.. N yeah uh can read the Chapter 1 from the link attached over here..
Chapter 3
♥The Stranger♥
“Oh! I am so sorry.. I didn’t happen to see you..” The boy said picking up Swara’s files.
“No no.. It’s OK… It was my mistake as well.”
“Are you OK? I mean I hope uh are not injured.” He said while lending his hand to make her get up from the floor.
“Yeah..! I am perfectly fine.. A small bump was not meant to injure me ..I guess..!” ? She said holding his hand and getting up from the shiny marble floor…
She turned to leave for the canteen when the guy called out..” Hey miss..”
” Swara.. Swara Mukherjee.”
” Well miss Swara, would you please tell me where the canteen is? Actually I joined SF today itself. So you see..I don’t seem to find it.”
“Umm well I also happen to join SF today only as an intern and I too was looking for the way to canteen. But people here does not seem to be so descent to put a board at least..”
“Probably true.. Well when our destination is same, then why our ways be different? Let’s find it together..! ”
“Oh my gosh ..! The typical Bollywood lines.. Huh..! Well yeah let’s go..”
Finally they reach the canteen after a lot more efforts. They made themselves comfortable on the chairs and ordered coffee for themselves.
“So miss Swara, where are you from?”
” Delhi.”
“Woo I love that city..It’s pretty cool you see..!”
“It does not seem to be as cool to me though..”
Swara was never like this. She never allowed anyone come near her. She hardly had any friends. But this was different.
Swara’s POV
He’s good.I mean he seem to be. He is cute though. Hey wait! What’s that happening to me? Why am I thinking about him so much..? Damn..!
POV ends.
Her thought chain was broken when she saw him waving his hand in front of her eyes..
“You seem to be lost somewhere.”
“Oh no..! Nothing like that..!”
“So .. A lot of work first day itself. Too exhausting.. Isn’t it..?”
“Yeah it is.. But it’s SF and it pays for your hard work.”
“You sound like that lady.. What her name was? Yeah Anita.”
“Well whatever I may sound like, but right now I think we should get back to work otherwise they will fire us the very first day. It had been an hour since we have left our tables.”
She got up to leave and suddenly remembered something …
She looked at him and spoke out, ” Wait..! I didn’t catch your name..”
“Umm Rohan Malhotra, it is…”


Sometimes even strangers can give us a good company..
But are they meant to be strangers anymore? Will it be love or friendship or they’ll end up being just co-workers?
Sorry to all those who were expecting him to be Sanskar. You have to wait a little more for that.. My SANSKARHOLICS..! ??
After all heroes are to be disclosed at the cilmax..!

♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. nice…I really thought it was sanky..hahah lol.

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    I thought it was sanskar at first……..but ya………ur epi was awesome………the conversations u write r really gud…..update soon dear……pls

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    And i must say u r really a very gud writer than me……

  4. I thought it was sanskar but it was tohan
    Wanna see sanskar asap

  5. Waiting for sanskar’s entry

  6. I also thought that it was Sanky. But he turned out to be some Rohan. Episode was nice.????

  7. Actually I thought that man is not sanskar …because you would have said these lines “his chocolate brown eyes made me forget everything ….” haha…just for fun don’t take it serious. ..

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